timAndHamish-SMALL.jpg'Best Commercial of the Year (Animation)'. This is just one of the accolades Melbourne based XYZ Studios earned for itself last year at the Phoenix Awards in Singapore. 2007 was a defining year for XYZ, the company signing for international representation by the Ebeling Group, spreading it's wings from Wieden + Kennedy London to BBDO New York and winning 5 'Best of Category' awards nationally and internationally including; 'Animation & Broadcast Design Hotshop of the Year', 'Best New Director of the Year', 'Animation of the Year' and even 'Music Video of the Year'.
Due to last year's creative success, the studio's fearless director and founder, Tim Kentley, needed to look for full time representation and promotion in Australia and New Zealand. He is thrilled to announce Hamish Macdonald, formally of Exit Films, to the Rooftop of the Ritz team in St. Kilda. "We are very excited about having Hamish on board. He gets us and his producing experience will bring good guidance to the creative engines of the company," says Tim. Together, they look to connect the studio to the real thinkers and trail blazers in the south pacific ad industry.
XYZ Studios re-defines the typical 'production house / post house' formula as they converge filmmaking, design, animation and visual effects to bring new looks to an all too often cliched visual landscape. "Our credo is simple," says Tim. "If the idea is original, then the depiction of that idea should be original too." This inventive approach has earned XYZ an international profile for producing distinctive work. As the accolades continue to build, it is evident that they are doing this with great success.


Anonymous said:

Good thing come to those who work their asses of.

Well done Tim.

npb said:

my the force be with you!

Anonymous said:

Go Mr T.

Matt Jackson said:

Congratulations Hamish,
If I still had your number I'd offer you a beer later this month.
Good to read about you in the context of such good news.
Lastly I'm sure congratulations are in order for XYZ for making such a good hire.
-Matt Jackson

RP Sekon said:

Well done XYZ(ed) as you say here. A great addition, I have no doubt. Congrats to all,

Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney soon, Hamish.

Certainly want to know more about what we can do work-wise with you - and the team there - at...well, you know. The initials joint.



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