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Hot Guns.jpgDSCN0774.jpgDSCN0775.jpgDSCN0777.jpgDSCN0778.jpgDSCN0779.jpgDSCN0781.jpgHere are some of the photo's from today's Hot Guns' lunch at the SnakePit in St Kilda. By all accounts, it was quite a success and they plan on doing it again. Thanks to the SnakePit for their hospitality and the (small) tab. Oh, and Brendon Guthrie from Grey for coming along as a 'mentor'.

Any queries/concerns email: Connor Beaver


Picture 34.pngWhat started as an inspirational speech from one of JWT’s leading planners quickly became an issue of security as the Andy Awards' judges, currently in Sydney, were verbally abused by an unknown terrorist organisation. Of course, it was a bit of fun during Friday's breakfast for the Andy's judges, which was sponsored by JWT Sydney. Watch the VIDEO


FEH-TARTY-GIRL.jpgJUDEE_HOFFMAN.jpgJUDEE-DROGA.jpgJUDEE-NOBBY-KELLER-2.jpgTHE-BILL.jpgKELLER.jpgMcKEON-MARIE-CATHERINE.jpgTUTSSEL-GUY.jpgDILALLO-BELGIO.jpgBOSWELL.jpgJOHNSON.jpgRITCHIE-LONG.jpgBOWMAN.jpgThe Andy's judges let loose on Wednesday night at the Hero of Waterloo (Sydney's oldest hotel)  for a Pub and Karaoke night hosted by FBI Recruitment, and kindly sponsored by Mother and Mark Waites.
They were joined by the cream of Sydney's creative community, none of whom displayed any musical ability on the night - except, of course, Rob Belgiovane, the local Karaoke champ! Just about all the judges had a go at karaoke, and some surprising talent - and non-talent - emerged.
It came down to a clap off between the reigning US champion, Andrew Keller (who was well supported on the night with backup from his wife Helen), Nobby and Judee (Jureeporn Thaidumrong) ...... And Andrew Keller reigns again!  He won, not just for his raw singing ability, but for hogging the stage, and MCing most of the night when the official MC (Nobby) was otherwise engaged. The inaugural Karaoke Trophy (the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus) mounted on a trophy base, was presented to Keller by David Droga.


STEVE-BACK-SPREAD.jpgWith Steve Back set to re-ignite Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, master photographer and tvc director Derek Hughes re-lives Pink Floyd for the Campaign Brief March issue, out now.
Hughes can be contacted on 0407 753 375 or via email
To subscribe download this: Campaign_Brief_subscription_form_07.pdf.


DSC00641.JPGAndrew Keller, executive creative director at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, is in Sydney for the Andy Awards' judging, along with many of the world's top creative directors. Pictured here at the CB/Bestads judges' breakfast between Feh Tarty from Goodby's San Francisco and Judee from JEH, Bangkok. Here is the second of his reports for CB...

The week has progressed nicely.
Do I know more about doing advertising?
Am I smarter?
The days go up and down. One minute you think you’ve got it. The next minute you’re a student again. But that’s advertising. A place where strategy, subjectivity and a small creative spark make a little door for the completely unexpected to walk in.
In general, the work is very smart. You get the sense that all of us are really hunkering down and solving our client’s business problems. That the problems, not simply the potential for award, is generating said spark. It’s good to see brands are sticking with what’s worked from last year. Whether it’s Skittles or Sony or Guiness for example, there is equity in the things they’ve created. And apparently the stuff is working or else why do them again.
But you can’t be boring and repetitive. Who knew the simple celebration of color or good things coming to those who wait or the notion of candy as existential metaphor could have so many legs? But they do. And then there are brands like JC Penny and Absolut who have evolved. Or just flat out started over again. Pulling up their flag and replanting it in a more opportune space. For the work and for business.
I think it’s a kind of rebuilding year for interactive. It was a wild west where technology created the magical spark for an idea. But now we all know a thing or two about how to cut a lady in half. Technology as a crutch is not going to fly. Our ideas are going to have to start walking on their own.
Also, there’s a new category this year that tells us something about the industry we work in. It’s called “Non-interactive interaction." This is a funny name. Well, it's actually very telling that it exists. First of all it suggests that watching a commercial is not interactive. It also supports the fact that there have been offline campaigns that were very “interactive."
The scarier translation is that we may soon have a category called “interactive non-interaction." There’s a good amount of this out there. They are called web films. Sites that just have web films in my opinion are not truly interactive. They are media vehicles. So either this awareness should inspire us about TV or it should prevent us from not sliding backward from the task as given to us in name for the online world. It was an awesome day when a department at an agency got called “creative": the creative department. How simultaneously daunting and arrogant. But it’s very effective at telling us what it is we are expected to be.
Now along comes the online world. And it gets the title “interactive." It’s a lot to live up to. But just as I expect interactive work to be creative, we better expect our creative work to be interactive. And, may our TV and print ads and web banners all be interactive-if not in their cyber-physicality and activity then at least due to an idea that is so surprising/engaging/relevant/delightful that it reaches in and grabs your heart or brain or balls, and shakes them up a bit before the viewer can turn away.
DSC00710.JPGFinally….Karaoke (at the Hero of Waterloo pub, hosted by FBI
Recruitment, and kindly sponsored by Mother and Mark Waites).
Here is the reality. It was rigged. There was already a trophy. It already had my name on it. For this I am ashamed. OK it didn’t really have my name on it. But said trophy features a Virgin Mary-like character holding a baby Jesus-like character. Who has blonde curly hair.
Destiny? Perhaps. But where is the sport? Could it have played out differently? Upon recognition of this, it was all I could do to make sure that those responsible for this did not do so in vain. So I tried harder than I ever have…for them. To prevent their embarrassment…their shame. It for sure had nothing to do with my own ego.
The finalists were myself, Judee and Nobby.
The fact is, Judee won. Her talent, her passion, her rendition of 'Like a Virgin' got the girl power on the floor and shook the 19th century pub that housed the competition to its core. Nobby insisted on Billy Joel. I think he will forever question the strategy of doing 'New York State of Mind' in Sydney, of all places. But his voice was impeccable. If he’d practiced, it showed, if he didn’t practice, then the startup of a new agency has marinated his soul in such a way as to elicit gilded chocolate tones with a caramel center. He also tried to kiss me. That was awkward. Subsequently, I have promised, for my wife’s sake, to shave every day.
Other highlights: Tuttsel doing 'My Way�' was a standout. Guy doing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was inspirational but not as good as his version of 'Desperado'. And virgin karaoketeer Susan Credle succumbed to the sweet temptation at least four times. All in all, an incredible event. And a good way to drop our inhibitions as we move into the final rounds of judging.
Onward to the GRANDY.


DilalloBenjamin.jpg“JWT Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland offices have each received resounding independent endorsement of the quality of their creative output this week and tremendous recognition for their recent campaigns," said JWT Australia and New Zealand CEO, Noel Magnus. “These results certainly herald a creative renaissance for JWT right across Australia and New Zealand. We now have an absolute obsession with creativity in all aspects of our communication development process."
The JWT Sydney team has achieved unprecedented results in the JWT Global Creative Challenge in which all 150 JWT offices around the world compete and are ranked for their creative output. 
JWT in Sydney has been placed at the top of four out of seven categories for Q4 2007: Print/Poster, Media, Direct and Ambient. This is a huge feat for the Sydney office and a record tally.
Says Jay Benjamin (above right), co-executive creative director JWT Sydney: “We can't even begin to express what a Herculean effort this is. This is a big improvement from last year’s results for JWT, which was then placed 70th on the overall rankings."
Adds Andy DiLallo (above left), co-executive CD: “When you compare the size of the JWT Sydney office with that of New York and London, it really is amazing to come top of four categories."
Jay and Andy1.jpgJWT is now one of the top four creative agencies in Australia on the just released Campaign Brief Agency Creativity/Billings Index (or Hot+Cold chart). “This was one of our goals when we first got here so are very proud to have seen it happen," said DiLallo and Benjamin.
Campaign Brief reported that, “JWT Sydney came right out of the blue with the Thrifty Thinking campaign including ambient stunts and Thrifty Cheap Dad, Olympus Fly, Kellogg Changing Kitchens plus print for Listerine Tooth Fairy, Purell Hand Glove, Olympus, RSPCA, Lipton Daily Focus and Vespa Blur, and Schick Quattro Ice Resurfacer.
Similarly JWT Melbourne has improved its Campaign Brief ranking significantly on last year. JWT has moved way over to the right, out of the torpor of the tepid zone to very, very warm territory. JWT was ranked among the top four most creative Melbourne agencies in the recent Campaign Brief index at a time when JWT Melbourne is building a new creative team under the leadership of Richard Muntz. 
JWT Melbourne’s campaigns for Ford XR8 Ute Utopia spot and Police target metrosexuals ambient, Vegemite Last Quarter and We Are What We Do/Change the world 9 to 5 work were cited as reasons for the major jump in rankings.   
JWT Auckland is well towards the 'hot' end of the scale in CB's NZ chart, with 100% NZ exhibit in Paris, Ford Balloon stunt and Police Chase, Special K Ann's Jeans, Caci Medispa Tattoo were cited as reasons for the major jump into the hot zone.


DSC00587.JPGDSC00591.JPGDSC00594.JPGDSC00606.JPGDSC00612.JPGDSC00621.JPGDSC00611.JPGA long, hard judging week in Sydney is nearly over for the International Andy Awards, but after hours there was time for the some of the world's top creative directors to blow off some steam. On Tuesday night, they - along with some specially invited guests - were treated to a night at the Opera House, where they got to play on stage, thanks to the folks at NSW Tourism.


CANNES-JUDGES copy.jpgNews Limited’s group director of marketing: advertising and integration Garth Agius today announced the Australians who will sit on the Juries at the 2008 Cannes Lions.
FILM LIONS - Ted Horton, Executive Creative Director, Big Red Group, Melbourne (far left)
PRESS LIONS - Darren Spiller, Executive Creative Director, Regional, Publicis Mojo, Melbourne (second from left)
OUTDOOR LIONS - Garry Horner, Executive Creative Director Whybin TBWA, Sydney (centre)
PROMO LIONS - Ben Coulson, Creative Director, George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne (second from right)
RADIO LIONS - Dejan Rasic, Executive Creative Director, Colman Rasic Carrasco, Sydney (far right)
CYBER LIONS - Ashley Ringrose, Co-Founder, Soap Creative, Sydney
DIRECT LIONS - Dylan Taylor, Direct Creative Director, BMF Sydney  
MEDIA LIONS - Anne Parsons, Chief Executive Officer, MediaCom, Sydney

Agius said the list demonstrated the strength of Australia’s creative industry: “Representing Australia at the Cannes Lions means mixing with the very best talent there is. Judging the world’s greatest work is a tough gig, but we are confident that these experienced and talented creative and media practitioners will excel in their task. It’s terrific that Australians will be represented on eight of the ten jury panels at the 2008 Cannes Lions."


DAMIAN-FITZGERALD-SMALL.jpgWriter Damian Fitzgerald has joined Three Drunk Monkeys following a two year stint at BWM where he worked on brands including BigPond, Virgin Money and Guinness. In addition to advertising, Fitzgerald has written and performed stand up comedy in the UK, Asia and Australia and sold comedy material to TV and Radio shows across Europe.
"I'm outrageously excited about joining 3DM. My first brief on Monday was to write a brand funded short film so I know I’m working in the right place," says Fitzgerald. Before moving from the UK two years ago, Fitzgerald was also a writer for Britain's best selling range of greetings cards.
Says Justin Drape, 3DM CD: "It’s great to have Damian come on board. He’s obviously a talented guy with big plans. We’ve already appointed him Executive Creative Director of our 2008 Christmas card."
Three Drunk Monkeys have grown from a team of three to a group of fifteen in the last year with clients including Foxtel, Unwired, Yahoo!7, SBS, Pepsi and NRL. 


Eleven of the world’s top designers, including Australia's Vince Frost, have been chosen to judge the One Show Design awards, honoring the year’s best in advertising design, corporate identity, environmental design, publication design, direct mail and package design.
 “Due to the increasing number of entries received from around the world and the growing emphasis placed upon good design in the consumer marketplace, last year marked the first time design was given its own separate event," said Mary Warlick, CEO of The One Club. “One Show Design honors only the very best in design, so naturally, we only invite the very best designers to judge the work."
The jury, hailing from seven countries, will meet in New York to choose the winners of the coveted 2008 One Show Design awards from March 24-27. Winners will be announced on May 6 at an awards ceremony held during the One Show Festival at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City.
Judges for this year’s One Show Design competition are:
Marian Bantjes, Quatrifolio (Bowen Island, Canada)
Jenny Ehlers, King James (Cape Town, South Africa)
Vince Frost, Frost Design (Sydney, Australia)
Keiko Hirano, Communication Design Laboratory (Tokyo, Japan)
John Jay, Wieden + Kennedy (Portland)
Diti Katona, Concrete Design (Toronto, Canada)
Clement Mok (San Francisco)
Emily Oberman, Number 17 (New York)
Alvaro Rego, Mumedi (Mexico)
Laurie Rosenwald, Freelance (New York)
David Turner, Turner Duckworth (San Francisco and London, UK)

Top honors at last year’s awards went to Apple Computer, Gnarls Barkley, Pearl Jam, BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi.


The full list of Australia's Cannes jury members will be announced in tomorrow's Media section of the Australian, but three names have leaked ahead of time. Garry Horner, ECD of Whybin\TBWA, Sydney will be on the Outdoor Lions jury, Ben Coulson, CD of George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne will be on the Promo Lions jury and Dylan Taylor, CD Direct at BMF Sydney will be on the Direct Lions Jury. Check out tomorrow's Australian or here on the blog.


Ranallo-Rocky-small.jpgRocky Ranallo, former deputy creative Director of Clemenger Sydney (three years) and The Campaign Palace Sydney (19 years) has signed on as associate creative director of Belgiovane Williams Mackay, Sydney.
Ranallo is one of Australia’s most respected creatives, best known for his award winning work for Meat and Livestock Australia and Thredbo 'I like it'.
His campaign for MLA Lamb, colloquially referred to as the 'Tom Cruise lamb roast' campaign, was included in the '50 best TV ads of all time' last year.
He has won numerous awards including Gold Lions at Cannes, Award Pencils and seven Caxton trophies.
Says Rob Belgiovane, Executive Creative Director at BWM: “Rocky has been a close friend for over 20 years, and I have had the pleasure of working with him several times over my career. He will make a tremendous difference to our creative integrity at BWM."
Ranallo begins immediately at BWM, working closely with Belgiovane across all the Management Hubs and all clients. He will also take a seat on the Management Board. 


AndrewKellerFINAL.JPGAndrew Keller, executive creative director at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, is in Sydney for the Andy Awards' judging, along with many of the world's top creative directors. Here is the first of his daily reports for CB...

G’day from Sydney,
Not sure where to start.
Let’s start with Sydney. It is gorgeous. Smart. The right amount of civilized Britishness mixed with a laid back beach vibe. It’s basically perfect. And it's the end of summer here. So blue skies, green trees and sparkling seas...blah blah blah. You get the point. We’re not here by accident.
And the ANDY’s...The ANDY’s are a weighty thing to be a part of. I’ve been fortunate to participate a few times now and rub shoulders with some of our industry’s finest while musing at our industry’s best work from the year. Droga, Tarty, Tuttsel, Nobay, Waites, Hoffman, Credle. That’s like half of them. It’s a humbling experience. The finest minds dissecting our work. It makes you want to work harder. Or at least wish you had.
If you remember my journal from last year, you may be aware that we partook in some karaoke. This year, it's officially been added to the list of activities. Now, there’s no way Mr. Waites- our gracious and talented host - decided to do karaoke because he likes it.  I’m not buying that. The facts are that David 'Nobby' Nobay made this an issue. He’s thrown down the proverbial gauntlet and is rumored to have pre-filtered the songlist to work in his favor, in preparation for what he deems a re-match. He’s also lobbied for an encore performance from Thirasak Tanapatanakul (heretofore referred to as Guy) while bringing in an additional ringer from Thailand- Jureeporn Thaidumrong (heretofore referred to as Judy) -- who apparently knocked it out of the park at another agency award competition karaoke showdown . For my part, all I can say is that the event will be reported fairly and accurately.
The work has been great so far. I’m fascinated by print. What is a great print ad is almost impossible to nail down. There are rules and there are goals and there are philosophies, but there are no guarantees. The right answer just is the right answer. I wish I could say more. Keep it simple, keep it branded, stay tight to the product and its benefits, Have a powerful strategy. Surprise and engage. Make it relevant. OK, so what is relevant and what is funny? What amount do you leave out so that the reader can feel smart for understanding vs have you left out so much as to alienate them? It’s a delicate balance. When you see it you know it. (Hmmmm.... sounds like a cop-out.) I’ve got a week to figure it all out.

CARLTON-DRAUGHT-COMING-SOON.jpgOn Thursday Foster’s, via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, launches the fifth installment in Carlton Draught’s ‘Made from Beer’ campaign with ‘Sky Troop’, a $9 million integrated campaign based around a 50-foot schooner of Carlton Draught that runs amok in the suburbs following a dodgy skydiving performance.  Released exclusively in cinemas, MPEGs of the campaign are not available until the digital campaign is released mid-March, and will run exclusively for six weeks before airing on television for the laggards in May.
Directed by Plaza Films’ Paul Middleditch, the director behind the Carlton Draught ‘Big Ad’ and Pure Blonde’s ‘Utopia’, it is the first piece of work released by Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, since they won the account from George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne. Creative director was James McGrath and creatives were Ant Keogh and Grant Rutherford, former Patts’ creatives who worked on the last four ‘Made from Beer’ executions.
The big-budget blockbuster opens at a sports stadium and is set up as Carlton Draught providing the half-time entertainment. Three hundred ‘ordinary’ blokes in bright yellow jumpsuits jump out a 50-foot schooner of Carlton Draught to form the beer’s horse-shaped logo, before spelling out the word, ‘wow’ in reaction to cheers from the crowd. They land successfully, however the schooner misses the stadium and goes on to wreak havoc in the suburbs, destroying a couple of $69,000 Jags in a car yard before traveling over the red-tiled roofs leaving a TV repairman hanging to the side of a building for dear life.  A grumpy old man, who is watching the skydivers on television, says to his wife: “That wouldn’t make me buy it" just as the pot of Carlton Draught comes crashing into his house, demolishing it.
While post production was by Animal Logic, much of the commercial was shot in-camera as possible. For example, about 30 blokes jumped out of the plane, which was manipulated to make it look like 300, and the Jags were smashed – in one take – but the houses were models built to scale.
Peter Sinclair, general manager of beer at Foster’s, says media fragmentation meant Foster’s couldn’t just roll this out with a traditional big ad on a big screen. The campaign will test the proposition that ‘content is king’ with four million people seeing it before it launches on TV. The target market is 18 to 39-year-old blokes, which research shows are active online users.
“It will cost us up to fifty percent less than if we had got those four million through just traditionally putting it on TV. So, the model is almost saying you invest in the content and part of the return is upfront because you don’t have to invest as much in actually showing them. This is because if it is that good, through the experience you have in cinema and through what happens in digital, you will pass it on, you’ll be happy to send it to your mates," says Sinclair.
CARLTON-DRAUGHT-WOWstill[2].jpgRather than using an interruption model, people will be invited to watch the advert, providing they are over 18. This will be done digitally via internet search engines, including Yahoo and ninemsm and social networking sites, including Facebook and YouTube as well as its own website www.skytroop.com. Furthermore, a partnership has been formed with 3 Mobile, asking subscribers if they would like to be sent the advert.
Sinclair says Foster’s has every confidence this campaign will continue to do the job started back in 2003 with ‘Horses’ and continued with ‘Canoe’ and ‘Big Ad’ and more recently ‘Flashbeer’.
“There will be inevitable comparisons with ‘Big Ad’ because of the scale of it, but the reality is that I think this is unique enough in terms of the idea and unique enough in terms of content and crazy enough in the way it plays out that it will find its own unique place in consumer’s hearts," Sinclair says.
He adds that in the past seven years Carlton Draught had defied all the market trends and grown three-fold, a success story driven by the brand positioning of ‘a good honest beer that doesn’t take itself too seriously’, and the ‘Made from Beer’ campaign.
“Each time we have brought quality content and world class advertising to the table Australian consumers have reacted positively and voted with their wallets and their hearts and brought into the brand and that has primarily driven the success," he says.

The Work 07COVER_Page_1.jpgThe Work 07 is out and it is the best edition yet. Complete with two DVDs this 400 page hardback annual is a must for every creative and every agency creative department in Australia, NZ and Asia.
For the second year O&M has edged out BBDO in the Top Network chart, followed by Saatchi & Saatchi. Saatchi’s New Zealand tops the Agency chart followed by DDB Auckland and JWT Singapore. Two legends from the region are also inducted into the CB Hall of Fame - JWT worldwide creative director Craig Davis and Ron Mather. A must-have annual of the best in the region.

Download the order form:
The Work 07 ORDER-FORM.pdf

More info, contact: GINNY
CB-ASIA-COVER.jpgThe latest Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings are out and this year Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore top the Agency chart to be named CB Asia's 2007 Agency of the Year. Saatchi & Saatchi held off a strong challenge from No2 agency, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore. Last year's No1 agency, Creative Juice\G1 Bangkok, was third.
The Campaign Brief Asia Creative Rankings chart the performances of 184 agencies and 1223 individual agency creatives from around the region.
Analysis and coverage of the Creative Rankings fills 36 pages of the latest issue. To subscribe to Campaign Brief Asia, download this PDF:

Asia's Top Ten Agencies 2007
1. Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore
2. O&M Singapore
3. Creative Juice\G1 Bangkok
4. Dentsu Inc Tokyo
5. O&M Bangkok
6. JWT Singapore
7. O&M Mumbai
8. Hakuhodo Tokyo
9. McCann Erickson Malaysia
10. BBDO Bangkok

Asia's Top Ten Creatives 2007
1. Roger Makak - Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore
2. Thirasak Tanapatanakul - Creative Juice\G1 Bangkok
3. Richard Copping - Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore
4. Jagdish Ramakrishnan - BBDO Singapore (ex Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore)
5. Jon Chalermwong - Saatchi & Saatchi New York (ex Creative Juice\G1)
6. Prangthrip Praditpong - Nude Communications Bangkok (ex Creative Juice\G1)
7. Eugene Cheong - O&M Singapore
8. Kittitat Larppitakpong - Saatchi & Saatchi Bangkok (ex Creative Juice\G1)
9. Stuart Mills - O&M Bangkok
10. Nutchanun Chiaphanumas - McCann Erickson Bangkok (ex Creative Juice\G1)

Asia's Top Three Networks 2007
1. Ogilvy & Mather
2. Saatchi & Saatchi
3. JWT

Campaign Brief Agency of the Year 2007
SINGAPORE - Saatchi & Saatchi
THAILAND - Creative Juice\G1
MALAYSIA - McCann-Erickson
JAPAN - Dentsu Tokyo
INDIA - Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai
CHINA - JWT Shanghai
HONG KONG - Ogilvy & Mather
TAIWAN - Ogilvy & Mather

NatGeoChannel.jpgA press ad to commemorate the death of Sir Edmund Hillary by the National Geographic Channel via Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, has been announced as the December/January winner of the Could Be a Caxton competition, established by the Caxton Committee and supported by The Newspaper Works to recognise and showcase great creativity on a bi-monthly basis.
Toby Talbot, ECD of DDB NZ, and the judge of the December/January competition, said: "There are some who say that newspaper doesn’t have a role in today’s media mix. This ad totally debunks that theory. Given it was the venerable London Times that first brought the world news that Ed Hillary had “knocked the bastard off�?, it seemed entirely appropriate that a newspaper ad should mark the passing of the great man the day after his funeral. And it says so much about the National Geographic brand that it can get away with running this ad. The brand fit is perfect. If it were my ad (and I’m pissed off that it wasn’t because we have them as a client) I wouldn’t have had his name or any kind of line. It really doesn’t need it. At least it doesn’t here in New Zealand. You see Everest. You see the flag at half mast. You get it. Regardless, this is what I’d call a proper press ad. And I wish I’d done it. Can’t say fairer than that."
The creative team from Saatchi & Saatchi wins an all expenses-paid trip to the 2008 Caxton Weekend.

Highly Commended was awarded to Consortium, Auckland for its 42 Below press ad.
The February/March competition is now open for entries.  It’s free to enter and anyone can submit nominations. For more information on how to enter the Could Be a Caxton competition and the Caxtons in general, visit Caxton Awards



EARTH-HOUR.jpgThe deadline is just over a month away for agencies and their clients to show their support for Earth Hour 2008. Not only do you get to save the planet but your work could win you a trip to the Cannes Advertising Festival. Campaign Brief is offering two trips to the creative team who demonstrate the most effective and/or inspirational way to leverage Earth Hour 2008 and the Sydney Morning Herald is offering a trip each to the client and agency person behind the best work.
Burnett's created the original event last year, with 2.2 million Sydneysiders turning their lights off. That alone made a huge difference to the city's energy consumption. Imagine what a difference this simple action is going to make when the 54 participating cities around the world turn their lights off for an hour at 8pm on Saturday 29th March, 2008.
Corporate support has been overwhelming. Already pledging to turn their lights of and reduce their carbon emissions by 5% per annum are ABN AMRO, Macquarie Bank, Accenture, @radical.media, Arthouse Hotel, BankSA, Bankstown City Council, City of Melbourne, City of Subiaco, CNBC Australia, Dinosaur Designs, Icebergs Bondi, ING Direct, NSW Dept Environment & Climate Change, Ricoh Australia, The Slip Inn and The Age - amongst 2,000 other companies and 43,000 individuals.

1. Register your agency's support at www.earthhour.org  - all you have to do is log on and enter a few details
2. Get your clients to sign up at the same site
3. Come up with a ball-tearing award-winning concept for one of your clients' brands
4. Check that the use of the Earth Hour logo fits with the brand guidelines
5. Have the ad run before Earth Hour on March 29
6. Put in for holiday leave for Cannes
7. Turn the lights off on your way out

Mark_Tutssel-SMALL.jpgFor the Campaign Brief prize, the work will be judged by an international panel of top creatives led by Leo Burnett’s global creative director Mark Tutssel (left). For the Fairfax/SMH prize, judging will be via a jury chaired by Noel Purcell, group general manager, Westpac. 
Thank you to these agencies who have said they will work with their clients to create Earth Hour themed campaigns and events: Saatchi & Saatchi, George Patterson Y&R, Clemenger BBDO, JWT, DDB, SO&M, BMF, Host, The Glue Society, Publicis Mojo, BWM, M&C Saatchi, Whybin\TBWA, BWM, Lowe Hunt, Euro RSCG, McCann-Erickson, The Campaign Palace, The Furnace, Naked, CHE, Grey, Badjar Ogilvy, Cummins Nitro, Samuelson Talbot, Smart, Marmalde, Spinach and Draft FCB. Just about the whole industry has put aside its cynicism and pledged to support this initiative.  Yes, the original idea came from another agency but the brief has been thrown wide open. How many times in your life do you get offered an open brief that encourages you to openly borrow from a Cannes-winning idea?

You can download the ‘Earth Hour Advertising Partnership Kit’ via this FTP site:
Login: earthhouradvertising
Password: partnership 


Craig Stuart-SMALL.jpgMelbourne digital agency Citrus has appointed two new senior hires to boost its digital expertise emanating from the progressive UK market and further its goal to become Australia’s leading digital agency.
Craig Stuart (pictured) joins as art director within its creative team following five years freelancing for agencies in Australia and the UK including Leo Burnett, Clemenger Blue, Venus Advertising and Freeform Advertising. During this time he developed fully integrated brand and retail campaigns for Carlton Draught, NAB, Loreal, Garnier and Myer. While in the UK Stuart freelanced for agencies including Joshua, Grey Interactive, RMG Blackcat and JWT, executing integrated campaigns for Mercedes Benz and Vodaphone 3G.
Stuart will work across Citrus’ key clients including Sportsgirl, Borders, Victoria Racing Club, and STA Travel.
Tim White joins Citrus as senior relationship manager within its client services team.
Previously White was corporate strategic partnerships manager for UK department store John Lewis where he developed and managed the retailer’s digital strategy. Prior to John Lewis, White worked with Australian digital agency the Eclipse Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deloitte as an integrated marketing consultant.
White will manage Citrus’ major accounts including Borders, STA Travel and Primelife.
Peter Noble, CEO of Citrus, said the recent appointments continue Citrus’ deliberate approach to hire international talent and build its expertise in retail branded ecommerce and relationship marketing.
“Both Craig and Tim have fantastic experience in one-to-one communications and retail branded ecommerce, which is far more developed as a channel in the UK and closely aligns with our service offerings. They share our digital approach in the branded ecommerce arena and will enable us to engage with clients in a much more strategic way, and elevate our thinking as a company.
“They also understand our client engagement model, which is very relationship-oriented and mirrors many of the bigger UK digital agencies. We’ve found that we’re talking the same language as talent with UK experience, which makes us attractive to them as well.
“Craig will provide a creative backbone for Citrus’ digital model, while Tim will be instrumental in deepening our strategic engagement with clients.
“With a solid blend of brand and direct response experience, Craig will elevate our creative ability to build deeper and more meaningful multi-channel consumer experiences that not only build brand awareness and loyalty, but deliver results where they count," Noble said.
Noble added the agency aims to more than double in size from 30 to over 70 staff over the next two years by leveraging its specialist online retail, branded ecommerce and relationship marketing capability.
Creative Group.jpgMatt&Marty.jpgDDB has won Campaign Brief Agency of the Year on both sides of the Tasman with both Sydney and Auckland putting in a stellar effort in 2007 resulting in a great range of work across a multitude of clients. Work that will probably go on to win awards this year, if not already done so in 2007.
Says Marty O’Halloran, chairman and CEO, Australia and New Zealand: "While I have great Managing Directors in both Sydney (Chris Brown) and Auckland (Sandy Moore), both Toby (Talbot) and Matt (Eastwood) report directly to me. Creativity is one of my passions and this is a strong signal to the network that creative excellence is DDB’s number one focus.  Too many CEO’s focus on profit at the expense of the creative product.  We deliberately focus on creative over and above profit. Maybe that’s why we are so profitable!"
Says Matt Eastwood, ECD of DDB Australia: "It's extremely exciting to win Agency of the Year in both Australia and New Zealand. Ever since both Toby and I arrived at DDB, we've tried to focus on nothing but the work. Walk the walk, if you will. Each of us quietly went about rebuilding our departments, with a renewed focus on award-winning work. And it paid off. In Sydney, the team is incredible. Each and every one of the creative department contributed to this win. But there's no secret, they simply worked incredibly hard, totally dedicated to the quality of our output. I'm very proud."
Adds DDB New Zealand executive CD, Toby Talbot: "It's been a real year of transition for DDB. If you'd asked me who was going to win Agency of the Year when I started at the end of January last year, I wouldn't have picked us to be honest. We still had a long way to go. But we won Lotteries, we hired some great new people and we became a much tighter, more focused agency. All the shit we copped on the NZCC Blog really helped too. Deep down, we've all been determined to prove those anonymous tossers wrong.
"But I guess if I was going to put it down to one thing it would have to be Marty. Matt and I owe him a huge gratitude for supporting all the changes we've made and making stuff happen fast. If there's anyone who's more excited about winning AOY than Matt and I, it would be him. Marty just loves creativity and understands how important it is to an agency's culture. You can't ask for more than that in a boss."

HOT-CHART-1 copy.jpgHOT-CHART-2 copy.jpgThe same AOY issue also includes the annual Agency Creativity/Billings Charts (better known as the Hot+Cold Charts) for Australia and New Zealand.
To subscribe to CB, download this PDF: Campaign_Brief_subscription_form_07.pdf


MARCELLO-SERPA.jpgMarcello Serpa, partner and general creative director, AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been selected by the international Clio Awards as the recipient of its distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award for 2008.  The prestigious award, given in recognition of outstanding and ongoing contribution by an individual who is leading the industry forward, will be presented at a formal dinner event on May 15, 2008 at the new Gansevoort South Hotel on Miami Beach as part of the 49th annual Clio Awards and Festival (May 14-17, 2008).
“Throughout his career, Marcello Serpa has clearly embodied the tradition of creative leadership, integrity and dedication to great ideas that are the cornerstones of the Clio Lifetime Achievement Award," said Tony Gulisano, managing director, Clio Awards.  “It is our honor to present him with this award."
Serpa, 45, is widely recognized as a driving force in bringing international acclaim to Latin American advertising. He began his career with a seven-year stint in Germany, first studying visual and graphic arts before doing creative work at agencies GGK and R.G. Wiesmeir.  Upon returning to Brazil, he worked in the Rio and Sao Paulo offices of DPZ before joining DM9DDB in 1991.  It was there that he made history, becoming the first Latin American to win a Grand Prix at Cannes in the Print and Outdoor category for a 1993 campaign on behalf of Antarctica soft drink. 
That same year, Serpa and Jose Luiz Madeira, a senior account manager and strategic planner, both left to become partners at AlmapBBDO.  The team helped transform the agency to a new level of creative and strategic excellence, and have since amassed an impressive roster of blue-chip clients including Volkswagen, Pepsi, Inbev, Bayer, Audi Brazil, Mars Brazil, Gatorade, Havaianas, Greenpeace and others.
Serpa is the most awarded creative in the history of the Sao Paulo Creative Club Yearbook, and been elected as best creative director in Iberian America and Brazil eight times by El Ojo de Iberoamericana. Throughout his 15 years as partner and creative director at AlmapBBDO, the agency was the most awarded agency in the world by the Gunn Report for two years in a row, named agency of the year at Cannes and by Advertising Age, and won 45 Clio statues.
“I was nicely surprised and deeply happy to learn that Clio feels my work and professional life are deserving of such a definitive award," said Serpa.
He joins a prestigious list of past Clio Lifetime Achievement Award honorees: Bob Isherwood, worldwide creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi; Bob Greenberg, chairman/CEO, chief creative director, R/GA; John Hegarty, chairman/worldwide creative director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH); Lee Clow, global director of media arts, TBWA\ Worldwide; Neil French, former worldwide creative director, Ogilvy & Mather and WPP; David Abbott, cofounder, Abbott Mead Vickers, and Tony Kaye, the pioneering director and cinematographer.


NRL-KEY-SIGNINGS.jpgWhen the NRL approached Three Drunk Monkeys to develop a way to increase club membership, their solution was to treat members as the key signings for the approaching 2008 NRL season. A series of press conferences was set up where leading NRL players, coaches and management showed their support for members who were interviewed about their decision to sign on with their team. The response was overwhelming with members flying interstate to take part in the event. Presenters David Murdoch, Luke Elvy and Russell Fairfax from FOX SPORTS came on board and the stories of these members now feature in news reports that are currently airing on TV and online. The  campaign also includes press ads each week that list members’ names  as they sign on to become part of their team.


Client: NRL
Title: Key Signings
Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys
Creative Directors: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
Art Director: Sam Chappell
Copywriter: Nick Morrissey
Director: Justin McMillan
Agency Producer: Thea Corone
Business Management: Mark Green, Daniel Deutsch, Leigh Morrison, 
Andrew Stanley
Production Company: AHT
Client: Michael Johnson, Kylie Stray


Picture 32.pngHere's ANOTHER PART of the BankWest Happy Banking campaign via Host, Sydney.


Dave Klein copy.jpgLeo Burnett Melbourne has lured David Klein from Publicis Mojo as Head of Art. Klein was jointly responsible for the latest award winning Drumstick spot and several of the latest Toyota AFL spots.
Klein began his career at WCJ in 1995, having graduated with honours in graphic design from Swinburne University. From WCJ, he moved to Grey Melbourne where he won awards for his work on TAC. In 2000, David relocated to London where he worked at Delaney Lund Knox Warren as well as Grey, gaining experience on clients like The Financial Times, Starburst, Mars and P&G.
 On his return to Australia, he joined Mojo Melbourne where he was one of the key members of the successful pitch for Nike Australia. Since then he has created award winning campaigns for Tourism Victoria, Nike, Nestle and the popular Toyota AFL Footy Moments ads. His recent work for Nestle Drumstick was awarded ‘Ad of the year’ by B&T and was recognised at Cannes, Clios, the New York Festivals, AWARD and MADC.


lee&andre-small.jpgGPY&R Brisbane has appointed award winning creative team Andre Hull and Lee Sunter. Hull and Sunter bring with them considerable digital & interactive experience on global brands and are both highly awarded. They will work closely with local GPY&R CD, Tim Green and Head of Digital, Rob Hudson.
Says GPY&R Managing Director, Phil McDonald: “Most recently Andre and Lee have been working at specialist digital shop; Publicis Modem in London. They’ve won at D&AD among other shows and they bring the creative firepower we need to bolster our digital & interactive team."
“We’re committed to attracting outstanding talent to our agency and fresh, young creatives like Andre and Lee are great for our clients and our people, but hopefully in the long run this type of thing is good for the local industry too. We’ve all got a role to play in deepening the talent pool here."
Hull and Sunter join the agency next week.


Rebelo2.8mb.jpgMichael Rebelo, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi’s Singapore office has been promoted to run Saatchi & Saatchi London as Managing Director. Rebelo will report into Robert Senior, UK CEO, SSF Group, the newly formed mini group structure.
Rebelo’s appointment underlines the SSF Group’s stated ambition of championing creativity to drive growth at Saatchi & Saatchi and Fallon.
Senior said: “Michael is world class talent.  He has exactly the right combination of experience, talent and energy to make a colossal difference at Saatchi & Saatchi London."
With Rebelo at the helm, Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore was named Agency of the Year 2007 by Marketing magazine, Ad Asia magazine, and by the Institute of Advertising Singapore for the second year running. The agency has had an impressive new business record winning United Overseas Bank, ESPN, MSIG Insurance, Sony Ericsson and Tiger Beer under his leadership.
Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore was also the fourth most awarded agency at Cannes in 2007 and came 13th in the Gunn Report 2007, up from 21 in 2006.
Patt Brett said, “While is is sad to lose Mike, he has done a tremendous job for us in Singapore.  It is testimony to his abilities that he has taken one of the best jobs in the global business."
Rebelo will continue his role in Singapore until June 2008 and his successor will be announced n the next couple of weeks.


The next episode in the Comm Bank series, called GAMESHOW, has just gone to air but of course CB is now persona non grata with the Comm Bank PR dept, hence the link to B&T's upload of the spot on YouTube .... 


BWB 4064 EXPERTS SUPERLITE 1775X1175 @1-3 copy.jpgBankWest has launched a new marketing and advertising campaign, an initiative called Happy Banking, designed to spearhead its proposed aggressive expansion into the national banking market.
It is the first campaign to be launched by Host, BankWest’’s new agency partner, who were secured by BankWest after a rigorous pitch process in the second half of 2007.
It is BankWest’s biggest national marketing campaign to date and will be used to launch the BankWest Rate Tracker, a new category of home loan in the Australian mortgage market.
The new creative platform uses a series of animated characters who offer different insights into what makes people happy and uses real voices, not actors, talking frankly about what they believe bring happiness.
Says Host Managing Director Anthony Freedman: "The idea is quite simple. A bank that has the ambition to make banking a positive experience would conduct research to learn what makes people happy. The twist is that this research happens to be with things universally recognised as bringing happiness like the Sun, a flower, a basket of kittens and so on – happiness experts if you like."
In July 2007 BankWest announced its intention to expand its physical presence on the eastern seaboard with more than 160 BankWest branches to open on the east coast over the next three years.


MIA-FREEDMAN-small.jpgMia Freedman, one of Australia’s most respected magazine editors, has joined the ranks of Droga5 this week.
At only 24, she became the youngest editor in Cleo magazine’s history – quickly establishing many trends that would be adopted across the category, like pushing women’s positive body image. In 2000, she was awarded the title of Editor of the Year by her peers at the MPA Awards. In 2004, she was appointed Editor-In-Chief of Cleo, Dolly and Cosmopolitan Magazine.
2006 saw her take up the reigns as creative director of the Nine Network; leaving in 2007 to pursue her book writing (she’s currently on her second) and focus on her popular blog, mamamia.com.au. 
She joins D5 with a permanent desk at their new Surrey Hills office. Droga5’s creative chairman, David Nobay, says the move is in line with the company’s philosophy of reaching beyond traditional ranks for their ideas: “Bigger ideas come from broadening the conversation and connecting with creative-people like Mia who bring a whole new perspective and method.  She’s passionate about where media is going, and knows more about marketing to women than anyone I’ve met. She’s also an inspiring, fun person to have around us."
Freedman is equally enthusiastic about mixing it up with the guys at Droga5: “Ideas are what continue to drive me, and that’s what these guys are all about. They’re more open-minded than most of the industry I’ve met too, and are ready to listen as much as dictate."
In addition to partnering with Droga5 on various new-business projects right now, Freedman will continue to write her weekly column in the Sun-Herald and Sunday Age and still does regular radio segments on the Austereo Network.


Paula Keamy has been appointed creative director, Digital and Direct at DDB Sydney, transferring from DDB owned Rapp Collins in Melbourne, where she has been CD for the last eight years. 
Last year Keamy was chosen to represent Australia as a judge on the Direct jury at Cannes.


FSM is proud to have sponsored the Tropfest 8 and Trop Jr Graphics package in 2008. 
With over 500,000 viewers nationally, local and international press coverage, and thousands of entries each year – Tropfest is the world’s largest short film festival.
The sponsorship of Tropfest 8 & Trop Jr reflects the company’s strong philosophy of supporting and fostering emerging filmmakers in Australia.  FSM would like to congratulate Michelle Lehman for Marry Me, Sunday’s winner of Sony Tropfest 2008.
FSM, alongside the Art Direction of Dean Mathers from Spin Communications, created a powerful, dynamic and fun Graphics package.  Essentially, FSM were briefed to create two packages for the event (Tropfest 8 & Trop Jr) - both with a completely different look and feel.
Emile Rademeyer, FSM’s Senior Designer, added his own creative flair and vision to the animations.  Thanks to the help of Ferry Taswin, 3D animator, the entire animation jumps to life on screen.  The deliverables included animated openers, satellite crossings, teasers, straps, live inserts, prize & finalist boards for both events.
This was the first time Tropfest had ever engaged the services of a Design and Post Production company to create a graphics treatment for their AV presentation.  It’s only appropriate then that one of Australia’s leading Post House have joined forces with the world’s largest film festival to make their presentation brighter and better than ever before.
Says Tropfest chief John Polson: "FSM approached us early in production to put forward their support for this national event. We were thrilled by the offer!  From the start, they offered amazing design direction and dedication. Their tireless work over the months leading up to Tropfest 8, coupled with their generosity in supporting this event, has been outstanding."
With national DVD distribution, and screenings at Film Festivals internationally, the graphics treatment will be viewed worldwide.
The Tropfest graphics package can be viewed at FSM

Art Director – Dean Mathers (Spin Communications)
Event Managers – Morgwn Rimmel (Tropfest 8) & Jo Gallagher (Trop Jr)
Senior Designer – Emile Rademeyer
3D Animator – Ferry Taswin
Design Co-ordinator – Jacqueline Archer



AWARD has released the list of successful applicants into News Limited AWARD School. 201 sought after positions have been offered across Australia this year, with an increase across the board due to the fantastic standard of applicants.
A change in strategy of the application questions resulted in a very high standard of work, impressing the judging panels with the promise of new talent for the industry.
Agencies across Australia will have an amazing batch of new creatives to select from, as News Limited AWARD School continues its legacy of supplying the industry the best people with which to fill their creative departments.
News Limited AWARD School will host its opening nights on Thursday March 6th in Sydney and Monday 31st March in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart. Opening nights provide the students the opportunity to meet their peers, lecturers and tutors before the hard work begins.
For the list of successful applicants across Australia, visit AWARD School Online
WaitesWatson.JPGUPDATE: For the first time ever, Sydney has been chosen as the location for final judging of the International ANDY Awards, which will be held in the last week of February, starting Sunday 24th. One of the best international juries ever assembled  - including Dave Droga, Mark Tutssel, Bob Scarpelli, Bob Greenberg, Gerry Graf, Susan Hoffman, Marie-Catherine Dupuy and Andrew Keller - are flying in, selected by Mark Waites, Partner and Creative Director of Mother, London.
Waites (snapped by CB last time he was in Sydney in 2002) told Campaign Brief: "One of the perks of being the Honorary chair of the ANDY awards is that I get to pick the venue for the final judging. Nobby should be pleased, when he got to Buenos Aires last year the first post on his blog had him moaning that Australia was a long way from everywhere - not this year.
"I can't wait. They're a great crowd the ANDY's judges and who wouldn't rather be in Sydney than London this time of year?"
With the exception of John Hegarty of BBH in 2002, the choice of Waites as the only Chairman from an agency outside the U.S. signals the increased globalization of the ANDY Show. “While we’ve always had incredible creative leaders in this role, Mark’s presence reflects how much the ANDYs are expanding as an international show," says Gina Grillo, Executive Director of The ADVERTISING Club. The AD Club has run the ANDYs for the past 43 years. “We’re very proud to have someone of his talent, vision and commitment leading the 2008 ANDYs."
Waites’ feelings about ANDY engagement of global agencies is the same. “The past few years, we’ve seen greater international interest, entries and winners than ever before," he observes. “The entire creative global community being part of the Show makes it a very stimulating, inspiring venture, and I’m excited to be contributing to this year’s efforts."
As Chairman, Waites is the key decision-maker in selecting the jury for the ANDYs, renowned for having one of the most dynamic, high-profile line-ups of all awards shows. This year is no exception. In addition, there is stronger diversity in terms of regional and gender representation among the 21 judges. Agencies from Paris and Tokyo to Sydney and India are on the panel. As well, 20% of the judging panel this year are women.
The final jury list (changed slightly with last minute replacement jurors Andy McKeon, Bulldozer, Sydney and Thirasak Tanapatanakul, Creative Juice GI, Bangkok replacing Ty Montagu, JWT New York and Piyush Pandey, O&M India) is as follows:

Honorary Chairman
Mark Waites, Mother, London

Susan Credle, BBDO, New York
David Droga, Droga5, New York
Marie-Catherine Dupuy, TBWA, Paris
Pete Favat, Arnold Worldwide, Boston
Gerry Graf,  Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Bob Greenberg, R/GA, New York
Susan Hoffman, Wieden + Kennedy, Inc., Portland
Prasoon Joshi, McCann Erickson, India
Andrew Keller, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, Miami
Andy McKeon, Bulldozer, Sydney
Hiroki Nakamura, Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
David Nobay, Droga5 Australia, Sydney
Bob Scarpelli, DDB Worldwide, New York
Kash Sree, JWT, New York
Thirasak Tanapatanakul, Creative Juice GI, Bangkok
Feh Tarty, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Jureeporn Thaidumrong, JEH United, Bangkok
Mark Tutssel, Leo Burnett Worldwide
, Chicago


surfing duck 1.jpgBMF Sydney has kicked off its first campaign for Goodman Fielder with the launch of new Wonder Performance bread – a product that’s designed especially for teenagers, but can have some unusual effects on ducks!
To capture the elusive teenage market, BMF created a series of unbranded virals showing ducks performing with enhanced capabilities in a very ‘un-duck-like’ manner. The virals include a surfing duck, ducks skylarking on an escalator, and ducks performing acrobatic flying feats.  They have been seeded over the last month and so far there have been over 2.7 million views in Australia and around the world, including postings on The New York Times, SKY News, and the UK’s Daily Telegraph websites.
This activity has been followed up with a TV launch COMMERCIAL, where a Wonder Performance spokesperson explains that the strange phenomenon is actually the result of ducks eating new Wonder Performance – a bread full of complex carbs, protein and iron, giving the ducks energy and strength to perform.  This reveal was coupled with simultaneous eDM and blog announcements, allowing consumers to join the dots online – an aspect that’s obviously important to the teenage market.
The campaign has also seen the creation of the Duck Situation Division, whereby people can report unusual duck behaviour on a website or 1800 number.  Other items include street posters, print, online advertising, duck watching blogs, and even a duck repellant ring tone.  The ‘Not for Ducks’ logo even appears as a warning on the packaging.
While the campaign has many facets, it’s a very simple idea that uses the universally understood link between ducks and their love of bread. Says BMF ECD Warren Brown: “BMF know how difficult it is to reach teenagers, which is why we took this non-traditional approach incorporating viral elements that have generated millions of views.  Following up with a TVC completes the picture and explains the crazy duck behaviour.  Hopefully this will see a lot of Wonder Performance bread."
This is BMF’s first campaign for Goodman Fielder since being appointed in October 2007. To experience the campaign, visit the site:  DON'T FEED THE DUCKS

Executive Creative Director: Warren Brown
Creative Director: Simon Langley
Art Director: Paul Bruce
Copywriters: Richard Morgan / Cleve Cameron
Group Account Director: Vicky Norton
Account Director: Patrick Cahill
Strategic Planner: Gerry Cyron
Director: Joe Leonie
Production Company: Flying Fish
Post Production:  Perceptual Engineering
Media Planning and Buying:  Ikon Communications
Client: Goodman Fielder Baking

Sony.jpgSony Australia, sponsors of Sony Tropfest since 2004, has launched a cross-media promotional campaign through its agency Euro RSCG that culminates in a series of intriguing 60 sec COMMERCIALS to be screened exclusively on the night of the festival.
Written by Euro ECD Rowan Dean, the short-film style ads feature well-known Australian actors Pia Miranda, Denise Roberts and Damian de Montemas, in a series of enigmatic encounters directed by former Sony Tropfest winner Luke Eve.
Built around the theme 'Life is a story, tell yours with Sony' the work includes press, online, in-store, and SMS promotions, and experiential activity through Jack Morton, all of which are designed to engage the audience in the run up to the festival and entertain them at Sony Tropfest venues across Australia on February 17. According to Dean, "The Sony Tropfest audience is one of the most influential and hungry creative audiences in Australia. The strategic fit with Sony, who epitomises entertainment and the power of individual imagination, couldn't be better. In the online and SMS campaigns we challenge them to use their imagination as befits those media. In the TVCs, we take the style, grammar and attitude of short films to intrigue and entertain, whilst suggesting the endless possibilities of stories yet to be told."
 A series of print ads have also been created by the agency and are aimed at driving awareness leading up to Sony Tropfest.  The press campaign is designed to specifically encourage people to participate in the pre-event online promotion by creating their own short story.  Prizes include Sony High Definition product and tickets to an exclusive 'Patch of Grass' at the Sydney Sony Tropfest event.
The promotional campaign created by Euro includes a pre Sony Tropfest event (online promotion) encouraging people to create and submit their own short story.
Multiple activities on the day include an SMS promotion giving the Sony Tropfest audience the opportunity to submit a sentence.  These will then be joined together to create a Sony Tropfest story which is then shown on the Sony Tropfest big screen.
Online, Euro has created a MICROSITE to host pre-event promotion and support on the day activities, and also drive people back online to see footage of the day’s events, find out if they are a promotional winner, and hear more from Sony.
Letitia Hayes, Sony Australia’s Experiential and Sponsorship Manager, said, “Sony Tropfest is a key event on our calendar, offering us a unique opportunity to inspire Australian filmmakers and film-lovers alike. It’s a perfect fit with our brand. This integrated campaign – led by Euro – takes our sponsorship to a new level, building on previous years. The campaign takes us beyond awareness and adds value to the overall Sony Tropfest experience for our audience."
Client:  Sony Australia
Agency: Euro RSCG  Australia
ECD /Writer:  Rowan Dean
Creative Director Direct & Drive:  Peter Maniaty
Creative Director Digital:  Tim Cheng
Experiential Activity: Jack Morton Worldwide
Director: Luke Eve
Production Co: Jungleboys


WILL-ANDERSON.jpgAdvertising on the ABC is now a certainty in 2008, after the announcement of The Gruen Transfer, a program which intends to examine the advertising biz from the inside.
Ten episodes of the half hour show have been commissioned. It will be co-produced by the ABC and Zapruder’s Other Films, the company behind the hugely successful Enough Rope With Andrew Denton.
Returning to television, Wil Anderson (left) will host the program, which the ABC describes as “a funny, often biting, show about advertising that will revel in its brilliance while also revealing its secrets."
The producers are adamant the show won’t be a humourless exercise in industry-bashing.
“The Gruen Transfer is not so black and white," executive producer Andrew Denton says. “It’s not about whether advertising is good or evil. What we’re interested in is simple: how advertising works and what it says about us. I’ve always thought that advertising is an amazing and complex world. It deserves more attention than it usually gets from television, which is the ‘World’s Wackiest Commercials’ approach."
The Gruen Transfer team is looking for ad industry folk – smart, funny, opinionated, experienced – to appear on the program. If you think you might be suitable, or can recommend someone else who fits the bill, contact Sarah Douglas on 02 9459 4221, or sdouglas@zapruder.com.au


SINGO-1.jpegFor once, CB agrees with Singo:
In a STORY in the Daily Telegraph, John Singleton has called on the CEO and board of Commonwealth Bank to dump their latest advertising campaign and suggested the person responsible for it would be sacked. Singo has labelled the campaign "obscene" and a "waste of money".
Meanwhile, CBA chief Ralph Norris defends the campaign in this STORY  in today's Australian.


JUSTINE-ARMOUR.jpgSaatchi & Saatchi Sydney writer, Justine Armour who only recently announced plans to move to Brisbane has been quickly snapped up by Junior. Known for her much-lauded work on Foxtel, Smith’s and Uncle Tobys while at Saatchi's and Clemenger BBDO Sydney before that, Armour will bring even more senior talent to Junior’s rapidly expanding creative department.
“It’s a bit of a coup for us to be able to secure Justine. She’s a top Sydney talent and she’s got the added advantage of having worked in the Brisbane market before. So we’re very excited to have her on board and we think she’ll be particularly effective in this market," said Steve Minon, Creative Director of Junior.
Armour told CB: "Steve is a great friend and I can't wait to work with him again. I love the personality of Junior and especially love the fact that they're independent, so it was really the only place in Brisbane I wanted to work at. If you've been to Brisbane recently, you'll know why we're moving up there. It's a great  part of the world, and after working in Sydney for CDs like Nobby, Steve, and Danny, I've learned a lot that I want to take back to Junior. Obviously I'm going to miss Saatchi's, it's a fantastic agency, and every bit as fun and as stimulating as you'd expect it to be. But ultimately, Brisbane is home so I'm excited to be going back."
Freelance creative Simon Armour, Justine's partner, has got a gig lined up at CumminsNitro, Brisbane. "Having worked with Simon before and watched his book fatten up with some award-winning work from his time at Kastner & Partners and Saatchi’s, we can’t wait to have him join us," says CumminsNitro joint creative director, Nancy Hartley. "Simon will be teaming up with another new recruit – hot young Art Director Kory McAvoy. We see Simon’s return to Brisbane as great news for us and great news for the town. We’re especially pleased to be able to offer Simon the creative opportunities and environment to continue growing his book."

If you are an AWARD Gold member, make sure you complete the  
2008 AWARD ballot form.pdf to elect the 2008/2009 Executive Committee, which is due back to AWARD by February 29th, 2008 OR for submission at the AGM on 5th March 2008. Send to: hannah@awardonline.com OR Fax: + 61 2 8297 3801.
If you are not an AWARD Gold member and are eligible to become one (had work accepted into any AWARD annual since 1979), please contact Hannah Morden


Julian-WATT.jpg303 Sydney, which was created by merging McNabb Advertising and the remnants of FNL Communications in August last year, is hoping to join the creative hierarchy of Australia with the surprise hire of Cannes Grand Prix winning executive creative director Julian Watt from Net#work BBDO, Johannesburg, one of the world's hottest agencies.
Watt will partner ex Ogilvy London planner Jon McKie, who recently joined 303 as group managing director.
Watt recently told CB: "If all we needed to do was advertise, we'd simply make more ads. Surely there's more value our clients can add?"
Some of these things included last year's Cannes Outdoor Grand Prix, the Nedbank Solar paneled billboard that powered a kitchen to feed a school of 1100 daily. Another was a nifty piece of software called JOBSAVER, that created the impression that you're hard at work, when actually you're catching ZZZs at your desk. He regards both as vital to human survival.
At only 33, and with numerous Cannes Lions to his name, Watt is seen as one of a new breed of creatives, with a thirst to engage consumers with fresh entertaining channel-neutral ideas. He has been recognised as one of the top three creative directors in South Africa and Net#work BBDO under his creative directorship was recognised as South Africa’s Agency of the Year five of the past six years. Watt has also been recognised as one of the most influential marketing people in South Africa.
Says Jon McKie: “As we head towards re-engineered creative departments we wanted a creative director who believes in the diversity of channels and the primacy of ideas. In South Africa Julian ran a creative department of over 30 that included authors, songwriters, journalists, clothing designers, photographers and illustrators. What we really love about Julian is that he’s one of the brightest creative talents in the world today, one of the new generation of genuinely media neutral CDs who has grown up with digital and one to one. Julian will play a key creative role across all 303’s in-house disciplines."
Watt says he was drawn to 303 by its unique approach to campaign development: “303 is demonstrating that an unsiloed, open, collaborative culture that embraces smart strategic thinking and channel neutral planning together with a breadth of creative disciplines can offer up more exciting and effective solutions to its clients.
“Besides that, I found the depth of talent and the non hierarchical structure grounded and refreshing. They’ve built one of Australia’s most exciting agencies and the market is beginning to recognise their potency. We have a great story to tell."
Says Julian about future trends in advertising and the industry in general: “New media hasn’t replaced traditional media, it has just given us a bigger canvas. Clients actually want and need ‘ideas’, not just executions. It’s not preposterous to consider an ad agency creating a product that lives beyond a media plan."
 Watt’s recruitment further signals the rising fortunes of the Group headed by Nick Cleaver. Since his arrival, 303 has attracted a wealth of new talent: McKie joined six months ago from Ogilvy London and most recently Melanie King left DDB’s Mango to head up the group’s new PR offering. Besides opening a Sydney office, 303 has attracted a raft of new clients, winning more new business last year than any other independent agency in Australia. It now claims to be Australia’s largest independent agency.

ANZ1.jpgHead Pictures launches its advertising division with a new commercial for M&C Saatchi, Melbourne and their client ANZ. Creatives Michelle Galluzzo and Paul Dery were after a music video treatment, the idea being to demonstrate that ANZ offers an account with unlimited transactions for just $5 a month.
They selected directors Damon Escott & Stephen Lance. The duo has created many unique music videos for artists such as Silverchair, Powderfinger, Bernard Fanning, Sarah Blasko, John Butler Trio, and many others.
Working with the dedicated team at Postmodern Sydney, through various stages of previs, shoot and final post, the background was created from stills of various locations into one single environment.  Over a series of rehearsals on the choreography, one single move was created and perfected.

Director/DOP: Damon Escott
Director: Stephen Lance
Producer: Leanne Tonkes
Writer: Paul Dery
Art Director: Michelle Galluzzo
Agency Producer: Karen Muxworthy
Creative Director: Steve Crawford
Account Director: Agnieszka Kirkhope
Group Head: Jo Rozario
Flame Artist: Nick Tabet
Post Production Supervisor: Chad Malbon

Producer Leanne Tonkes joins Damon and Stephen in this new venture - adding advertising to Head Pictures offering. To view the reel, contact Leanne Tonkes or +61 (0) 419 592 942


Sirens has started up a new initiative - providing a studios' directory, published free of charge for radio creatives, which has just gone LIVE.
More info @ SIREN AWARDS
OverallSingle winner - Frances Webb.jpgAn ad encouraging people to change their mindset about people with disabilities using the voice of Penny, who has cerebral palsy, has won the overall and single categories for round four of the 2008 Siren Awards. The COMMERCIAL for SCOPE, called ‘Do I sound different to you?’, was written by Frances Webb (left) via Leo Burnett, Melbourne.
SCOPE, Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation providing disability services throughout Victoria to thousands of children and adults with physical and multiple disabilities.
Writer Frances Webb from Leo Burnett in Melbourne says the commercial is unique because it is very real and touching and makes people cry: “What also makes this charity spot different is it doesn’t point fingers at the public and make listeners feel guilty, but encourages us to change our mindset."
Ms Webb said her inspiration for the radio ad was working with people with disabilities. “I had previously recorded radio spots featuring talent with cerebral palsy and it was an eye-opening experience. One particular talent, Joel, who is severely disabled, is funny, passionate about AFL and incredibly cheeky. He really isn’t just a guy stuck in a wheelchair. So how can we educate the public to see beyond his disability? By making people like Joel sound just like us, and radio was the perfect choice for the impact of the ad."
Judge and previous round winner, Julian Schreiber from Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne said about the winning ad: “A clear stand out for me. It’s not just an idea, but an idea that cleverly utilises the radio medium."
Ms Webb said the most important thing when creating an effective radio commercial was a simple message that stands out and one that people want to listen to.
There were three highly commended entries in the single category. They were ‘Hearing Test’ for IKEA, written by Dav Tabeshfar from agency, 303 Group; ‘No Pauses (Man)’ for Connex, written by Brendan Greaney from Leo Burnett, Melbourne and ‘Eviction!’ for the St Vincent de Paul Society, written by Gary Dawson and Rocky Ranallo via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney.
Campign winners- Daniel_Laura_David.JPGWinner of the campaign category was ‘ice. It’s a dirty drug’.  Produced for the Victorian Government’s Department of Human Services, the campaign features several ads highlighting the dangers of ice including depression, aggression and paranoia. The campaign was written by Daniel Pollock, Laura Hunter and David Ponce de Leon (pictured left) from Lifelounge, Melbourne.
Highly commended in the campaign category was a series of ads called ‘Magnificent Balls’, ‘Disclaimer’ and ‘Promo’ for Fosters VB, written by Jim Ingram and Ben Couzens from GPY&R, Melbourne.
Winner of the craft category was ‘Galaxy Wars Part 2’ for Holden Astra, produced by Paul McCosh at studio, Risk Sound with creative director, Gordon Haynes from McCann-Erickson, Melbourne.
Judge and previous winner, Ross Batten from studio, Cutting Edge said about the winning craft ad: “Congrats to the winner, what can I say other than nice! The spot is a joy to listen to; nice sound, nice voices, nice timing."
Highly commended in the craft category was an ad called ‘Paddy’s Ale House’ for Paddy’s Ale House in Perth. The ad was produced by sound engineer, Jerimiah Busniak from Macquarie Southern Cross Media (HOT FM/Radiowest) with creative director, Simon Healy.
Judge Ross Batten said of this ad: “You set to appeal to an audience and without a doubt you would! Nice wacky sound and effects."
The national Siren Awards are run by Commercial Radio Australia and are designed to recognise the best radio advertising in the country. The awards promote the importance of creativity as a way to make radio advertising more effective. Entries for round 5 are now open and close on February 26.
Winners of the 2008 Siren Awards will be announced in Melbourne early in May and the awards ceremony will coincide with a Masterclass, including some great information and speakers about producing great radio ads.
From next month the Sirens website will also feature a studios directory, listing reputable production studios, which will provide a great resource for radio creatives looking to produce a radio ad.
For more information visit the dedicated website: SIREN AWARDS


AIRX Billboard_Peanuts copy.jpgFollowing Brisbane based de pasquale being appointed as the national agency for Air Asia X, the country’s latest airline, its launch campaign has ensured the low budget airline has taken off in south-east Queensland in preparation for a national launch.
The campaign features a twist on well-known catchphrases to reinforce Air Asia X’s key elements of Asia and low cost, such as 'Cheap as Chopsticks' and 'Pay Peanuts get Malaysia'.
Part owned by the Virgin Group and based in Kuala Lumpur, Air Asia X is an industry leader in the global low cost airline environment.  The airline is an offshoot from the Air Asia model and entered the Australian market late last year with direct flights four times per week from Malaysia’s Capital to the Gold Coast.
Air Asia X general manager Darren Wright said, after a short and targeted pitch for a support agency in the Australian market, de pasquale was the stand out for its keenness shown for our business: “The retail campaign created by de pasquale is really getting traction and will help prepare the marketplace for our expansion into other key markets such as Sydney and Melbourne," he said.
“The response to our service has been fantastic with flights running full since the launch last year."
The key message that Air Asia X offered a cheap way to get to Asia will be driven by outdoor, press and radio advertising in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.


Hot director Dante Ariola of MJZ being selected as executive jury chair for the 2008 Clio Awards Technique category.
He joins the following industry creative leaders as 2008 Clio Awards executive jury chairs: Content & Contact – Johnny Vulkan, partner, Anomaly, New York; TV/Cinema/Digital – Tony Granger, chief creative officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York; Print, Poster, Innovative, Integrated – Jeremy Craigen, ECD, DDB, UK; Interactive – Matias Palm-Jensen, creative president, Farfar, Stockholm, Sweden; Design – Garth Walker, founder/CD, Orange Juice Design, Durban, South Africa; Radio – Bob Winter, vp/CD, Leo Burnett, Chicago.
BANK-of_QLD.jpg5HITCHCOCK-APPLE.jpgThe Bank of Queensland, via agency Clemenger Harvie Edge, Brisbane has had a dig at the Commonwealth Bank's new 'Determined to be different' campaign, taking out full page ads in the weekend papers. The Bank of Queensland line has been 'Bank Different' for a number of years.
Although some ad punters would probably agree that the best of the 'Different' propositions of recent years is Apple's 'Think Different' campaign which launch in 1997, created by Goodby's Californian rivals TBWA\Chiat\Day.


Steven Max Muller.jpgSteven Muller, one of the founding partners of the fast-growing thecoolhunter.net online magazine has found a new home at Droga5 Australia, as the agency's first Business Director, heading up their flagship VB account. Muller is no stranger to the world of beer - a decade ago he launched Heineken into Australia as their National Marketing Director, before moving to the premium beer giant's head office in Amsterdam; where he helped push the brand's sales through their strategic international channels.
Now back in his home town of Sydney, Muller is relishing the chance to be at the forefront of the agency's most defining client relationship: "I've never been attracted to working on the traditional agency side. From a client perspective, the layers are way too obvious.  But from my first meeting with the D5 guys, I could see that this was going to be totally fresh. Their brand is built around genuine collaboration at the highest business level, and that makes all the difference for me."
Adds David Nobay, Droga5 Australia's Creative Chairman: "Steve's experience on beer is an obvious plus, but frankly, we were always going to hire him, regardless of the Fosters decision.  He's just what we want as a senior player here - a deep understanding of business dynamics, married to a love of ideas and new media."


bloody_hellad_jpg.jpgTourism Australia’s highly controversial "Where the bloody hell are you?" campaign, created by M&C Saatchi, Sydney more than two years ago, appears doomed after a review of the account was announced last week. The campaign is still running in some markets (including Japan) but it is clear the government wants a whole new approach, hopefully as popular as the classic Paul Hogan ads of the 80s. With a change of federal government, chances are the business will be won by a new agency after June, when M&C's contract will expire.


Sandy Peacock 1.JPGLong time Clemenger Harvie Edge, Brisbane creative director Sandy Peacock is returning to his hometown Sydney as creative director of Curtis Jones Brown in Sydney, starting in mid March. CJB are the successful healthcare agency that has been going for 20 years and is now part of the Clemenger network. CJB partner and creative director Phil Brown is retiring but will stay on at the agency until the end of the year as a writer.
Peacock has been at Clemenger Harvie Edge Brisbane (previously Clemenger BBDO Brisbane) as CD for nearly 10 years, since transferring from Clems Sydney. Says Peacock: "We’ve been a fully integrated agency throughout that time and we’ve doubled the size of the agency. It’s on a roll and it has a terrific client mix that includes Telstra Country Wide, Tourism Queensland, Bank of Queensland and Flight Centre. I’ll miss the agency and Brisbane a lot. Peacock's role will be filled by Grant Johnston, who has been with the agency for two years. Before that he was at de Pasquale. Says Peacock: "He’s creatively hyperactive, he has a lot of energy and a really good gut feeling for ads that work."


NISSAN.jpgWhybin\TBWA\TEQUILA\ Melbourne has this week launched an exciting new campaign for Nissan’s latest vehicle release, the DUALIS with the lead commercial shot by non other than Tony Kaye.
The first vehicle designed by Nissan’s European Design Centre, the DUALIS takes Nissan into exciting new territory and, congruously, Whybin\TBWA\TEQUILA\’s supporting campaign presents a new and unique style of automotive advertising.
Targeting 30-something singles or couples, the DUALIS is the world’s first true compact cross-over design of a sporty hatchback and an SUV, and Whybin\TBWA\TEQUILA\’s TVC, which is shot in Melbourne with a large Australian crew and directed by prominent British director Tony Kaye, plays on this ‘two cars in one’ concept with an approach which has not been seen in automotive advertising before.
Scott Whybin, Creative Director, Whybin\TBWA\TEQUILA\ notes: “Given that it’s two cars in one, DUALIS is a unique car, and so it demanded a unique execution to deliver that proposition. This spot not only positions DUALIS but also Nissan a long way from the comfort zone of Australian car advertising and really is a segue for where Nissan and its new models are heading for the next 12 months."
The campaign combines television advertising with outdoor cinema advertising at Nissan Moonlight Cinemas, together with sponsorship of the Seven Network’s It Takes Two (a convenient fit with the ‘two cars in one’ concept).

Client: Nissan
Agency: Whybin\TBWA\TEQUILA Melbourne
Creative Director : Scott Whybin
Writer : Rob Hibbert
AD : Justine Gallacher
Agency Producer : Margot Ger
Account Directors: Roger O'Donnell
Planner: Paul Mayes
Director : Tony Kaye
Production House Producers : Joe Connor and David Kerr
Production Company : Renegade Films
Editor : Richard Anthony (UK)
Special FX : One of Us (UK)
Post Production : Moving Picture Company (UK)
Music  & Sound Design: Hugh Harris (UK)
Text : John Barnbrook

Interactive Fan_lowRes copy.jpgLowe Sydney has invoked the magic of STREET THEATRE to drive ticket sales for the Hyundai A League Football Finals Series for the Football Federation Australia. 
Using the current ‘90 minutes, 90 emotions’ brand campaign idea as inspiration, the agency will use actors to bring to life the various emotions fans go through when watching football in popular Sydney and Brisbane public spaces. 
Passers by will be able to choose from ‘Joy’, ‘Passion’, ‘Elation’, ‘Tension’, ‘Worry’, or ‘Despair’ and then have the actor play out that emotion. 
Says Football Federation Australia’s senior marketing manager Peter Jarmain: “With our target demographic being 16-24 year olds, it’s crucial we think outside of traditional media and seek out other means to resonate with our target
audience through online and experiential. This campaign provides a truly unique way to articulate the crowd atmosphere and range of emotions experienced at the Hyundai A-league. It’s a great extension to our existing TVC and print media."
Says Dave Johnson, Lowe Executive Creative Director: “When taken out of the context of a stadium, a football fan’s behavior is really pretty extraordinary, so by literally taking a singular fan and placing him on a street corner amongst our target, we were really able to amplify the range of emotions that the game elicits to huge effect.
“What I love about the Interactive Fan is that the interactivity is totally fake. The idea that passers by can instigate certain emotions in a fan just by pushing a pedal is ridiculous, but this proved to be a most irresistible and entertaining draw card," said Johnson.
The interactive fan will also be pushed out virally and forms part of the finals series campaign supported by TV, radio and print.  


Picture 24.pngPicture 22.pngHere are two of the Comm Bank cricket sponsorship spots:
Cricket Sponsorship spot #1
Cricket Sponsorship spot #2


Another top planner has been poached from BMF Sydney, this time it's Scott Davis, who is joining Leo Burnett Sydney as planning director, reporting to Todd Sampson, who held that post until being appointed CEO last month.
Sampson texted CB from Brisbane airport: "He is the number two over there behind Jeremy and one of the best planners in the country. He will be my planning director and i am thrilled. I have already had so much brilliant feedback about him and he hasn't even started yet."


FABIO.HEADSHOT.JPGStarting on March 1st, Fabio Buresti joins Droga5 as a Senior Planner on the agency’s recently won VB business.
Buresti has been at BMF for the last two years working on Lion Nathan brands including; Tooheys Extra Dry, XXXX and Hahn Super Dry. Prior to his time at BMF, he spent four years at Saatchi & Saatchi plying his trade to Toyota and Lion Nathan.
During his time at BMF, Buresti has helped to create the HarvesTED campaign, the highly awarded Human Testing work and was integral in developing the XXXX Gold Beach cricket initiative.
Buresti’s work on XXXX bagged him a number of AFA Effectiveness Awards for his efforts on XXXX Gold – including the Long Term Award and the Gold Pinnacle.
“For me the opportunity to be a founding member of the Droga5 planning department in Sydney was simply too good to pass up. I loved my time at BMF and did some of the best work of my career, but the possibilities at Droga5 are simply too exciting," says Buresti.
Before joining the world of advertising Buresti had created his own motocross street wear label – selling gear in both the USA and Australia. In addition to advertising Buresti is also passionate about his 1970 Corvette Stingray, his Triumph Bonneville and his three Bengal cats amongst other things.
“Fabio’s casting as our first strategic hire couldn’t be more perfect. His entrepreneurial spirit, passion for genuinely innovative work and wealth of experience is second to none," says Sudeep Gohil, Droga5 Planning Director and Partner. "From a strategic perspective we want to have the most interesting and creative planners in the world at Droga5. To say that our internal and external expectations are high is an understatement."

PRINCE-DEVLIN-SMALL.jpgRichard-Maddocks-BEST.jpgAWARD has announced nominations by the AWARD Membership for the 2008 and 2009 Regional Executive Committee, including Darryn Devlin, the man who led AWARD to independence and financial health two years back (pictured with his AWARD co-chairman at the time, Paul Prince).
The stellar line-up is the best nomination list for AWARD in more than 20 years (including six very high profile creative directors and a much needed CEO in the form of Marty O'Halloran of DDB Australia/NZ, who is also on the AFA and CAANZ committees) will now go forward to the next stage of voting by the membership;

Seats to be chosen from:
Steve Back, creative director, Saatchi's Sydney
Jay Benjamin, co-creative director, JWT Sydney
Tim Buesing, OgilvyOne
Darryn Devlin, creative partner, Kastner & Partners, Sydney
Andy DiLallo, co-creative director, JWT Sydney
Corey Esse, Publicis Mojo Melbourne
Paul Friedmann, Flying Fish
Richard Maddocks, executive creative director, Clemenger BBDO Sydney (pictured left)
Martin O’Halloran, CEO DDB Australia and NZ
Michael Ritchie, Revolver
Chris Round, Leo Burnett Sydney
Jonathan Samway, Prodigy Films
Paul Worboys, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
Mike Zeederberg, Profero

Two New Zealand seats to be chosen from;
Adam Good, Clemenger Communications Auckland
Stephen Douglas, Digipost Auckland
Mike O’Sullivan, ECD, Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland
Bridget Short, DDB New Zealand

AWARD’s executive representative from Asia will be nominated at the first meeting of the 2008 & 2009 Committee in March.
The AWARD Co-Chairmen, Paul Prince and Philip Putnam say; "AWARD is honored to receive a a list of nominees of such stature for the 2008 and 2009 Committee. Since the 2006 committee voted for independence our members have given us overwhelming support. To see so many industry leaders willing to share their time with AWARD is humbling, and a great reflection on the value of AWARD to its members. Thank you all."
AWARD Members will now be sent ballot forms and detailed biographies of each nominee to cast their votes.
The results will be revealed at the AWARD AGM on March 5th, 5pm at The White Horse Hotel in Surry Hills. A full Executive Committee Meeting will then be held March 6th in Sydney, where portfolios will be allocated.

Committee Members already confirmed for 2008;
1.    Ben O’Brien – JWT Sydney
2.    Paul Bruce – BMF Sydney
3.    Buzz Pringle – Stellar Sound
4.    Mark Stott – Common
5.    Richard White-Smith
6.    Gavin McLeod – M&C Saatchi Sydney
7.    Dejan Rasic – CRC, Sydney
8.    Shaun Branagan - NetX, Sydney
9.    Jim Ingram – George Patterson Y&R  - Melbourne
10.     Peter Withy – KWP! -   Adelaide
11.     Jim Robinson – Jamshop  - Adelaide 
12.     Murray Laird – Marketforce   - Perth
13.     Brett Wheeler – RARE Creative  - Perth
14.     Fintan Kerrigan – GPY&R  - Brisbane
15.     Jimmy Clough – Red Jelly - Hobart



Eden.jpgFilm Construction’s director roster has just been joined by another star recruit – Eden.
Formerly UK based, Eden started his directing career in 1997 by not only being selected in the Saatchi & Saatchi New Director’s showcase, but by also being listed as one of the 10 Best New Directors in the World by London's Campaign magazine.
After this impressive start, Eden has amassed a quality body of work shooting for clients in Europe, the UK, the USA and Australasia. He’s multi awarded and his mantelpiece now includes one Bronze and two Gold Lions.
“I'm chuffed to be part of the new guard at Film Construction. It feels like the right fit for me after building a solid platform of work since arriving from London. They're looking good and talking flash," says Eden.
Eden reel currently includes Australasian work for National Bank, Westpac, Telstra, AEC and SIGC, and international work for Toyota, Coca Cola, Orange, Appeal Now and Discovery Channel.
“I’ve been keenly watching Eden’s career for the last few years and I’m very excited to have him on-board – he works in an exciting visual and comedy space which is rare," says Film Construction executive producer Roy De Giorgio.
Eden is putting the finishing touches on Australian work for Rexona and Arnott’s, and currently looking at scripts out of Sydney, Auckland and Tokyo.
For more information, please contact Executive Producer Roy De Giorgio


BikiniBandits.jpgCurious Film Australia is looking for short films, videos, ideas and other footage to screen on ‘CURIOUS TV’ after signing a groundbreaking deal with Joost.
Curious Film and US agency Gyro Worldwide have secured their own Joost channel – the first collaboration of its kind between a commercial production company, advertising agency and digital TV network.
Created by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, the founders of Skype, Joost is the most hyped peer-to-peer Web TV platform in the world, boasting distribution deals with media outlets such as FOX, Warner Music, Viacom and Paramount Pictures.
“I think a lot of creatives probably have a lot of worthwhile stuff hidden in their closets, which we can now broadcast on Curious TV," says Pete Grasse, MD of Curious Film Australia.
“It might be short films, taint videos, material they’ve already shot, or any ideas they’d like to create. In exchange, we’ll give them a percentage of ad sales from Joost and a global channel on which to broadcast their ideas and receive creative credit for their work."
He admits that ad revenue is likely to amount to “fuck all", but says it’s a unique opportunity for creatives to debut their work on a platform that’s expected to revolutionise the world of digital TV.
Curious TV will kick off screening more than 25-hours of the cult series ‘Bikini Bandits’, a gratuitously sleazy B-grade showcase of filmic genius, which has already been viewed by 32 million people. The series delves deep into the psyche of girls in bikinis with guns and is a tawdry attack on anyone who takes themselves too seriously.
“It’s all about empowerment," says Steve Grasse, CEO of Gyro Worldwide in Philadelphia, whose clients include Puma, Ecco Sport, The Eagles of Death Metal and Budweiser. “Basically, the world is too uptight and politically correct and everyone should back the fuck off. It’s my view of how the world should be – I wish there were more girls in bikinis with guns."
The Bikini Bandits Experience launched in 1999 starring Dee Dee Ramone, Corey Feldman and Maynard James Keenan. With its bizarre mix of B-grade animation, live action and infomercials, the film first found fame on the Internet after becoming one of the most downloaded videos on Atom Films, the first independent film website.
Not all reviews for Bikini Bandits have been kind. “This is, without a doubt, the worst film ever made," said one reviewer with absolutely no taste or intelligence. More enlightened fans have described Bikini Bandit as, “Creative genius – truly a cult art form. Love it, or die."
Bikini Bandits has premiered in the UK, France, Italy and Japan at events sponsored by MTV, Maxim, Universal and Fuji Film. Its next premier takes place in Australia in 2008.
If you’d like to submit content to Curious TV, contact Pete Grasse
stafford.jpgThe new Sydney-based office of Droga5 has wasted no time in staffing up on the back of the huge VB win last month. This month sees the arrival of Stafford Bosak, from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, where he's worked as a
Digital Producer for the last 2 years, at both the shop's Miami and Boulder offices.
Bosak worked across the agency's key clients and produced award-winning web apps such as Volkswagen's Rabbit Widget and Coke Zero Fantasy Football games.
Bosak, a native Aussie from Sydney returns home to start at the agency's new Surrey Hills offices on 18th Feb. Says Bosak: "This move represents a chance to work with the the best talent in the industry - I'm honoured to be part of the new team."
David Nobay, Droga5's Creative Chairman in Australia, says this hire is in line with the group's philosophy on digital creative: "Both David (Droga) and I are on the same page when it comes to digital - if you feel the need to hire specific digital creatives, then there's something out of balance with the creative people you're hiring. We believe in finding great creative people, period. And then backing them up with proven, world-class digital producers who know how to push their ideas across every digital platform. These people are as rare as hen's teeth in this country and I'm stoked to have snagged Stafford this early in the game."


LITE-WHITE.jpgThere are 1,440 minutes in a day which means there are 1,440 opportunities to enjoy Lite White. BMF, Sydney brings this simple idea to life in an engaging piece of film that feels very different for a milk ad. View the commercial


Picture 21.pngThree Drunk Monkeys, Sydney, have created a new TVC and cinema commercial to promote Unwired Wireless Broadband.
The 45 second spot introduces a new positioning; Unwired. Too Easy. And reflects Unwired’s simple wireless broadband set up versus its competitors.
“We wanted to make the brand and product appeal to its audience in a way that they felt was both entertaining and relevant", says Scott Nowell, Three Drunk Monkeys.

Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys
Client: Unwired
Creative: Scott Nowell, Justin Drape, Luke Bartley
Business Management: Leigh Morrison, Daniel Deutsch
Client: Eve Jones, Linda Mak, Robert Southerton.
Director: James Hackett
Production Company: Hackett Films
Agency Producer: Thea Carone



SLEEPWALKING.jpgCreative adman Sion Scott-Wilson’s new novel, The Sleepwalker’s Introduction to Flight will be published in hardback by Macmillan UK in May. The paperback will be available through the Pan imprint.
The official launch takes place in London’s Covent Garden on May 8th, although the book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.
The Sleepwalker’s Introduction to Flight has been described as:
‘A heart-rending and riotous mini-epic, a brilliantly subversive coming-of-age tale about what happens when dark and light collide, and society's marginalised find their voice.’
‘A remarkable, picaresque journey into the dark heart of suburban England.’
Scott-Wilson is thrilled by the response so far: "It’s early days but there does seem to be a bit of a buzz about it. A major London retailer has already selected ‘The Sleepwalker’s  Introduction to Flight’ as their Book of The Month for May and I’ve heard that there’s going to be a brilliant turnout for the launch."


CRAIG-MACLEAN.jpgGuild director Craig MacLean has made it through to the final 16 for this year’s Sony Tropfest with his comedy “White Lines?.  Written, directed and cut by MacLean, the short film was shot by DOP Katie Milwright early this year and features Colin Lane, Scott Harrison and Michael Sweatman in his debut role.
An ex-agency creative, MacLean has built a solid reputation as a performance based director since making the switch to the production company side.
The skills required to make commercials were invaluable during the production of White Lines according to MacLean: “Seven minutes isn’t long to tell a story, but it’s a hell of a lot longer than 30 or 60 seconds.  We shot 85 set-ups in two days, so there was a fair bit of cutting to do and a lot of the shorthand story telling techniques used in creating TVC’s really saved me in a lot of scenes.?
Sony Tropfest will be held on Sunday, 17th February, 2008 to an audience of more than 150,000 people.
Craig can be contacted at The Guild:  Helene Nicol


BACCON.jpgPhotographer, father and Surfer (not necessarily in that order) Steve Baccon, is having an exhibition of his 'Stars and Silhouettes' this Wednesday night (Feb 6) at The Garage Gallery.
The exhibition features portraits of identities Steve has shot over the past 19 years together with a series of silhouettes that illustrate Steve's interest in shape and form.
The portraits which include a plethora of interesting characters indulge Steve's interest in people and their interaction with him in front of the camera.  The likes of Geoffrey Rush and Stephen Fry are among the talent Steve has been blessed to have the opportunity to shoot and the exhibition includes the portaits of his favourites Dave Grohl, Mat Damon and Missy Higgins.
With the current fascination with celebrity, Steve's portraits show some candid and relaxed moments that reveal a little of his subjects less famous side and the silhouettes show a style not dependent on post production.
The exhibition opening is from 6pm - 9pm at 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi and continues until February 17.
Check the Contacts website
Picture 10.pngWell, if the Comm Bank marketing team believe only the Australian ad industry hate their 'Determined to be Different' campaign, highly respected Australian Financial Review marketing journalist Neil Shoebridge feels the same, putting the boot in well and good, calling the spot "simply a shocker". Read by every major business leader (no doubt including Comm Bank CEO Ralph Norris) and marketer in Australia, Shoebridge writes in today's AFR: "Just five weeks into the new year and a clear contender has emerged for the title of the worst ad of 2008. Given how woeful this specimen is, it is hard to imagine it will lose its title as the year goes on."
Shoebridge concludes that the ad is "confusing, misdirected and a sorry waste of CBA's time and money."
Ouch! Ralph Norris must be thinking how the Bank can get out of this PR nightmare. Heads might roll in either the Comm Bank marketing team or the American agency (real life and on screen) gets the chop.

Picture 18.pngPaul Middleditch’s latest commercial for DIET PEPSI MAX via BBDO New York will run today during Superbowl XLII – making it the sixth consecutive year that Middleditch has had a commercial screen during Superbowl.
Plaza’s Middleditch and Producer Peter Masterton shot the spot during early January in Los Angeles. The latest in the 'Wake up People' campaign saw Middleditch working with celebrity rappers Busta Rhymes & LL Cool J, as well as Macey Gray and Missy Elliot.
The spot was produced by through White Label Productions, who represent Plaza Directors in the U.S. market.
Mike ORourke.jpgGlobal realignments of J&J and most recently Streets have hit McCann Sydney hard, resulting in several staffers across the board being retrenched, including talented creatives Mike O'Rourke and Kristine Toms.
Art director O'Rourke (pictured) spent a decade at DDB Sydney before heading to McCanns last year, while Toms made her rep at BMF.
O'Rourke's gong collection includes three acceptances at D&AD, two Silver and three Bronze Pencils at AWARD, two Caxtons and one ATV Award. Says O'Rourke: "In a global realignment the happy local client had to shift business to internationals Lowe and DDB. So now off Streets, on the street, and looking to get stuck into some serious creative work."


Marcus Timpson the Lab.jpgThe Lab Sydney has wooed world-class colourist Marcus Timpson to join their team direct from Rushes in the UK.
The appointment, which is seen as a great coup for The Lab, was the result of an exhaustive worldwide search. Omnilab Media executive director and head of The Lab Lewis Pullen explained, “We have made some major positive changes and additions at the Lab recently, one of which was the installation of a multi-million dollar Digital Intermediate (DI) infrastructure complete with colour grading theatrette. We have been looking for a top commercials colourist who would further compliment our telecine team for some time, one that had extensive experience with the C-Reality and Spirit telecine chains and could work with our new Baselight colour grading systems. This was a very big ask and I’m pleased to say that Marcus brings all of the above with him to the Lab."
Timpson began his career in the post production industry at the London house Soho 601 where he discovered a great passion for telecine. He then joined The Mill where he continued to establish himself as a sought after colourist, until moving to the world renowned and award-winning Rushes telecine team.
Timpson’s credits read like a who’s who of the TVC world including Dolce & Gabanna, Levis, Nintendo, Playstation, Smirnoff, Stella Artois, Sony, Suzuki, Toyota, Vodafone, VW and Wrigleys. Similarly his work with music artists and music videos include Madonna, U2, Arctic Monkies, Avalanches, Groove Armada and Jamiroquai to name a few.
One of Timpson’s long-time collaborators is Blink Productions’ top English commercial director Dougal Wilson who said, “Marcus has worked on some of the best projects I've ever done. He always comes up with ideas that I would never have thought of and helps me push the look of something to make it very distinctive. For my Orange mobile phone ads, he helped create our super-stylised paper world with beautifully solid hyper-real colours. In my Clark's shoes ads he worked from print and negative to give one ad a beautifully grainy retro look that matched the chaotic action, and the other an equally beautiful smooth, cold appearance exactly in tune with the character's performance. For the Chikinki music video, he ingeniously enhanced the colours of the art direction to make the video idea work as hard as it possibly could. In my video for The Streets, he created two completely contrasting worlds - one bright and sweaty within glossy holiday photographs and another bleak and icy look for the world of the singer looking through them. He also worked on my Klonhertz video, where he did something magical that I don't really understand, making the colours look like they were printed on expensive felt. He's a great telecine artist and a thoroughly nice chap."
International director Jonas Åkerlund added, “Marcus has never let me down. His expertise and good eye has always enhanced my projects. It’s really a great pleasure to sit behind Marcus, seeing him in action and
watching him make all my artists look better than they do in real life. Most of the time I’m asleep on the sofa and it’s always a pleasure to wake up to a job well done."
Timpson said, “The position of Senior Colourist at The Lab is a really exciting step for me. I have been privileged to work with an amazing array of clients and luminaries including Frank Budgen, Tom Carty, Chris Cunningham, Jake Scott, Johan Renk, Roman Coppola, Hype Williams, Walter Stern, Daniel Levi, Dawn Shadforth, Gerard de Thame and Mehdi Norowzian, all of whom would be impressed with the facilities and talent available at The Lab. We are all expecting big things from 2008 and judging by what I have seen so far we stand to exceed those expectations."
Lewis Pullen concluded, “We have made major investments in the facilities and talent at the Lab and Marcus is the latest and one of the most valuable for our customers. Marcus’s passion for achieving a grade that brings clients back time and again is unique to colourists who place a high premium on their relationships with their clients and working with them to create new and innovative looks. The interest we have so far at Marcus’ arrival has been very positive indeed. Marcus has been well received by our clients on recent visits and his reputation, skill and expertise in creating unique new looks truly precedes him."
With a focus on commercials, Marcus Timpson will join the Lab’s telecine team which is headed up by Dwaine Hyde. The team also includes Vincent Taylor and Head of DI, Al Hansen."

View Marcus Timpson’s  REEL


If you are submitting your work into the 2008 One Show and One Show Design, The One Club office will accept entries until February 8, 2008. Enter HERE
The One Show Interactive judging will take place later this year (March 10 - 19). The One Show Interactive deadline has been extended to February 29, 2008.


Cannes-Palais.jpgEntrant companies can now submit work to compete at the 55th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in all categories - Film, Press, Outdoor, Direct, Media, Cyber, Radio, Promo, Titanium, Integrated and the new Design Lions category.
Entry forms can be completed online at CANNES LIONS

Film Lions Entries:
7 March 2008
Press Lions Entries:
7 March 2008
Outdoor Lions Entries:
7 March 2008
Design Lions Entries
14 March 2008
Direct Lions Entries:
14 March 2008
Media Lions Entries:
14 March 2008
Promo Lions Entries:
14 March 2008
Radio Lions Entries:
14 March 2008
Cyber Lions Entries:
20 March 2008
Titanium and Integrated Lions Entries:
20 March 2008

Changes to Film Lions
This year, the Film section will be expanded to include categories for films created for transmission on screens other than TV and cinema, such as Internet film, Mobile film, Other screens (for instance, digital outdoor solutions and branded content on TV) and Integrated film (films made to be adapted for different screens).

New category: Design Lions
As previously announced, Design Lions will celebrate the creative and innovative use of design as an aid for the communication of brand and product messages. Categories will include Packaging Design, Brand Identity and Environmental Design. Entries will be rewarded for Creativity, Originality, Execution and Consumer Engagement.

Delegate Registrations are already open. To attend the Festival, please go to CANNES LIONS
Picture 14.pngThe 49th annual Clio Awards today announced the group of highly recognized industry leaders who will serve as Executive Chairs to head up juries on three of its awards categories juries for 2008.  
•    Interactive – Matias Palm-Jensen, creative president, Farfar, Stockholm, Sweden
•    Design – Garth Walker, founder/creative director, Orange Juice Design, Durban, South Africa
•    Radio – Bob Winter, vice president/creative director, Leo Burnett, Chicago, IL, USA

“Each of these individuals has a well-known track record of success in their respective fields,�? said Tony Gulisano, managing director, Clio Awards. “But equally important, they are also the people who continue to lead the industry forward with fresh new creative thinking and work. That’s why they qualify to be a Clio jury chair.�?
Matias Palm-Jensen, creative president at Farfar in Stockholm, Sweden, has a history as a pioneer in the digital world.  After creating one of the first web portals in 1994, he started digital ad agency Spliff Industries two years later, before founding Farfar in 2000.  The agency’s award-winning programs include work for Nokia, Absolut, Heineken, Diesel, Red Bull, Adidas and others.  Farfar, which opened a New York office last year, was named the world’s #1 digital agency for 2007 according to the Gunn Report.
Garth Walker founded Orange Juice Design in Durban, South Africa in 1995.  The agency, at which Walker serves as creative director, creates corporate identities, literature and packaging for many of South Africa’s best known corporate and consumer brands.  However, it is his interest in developing and encouraging a design language rooted in the African experience for which he is best known: since 1995, Orange Juice Design has published i-jusi (www.ijusi.co.za), Africa’s only experimental graphics magazine.  Recipient of more than 100 design awards, Walker has had his work published in over 80 magazines and books, and exhibited in 14 countries.
Bob Winter is responsible for some of the industry’s most successful and recognized advertising in recent years.  These include award-wining campaigns for Altoids from Leo Burnett, Chicago, where he currently serves as vice president, creative director.  Previously, he spent three years at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, working on notable accounts such as Budweiser, Netflix, Ace Hardware and Specialized bikes.  Winter began his career with a nine-year stint at DDB Chicago, where he was responsible for creating one of the most awarded campaigns in history: “Real Men of Genius�? on behalf of Budweiser.
In December 2007, Clio announced the first wave of Executive Jury Chairmen to oversee the three other awards categories: Content & Contact – Johnny Vulkan, partner, Anomaly, New York, USA; Television/Cinema/Digital – Tony Granger, chief creative officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA; and Print/Poster/Innovative/Integrated – Jeremy Craigen, executive creative director, DDB, UK.  The Technique jury chair will be announced shortly.

Call for Entries Deadline Extension
In other Clio Awards news, the online entry system for the 2008 awards program, currently open at www.clioawards.com, has been extended.  Deadlines for entry submissions are as follows:
•    February 8, 2008 – All entries first appearing between January 1, 2007 - December 31, 2007 must reach Clio offices in New York no later than February 8, 2008
.•    February 29, 2008 . For entries originally appearing in the first quarter of 2008, the deadline is February 29, 2008

Awards will be announced and presented at the Clio Festival, May 14-17, 2008, in Miami’s South Beach.


Picture 13.pngThis morning BMF Sydney unveiled ‘Ella’, a giant, naked woman in rounds of the MCA in Sydney, whose skin is made up entirely of peaches (approximately 24,000); she is a creative and engaging interpretation of Ella Baché’s brand proposition, Skin Good Enough To Eat.
View the concept HERE
See the making of the statue HERE


BOOKER.jpgSenior art director Grant Booker has departed BMF. The highly respected creative, who was the driving force behind the recent Newspaper Works campaign and Dairy Farmers 100% TVC, will now be looking for new opportunities.
Says BMF ECD Warren Brown: "He's a rare advertising gem and I'm sure he'll be adding sparkle to another creative department."
Download his folio:

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