Writers Ltd, an established copywriting company based in Bristol, UK, has opened its first overseas office, in Sydney.
Challenging the current conventions of ever-narrowing niche marketing, Writers’ work spans virtually every industry sector and almost every medium - from phrases embossed on chocolate bars to lengthy annual reports.
 “People are often surprised when they ask me what we specialise in, and I say writing," explains Sara Howard, who runs the new Sydney office. “They are used to freelance writers who work only in one specific medium, or who can just produce short copy. But with six full-time in house writers and a tried-and-tested pool of freelancers, we offer a range of different writing skills and experience."
A team approach means Writers is also able to meet tight deadlines. “We are almost always available," says Sara. “Design agencies, and their clients, often have a sporadic need for a writer, but never really know until the last minute. Good freelance writers are usually booked up well in advance. However, we have a large talent base and can cover two time zones to get the work done."
It’s a concept that has worked for the Writers UK team for over seven years. Their credentials read like a roll-call of blue chip companies – Vodafone, KPMG, HSBC, Fujitsu, and retail giants Tesco and the Dixons Stores Group, to name just a few. The writers work together as a team on many projects, which allows wide creative input for each brief. It also enables large-scale projects, such as newsletters, to be completed by an in-house, project-managed team.
Writers UK Managing Director, Richard Owsley, says, “We’re excited by the opportunities in Australia, having already worked on a few projects there before deciding to set up in Sydney. The cultural and creative similarities make it a relevant and logical place to expand."
For more information on the services that Writers Australia provides, call Sara Howard on 0422 903 317 or visit www.writers.net.au


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