Baz Luhrmann transforms Tourism Australia

TA_New_York_Still_03.jpgTourism Australia's 'Transformation' Campaign launched today and was conceived and ultimately produced by film writer/producer/director Baz Luhrmann.

After Luhrmann's experience collaborating with Revolver on his first and only previous campaign, Chanel's 'No.5: The Film' which starred Nicole Kidman, Luhrmann again asked Revolver to be involved. Luhrmann and his Bazmark production company teamed with Revolver and their award winning Director, Bruce Hunt, to execute the Tourism Australia production under Luhrmann's creative guidance.
Revolver also hooked in creative duo, Tony Banks and Paul Taylor of Day and Age, to work with Luhrmann on his concepts and knead the creative into script form.
In his role as producer/creative director on this project, Luhrmann worked closely with Bruce Hunt and Revolver's team, led by Executive Producer Michael Ritchie, nevertheless, the result is pure Luhrmann.

Original music for the New York commercial, Billabong, was composed by Sydney composer and song writer Elliott Wheeler, from sound and music boutique Nylon Studios.

The music for the New York spot was composed and recorded within a 48 hour timeframe in early September. Film directors Baz Luhrmann and Bruce Hunt called Nylon Studios on a Friday night a month before the launch, asking for a demo to be completed by the following Monday. Elliott composed two pieces on the Saturday before recording them with a string ensemble from Sydney Symphony Orchestra on the Sunday morning.
Once the creative team had chosen one of the tracks further work included the addition of multiple layers of piano tracks  to create a a signature sound for the main piano melody, and careful sound engineering and mix by Wayne Connolly. Encouraged by warm response to the soundtrack, Wheeler has written an extended version with lyrics recorded by Abby Dobson from Sydney band Leonardo's Bride.



Anonymous said:

I think they're great, especially together with the upcoming movie. I think the Billabong ad is slightly better than the Boag one. I'm sure a lot of people here will say it's shit though. As usual.

Anonymous said:

Thanks Baz. Before seeing these TVC's, I had no idea that Australians use the phrase 'going walkabout' when describing a journey they're undertaking.

Advertising. Not just entertaining, but educational too.

Mark said:

Full credits? Was DDB involved in these? Does Baz Luhrmann now have his finger in the advertising strategic planning pie as well?

Anonymous said:


You know, it's funny you mention that - until Baz made Romeo & Juliet, I had no idea that they had guns back then either!

Edward said:

I'll be polite. This is rubbish.

fact: The single most successful Tourism Australia promotion is G'day L.A.

fact: The single most number of visits to the TA site from Americans occurred after Steve Irwin appeared on the Jay Leno Show [time and time again]

fact: when Irwin or any other Aussie appears on US TV they're always greeted by the host with "G'day" because even Americans understand it's a greeting that epitomises the friendliness and casualness of Australia and Australians

fact: The world thinks we're fun and friendly and Australia fun, friendly and safe.

fact: People who continue to ignore the brand truths about Australia because they are intent on creating some 'new narrative' are wasting taxpayers money

fact: If TA is too embarrassed to accept that Australia and Australians are what we are AND THAT IS OUR GREATEST STRENGTH then let them peddle their crap elsewhere

fact: any tourism commercial that starts with a girl being dumped and ends with her still being alone and looking every bit as lonely as when the commercial started doesn't understand the first thing about advertising or Australia

fact: TA has been conned and the hundreds of thousands of hard-working Australians who rely on the tourism industry for their living will pay the price

fact: somewhere in TA's offices there's a shot of a TA marketing person arm in arm with their new best friend Baz. I hope it's a good one because its just cost the Australian taxpayer $40 million more than its worth.

fact: I'm not bitter. I don't work for DDB, M&C or any agency that's pitched for the business or didn't get on the short list. I'm just amazed that anyone can allow this rubbish to represent the face of Australia to the world. The TA board should be sacked and sent away for some transformation therapy of their own

Sam said:

The movie 'Crash' + an aboriginal girl.

Joe said:

I'd love to see the real new York version where the kid walks into the room and they're like "Ehhh! What's with the muddy feet on my good rug?! Geddoudahere already!!!!".

Jack said:

Beautifully shot, no arguments (or surprises) there. But otherwise? Meh. Doesn't do much for me at all I'm afraid.

As for going walkabout? How about we just go back to wearing Ken Done shirts too?

Tom said:

I would say they are unembarrassing.

That's an improvement.

Anonymous said:

Fact Edward; Steve Irwin is dead. Paul Hogan will be soon too.

Anonymous said:

Commenting on the NY spot:

Surely every American suffering city-angst can relate to the problem, but why on Earth would they get on a plane and fly for 24 hours just to be in some sort of wilderness which surely exists in a not dissimilar form much closer to home.

There's no ingenuity or freshness of thinking in this cliche-riddled deja vu. Nothing which as a previous blogger writes, captures the essence of Australia or Australians.

Of course the film-making is of a high professional standard. That's a given these days.

Altogether, very disappointing.

TA should have got a second opinion. They were given the opportunity.


Anonymous said:

Edward, A lot of those aren't acutally facts. But thank you for sharing your opinion.

Nick said:

I miss Lara Bingle.

Paul said:

They certainly made me think I need a holiday. But a holiday anywhere. There was nothing to overly persuade me to make it Australia. How much did they cost to shoot?

Bruce said:

I'm glad you're not the face of Australia, Edward.

We'd be seen as a bunch of bombastic wankers.

I'd also be less concerned by what the Yanks will think of the spot.

Judging by the Dow Jones, they won't be coming here (or anywhere else) for a while.

Bazza said:

Epic my ass.

I'm already sick of hearing his name all over the frickin' tv. Baz this, Baz that. Epic this, epic that. His pr team need to inject a few more adjectives in to their promos for their yawnathon.
Anyone here seen the mash up trailer on youtube with cuts from of the X-men thrown in? It's better than Luhrmann's version any day.

Dee said:

I like the TV, a nice change from the usual jingoistic stuff. But i feel the print has been done before, and better. Some of the headline are forced and clunky.

And Edward, just because you say 'fact' doesn't actually make it so. They are still just your opinions. In FACT, it just makes you seem like a tosser.

Anonymous said:

Aesthetically both are great; any other judgement surely must take into consideration their price. Mr Luhrmann may have done them for free, after all. Is "Australia," a trademark? He probably stands to make a fair bit out of it in the coming months...

Anonymous said:

Fact: Steve Irwin is dead.

Move on.

T said:

The print is now on the Age site aswell,
its so bad it makes me want to leave Australia, and im a resident

Chip said:

Nice production, as already said.

But these pale in comparison to the ads Mr. Deneen shot several years ago.

Those communicated the physical magic of Australia and the warmth and uniqueness of the people in a sophisticated way.

They made me want to visit.

James said:

Whoops. Missed again.
Lets wait for the DDB boys to sort it out.
Hey, it's only $40,000,000!

Anonymous said:

1:12. No-one's suggesting we go backwards. But whether Baz and the 'new narrative set' like it or not, the world sees us AND LIKES US for being relaxed and friendly. That's as much our DNA as 100% pure is for NZ. And that's all I'm suggesting.

Anonymous said:

The things is this is beautifully shot. End of story.

Baz or no Baz, TA needed to pump some sort of magic into their TVCs and this time they did.

Pete said:

This may work for pulling in Japanese businessman.

But it looks like a parody of an ad.

Walkabout?! Was that bit for real? Or did I hallucinate that.

Anonymous said:

In the US, I would have thought a black person breaking and entering a home in the middle of the night ran a serious risk of being shot dead.

Ned said:

Edward, you need a holiday mate. I hear the outback is pretty good. Why don't you go lose yourself... they're just ads mate and pretty good ones at that. A deft hand has been at the helm of these and seeing Taylor and Banks' name with Bruce Hunt explains why these spots are created about a feeling, not just a place. I too felt something as a result. I hope others do too.

Anonymous said:

Before the grapes get any bitter in here I'm going to go against the grain and say: "Geez I actually thought these were OK."

Nice emotive spots with a decent idea in them. An idea that even the dumbest overseas tourist can relate to. Beautifully shot, but with Baz on board it goes without saying.

Did I see a different ad those above? Sounds like everyone here is just disappointed they couldn't take a piece of the budget and stick it in their pocket or on their reel.

Nope, don't work for the agency or client. Nope I'm not a clueless junior you can slag off. Just know a decent job that's managed to get through a highly politicised client relatively unscathed when I see one.

Anonymous said:

I got shivers down my spine - can't wait to see the film. What a bunch of bitter creatives -sad miserable little creatures.

Lee said:

Mister Lee becomes Lee Ming? Are you serious? These spots are as much an insult to Chinese people as it is an insult to Australians... "Are you glad you're home?come on!!!!

Marty said:

They should use this spot as in-flight entertainment. It will help people sleep.

The Tourist said:

We have already visited Australia and loved it. We saw plenty of Irwins and Crocodile Dundees, and they have done a fantastic job for Australias image abroad. But there's so many more interesting things happening in Australia; art, politics, architecture, food, wine etc so why shouldn't the ads be progressive? Change is good.

This is a really healthy step for Australia to go walkabout and ask itself what it wants to be when it grows up.

Anonymous said:

You have to suspend the fact that you're Australian to begin with. They sell the dream of a journey to the red land. Unlike Australians foreigners won't care whether 'walkabout' is a cliche. Plus it's epic, just like Australia herself. As for the arrived/departed titles, didn't need them. Pictures say it all.

Anonymous said:

This is Branded Content at it's best. What a brilliant campaign to hang off a massive international blockbuster that will no doubt be oscar nominated. Go Bazzy Go!

Anonymous said:

Relaxed and friendly....Just like the blog.

Alex said:

I like the ads. I like the red magic dust and the transformational power of a unique holiday in an exotic place. Sometimes Australians forget that this is a strangely alluring continent we live in. A bit of mystery goes a long way.
Fact: Edward is Ted. G'day mate.

Anonymous said:

DDB did the print work.

nick said:

Where the bloody hell are you was down and dirty but honest. It had a real Aussie voice. And great tits. This is beautiful but bullshit. Come to New Zealand instead. We have a map of New Zealand in our logo.

Anonymous said:

Does it bother anyone else that Tourism Australia continues to use Aboriginal culture to sell Australia to the world?

I find it so hypocritical when we all know the history of how the Australian government has treated Aboriginal people. They have had their families split apart, been taken from their homes, lied to, moved around when it suits the government, disrespected by the general population etc , but it's almost as if, when it suits the government they turn around and say 'isn't Australia wonderful, look at our warm, loving relationship with our indigenous people' bla's shameful!

I vote that Tourism Australia should set up a fund to give back some of the revenue from tourism to the Aboriginal people, or help Aboriginal people to start tourism services for tourists.

Anyone agree?

Bogan said:

i cant believe they dropped lara bingle...

Anonymous said:

Aboriginal kid - Peter Pan
Dirt - Fairy dust
Australia - Nevereverland.

Anonymous said:

As an Aussie living abroad, both spots made me long for red dirt and wide open spaces. Beautifully shot.

Yes, it's a little cliched but as Aussies, we're not the target market - so really who gives a shit what the bitter creatives who frequent this blog and constantly try to out-smart-arse each other think?!?

Is it going to be more effective than 'Bloody Bingle'? My guess is yes, definitely.

Freddy said:

I do like the fact they treated the Aboriginal culture with (albeit cliched) some respect.

Something a lot of people on this blog don't seem to know about. However, I have a feeling my mates back home will be pissing themselves laughing at 'gone for de walkabout' reference when they see it.

Why not show a modern, cultured side to Australia?

There's so much fricking more to this country than red dirt and crappy swamps. Take the east coast for example – from the tip to tail. Extremely diverse. Beaches all to yourself in spots you wouldn't know about unless you were 4th generation local.

Fair enough coming to a country may transform you, but seeing a bit of red dirt in the bush doesn't. I'm not saying that it wasn't beautifully shot, tastefully done and more like a miniature movie than an ad but I just hope it works, and it's the research department we have to blame on that.

We seriously need more tourism money here after previous efforts fucked the country.

ted said:

My god the print is shit.

I don't speak pineapple said:

Should have got a British agency to do it, they get Aussies better than we do.


Cost $5 and a bottle of whiskey.


Frank said:

[Current] fact:

The Euro is down the tubes.
The US is broke, and the 'Sov' is about as useful as playing Gerrard and Lampard in the same team.

...Bad time to send the message.

We're all doomed.

Marcy Marc said:

Beautifully shot, but it felt slow and didn't make me want to travel around australia. Maybe yanks would feel better. Fake American accents sorta shat me too.

That said, i don't want steve irwin (RIP) being a representative for our ways and culture.

Ron said:

I agree with Monty.

It all takes itself a bit too seriously. Should we not be showing the things we do best?


Above all, Aussies are funny and hospitable. In reality, that lady in NYC would have emptied the chamber on her 9mm before the little girl opened her mouth. In shanghai,the little girl would have been flogged for trespassing.

Think cultural people.

Jrock said:

Why are you Australians so scared of yourselves.

Red dirt, Koalas, Kylie, outback, G'day, shrimp on the barbie....and lots of fucking kangaroos. That's what they want.

Brush yo' shoulder.

Anonymous said:

You can't win with Tourism advertising.
You use Irwin, you perpetuate boring stereotypes.
You show Aborigines, you're branded a tokenist.
You don't show them and you're a colonist.
You show a single place, it's limiting.
You show a montage, it's broad-reaching tripe.
And anything you do will die a slow research death at the hands of sophists who use expressions like 'Australian brand truths'.

Baz, the brief's all yours.

Teddy said:

red coloured wallpaper.

Anonymous said:

grog & chicks are great if you want to attract backpackers that spend nothing.

Andy said:

Funny that David Deneen's name should come up. Two attempts now to produce a better campaign than his.

Not done.

Dave said:

I think Baz has zoolander envy.... one look!!!!!

Anonymous said:

I think it's great. Good to see they have targeted for different regions,
one for the USA market,
one for the Chinese market.

Can't wait to see the one for the Japanese market, the German market and the Japanese market (which is the largest).

Anonymous said:

It's a bit gay.

Anonymous said:

RE grog and chicks

I was referring to the social aspect of life in Australia. The new Australia, the culinary haven, the people, the casual sophistication, the humour, the playfulness.

The people are beautiful and funny.

I'm not talking about doing a Tooheys ad.

Trent said:

Seems like this campaign is trying to sell travelers on how it will feel to go to Australia rather than how many beaches/shrimps/koalas/Steve Irwins they are likely to encounter once they get there and for this reason strikes me as a more sophisticated communication than most other tourism spots. Certainly a step up from recent campaigns. Ted is right - the print is dull.

Paul said:

It aint bad. But it aint $40 mill. How many directors could do that for less than $100k?!

Baz is a fucking legend for screwing that out of the government.

Anonymous said:

10.10 you're way off the mark. Backpackers spend more than the 'average' tourist. Way more.

Joe said:

It's different down here. That's what TA should be saying.

Lara said:

So joyless!
Where the bloody hell is the fun?

Anonymous said:

Isn't the point to leverage Baz's film, Australia? If it ends up being an international smash hit, it will prove a very wise strategy. Why not piggy back someone else's buzz instead of spending a fortune trying to create it all on your own? I haven't seen the film, but I reckon it significantly influenced the ads' executions. Bagging the ads in isolation misses the point by a fair margin, I reckon. It's a pretty clever, opportunistic strategy. Time will tell if it was right.


(A different one).

Anonymous said:

I think all this banter about the ad is forgetting the real ad baz has done for TA.

It's in cinemas soon.

Thatlldo more for australia than some 30sec spot.

Get over yourselves ad ppl.

Anonymous said:

Top spots that will attract exactly the sort of tourists we want. i predict a huge success.

Amazing the results you get when creative talent is allowed the reins rather than research.

Mark Toia said:


The AUSTRALIA movie is going to be a great marketing tool and I'm sure a great movie for AUSTRLIA and these ad's are going to hang nicely off it's back.
Great idea in itself.

I didn't think Bruce was capable of such class, Even though he had help from BAZ, I'm sure he put a shit load of effort into it. Great work mate!

BAZ, well you have to give this guy some serious credit, he is visual genius of our time.
I'm so jealous that I didn't get the call.

Id love to see this on a big screen.

Well done everyone. well done.

Venice Beach said:

Don't forget: The fact Baz is behind these ads has resulted in over $30 million of free publicity around the world (I work for a global PR not aligned to the campaign).
When TA made the announcement this would be his second ad after Chanel - the international media went nuts.... so not only is this ad effective 'free' - so is much of the media.

The board at TA have just delivered megabucks to the Aussie taxpayer by going with Baz .

My only complaint is TA isn't communicating this.

Anonymous said:

No planner. No suits. No research. Just a creative person and his intuition. Brilliant.

Anonymous said:

This is really fucking good. It obviously relates to the movie and together with that this campaign will generate plenty of tourist cashola. You lot are seriously clueless...

Anonymous said:

the ad industry really is full of wankers.. its a good spot. god you lot need to pull your head out of your own arses if you can think you can do better!

Anonymous said:

Paul, you're an idiot.

Whoever said that TA had a $40million production budget???

Anonymous said:

I don't suppose the campaign is meant to appeal to me - a creative. Which is handy because it just makes me feel kinda embarrassed. I suppose it will appeal to Americans, Moulin Rouge and Strictly Ballroom fans of which there are many, sadly.

Anonymous said:

Will be interesting to see how this campaign translates into bums on plane seats.
My suspicion is that increased tourism to oz will have more to so with the ozzie dollar than any ad.

Ben said:

Wonder what happens if (when) the film bombs. Got a few mates deep in the industry, and the buzz over the last few months is it'll blow chunks.

Anonymous said:

The movie is gonna have to be a hit ... few problems there ... it's called "Australia".
I can hear New Yorkers saying, "I wanna see a movie about God damn Austria?"

Na, my experience says, short limited release in art houses at best. Then straight to DVD.

DDM, you're next to try and get it right.

Jason Bourne said:

doesn't matter if the film doesn't do big box office. Fox is spending 100 million in marketing around the world regardless - and TA is slip-streaming that spend - its great value for tax payers and great media strategy; rupert murdoch has also slated it as a priority for all New Corp media assets and Fox is pushing it for Oscar contention.

Oh - and the alternative was giving the money to DDB and Carat and going it alone whilst ignoring a $200 million project called Australia? Pluh-eez!! Is there anyone more senior than junior copywriter with zero strategy experience on this blog?

Anonymous said:

i think it'll make a lot of Americans want to go on holiday to a wilderness place ....but somewhere in the US not Australia. There's nothing in the ad to make them want to travel all the way here when they've got just what the ad shows in their own backyard.

Anonymous said:

will be interesting to see....

wonder what happens if....

are you worried it might just work??

Anonymous said:

So Jase, you don't think it could be a problem if the movie turns out to be shit? You know, that 'ol association thing? Shit/boring film = shit/boring country?

Anonymous said:

I love backpackers.

Ivan. M.

Anonymous said:

The movie will obviously do more to promote the emotion of Australia than any two minute spot . So why do these commercials? Wouldn't a better strategy be to highlight
reasons to go now? Playing spots containing offers in cinema, on-line and on the DVD could well turn a romantic thought into a visit. With the Aussie dollar at a new low we should be able to stir up some action.

Anonymous said:

I just want to see the online component of the movie promo where I get to place a pic of my head to replace Jackmans as he's doing Nicole.

That's tourism viral for you.

Anonymous said:

There's more than one way to do things. To think that you have a monopoly on coming up with ideas to attract people to this country is ridiculous arrogance. We are talking about something like 22 different markets, who knows how many languages, cultures and the like. But you know how to reach all these people more effectively than the people behind this work. Fuck you are dumb. Yes, there is more than one way to do something like this. But to argue that it is shit and that your way is the better way to go is embarrassingly immature. Assuming what you wanted to do got up, it would still have the same big, fat fucken MAYBE sitting next to it like this work does. We are all in the speculation business. Now, show us all how brilliant you are on whatever the fuck thing it is that you are currently being paid to vomit out onto the page.

Anonymous said:

Its nice story telling. And a good demonstration of the Wizard archetype.

I think alot of creatives could learn something from this. Jealous little precious souls the lot of you.


Anonymous said:

There are some very bitter people in the industry. Grow up. These ads are beautiful and whilst the idea behind them might not be unique and 'out there', and perhaps some aspects are a little cliched, people will love them.
How many great movies follow the same type of story line, and use the same gimmicks and gags, as others before them?. Loads. They follow a set of tried and trusted methods that appeal to people. And that's what this ad has done well. Its stuck to what works - it tells a stroy and it heightens the senses at many levels. People will really feel them.
As for the "it could be for anywhere" comments - you people would be the first to whinge if it showed the harbour bridge, opera house or a flag. Maybe the aboriginal kid, the word walkabout, logo and word 'Australia' might give them the clues they needs to make the link.
Remember its not for you. All the scam work getting wanked over at AWARD next month will be for you. Enjoy.

Anonymous said:

3.09 I couldn't agree more

shaking my head said:

For all of you taking the piss out of 'Go Walkabout' you might want to actually read up on what the Aboriginal translation means. I found it inspiring, emotional and relevant to any human living in todays society. We get lost in everyday life. Fuck I got lost reading the shit half of you write on here. Go walkabout and find the real you. Hopefully he's not half the wanker you appear to be on this blog.

Bruce, you did an amazing job and I'll never forget the first time i saw the NY TVC. It gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my eye.

Anonymous said:

I'm with 4.01. Quite succinctly put.

Antony said:

[Edward] "G'day" because even Americans understand it's a greeting that epitomises the friendliness and casualness of Australia and Australians"

Too right and maybe this is better than you think.

This is not just wilderness and beautiful locations. Why is she "Kate" when she leaves? Because of the red desert or because of the people?

Australians have the fame for being genuine and laid back.
Australia has the aura of mystique. It's also bloody miles away. The trip of a lifetime.

You'd be surprised how many non-Australians have heard of walkabout and have some idea that it is personal and spiritual.

There's a fair number of people out there with some spending power who feel the need for some personal regeneration. Most of them probably don't know where to get it, or they wouldn't feel the need anymore.

I liked the G'day stuff. I liked the Where the bloody hell are ya stuff. I like this and I reckon it will work.

Prod Co Person said:

What a sad lot of bastards you all are. Just remember what industry you're in, and which industries you'd rather be in. Real creatives make movies, write novels, make TV shows like The Sopranos, take photos like Bill Henson, and music like the Beatles & Silverchair. There's nothing wrong with advertising, but it just ain't art.

Mikej said:

I have to say absolutely brilliant. I thought the last campaign was a cop out of unintelligent australian humour. This shows an awesome insight that as an australian makes complete sense

Australia is a long way from the rest of the world and is a huge open beautiful landscape. Many fear the unknown. Spiders, animals etc. Go walkabout is something that is inspiring of the true habitants of Australia. It also addresses I want to explore and discover in the audience. Its delivered brilliantly. music, high production spec. Makes me proud to be australian.

Problem is... Im on walkabout in the rest of world a

Anonymous said:

Didn't realise Baz read this blog. I feel touched such a talented man could be bothered to comment on here either.

So, where'd the $40mill go? Isn't that the chunk they gave 'ol baz?

It aint the big ad, but it tries to be without humour.

Anonymous said:

6.04 you're exactly right.

6.53 where i come from the people there call it moontime. or dreaming. walkabout is a cliche and it shows an absolute white colonialists understanding of aboriginal culture.

not saying i disagree with the idea, but show some fucking respect for the people TA are trying to pillage.

Anonymous said:

it's a shame that they'll see this film and have all these expectations, then when they fly in to sydney they'll see lots of redfern locals wandering around 'gone walkabout'.

if only TA spent half that money on fixing up the problem before they did this ad.

Anonymous said:

This is brilliant work.

The advertising agency types (I am one) may have panned this, but I liked it. I showed it some colleagues and they said it is 'goose flesh' stuff. So it will be popular among a certain set. It has already buzzed up the blogosphere which is a sign of it working. And the feature film will do more to increase traffic into the country than this film.

Anonymous said:

Say whatever you want about the ads, but credit must got to Baz, he's managed to get the Government to throw a heap of money at publicising his movie. Brilliant move.

Anonymous said:

Edward you are a complete tool.

These are some of the most sophisticated ads TA has ever seen.

You probably sit at your desk, stroking your ego, trying to find an idea someone will be happy to present and maybe a client will buy one day. Quick, go check yourself in the bathroom mirror, tell yourself your awesome and go back to writing real estate ads....

Anonymous said:

these look like trailers for a film

seriously though where are the kangaroos? no one gives a shit about aborigines and finding yourself in australia. they want to kind cuddly koalas.

here's the only ad that should be running right now:

1 AUD = .67 USD

Anonymous said:

Maybe the Commonweath Bank and Australian Tourism should band together and do a co -funded production?
What do yah reckon Eddie?

Anonymous said:

Hey, that's a neat idea, 10.03. How's this for a launch commercial:

Open on post apocalyptic koalas driving Mad Max vehicles in the Australian outback etc etc etc

Ted said:

There needs to be a national Sorry Day for this ad!

Anonymous said:

More proof that they shouldn't have dropped the "Different Light" campaign from about 2002. It has the transformational nature of this in some spots with Australian irreverence in others (albiet some godawful executions too). TA is an impatient and political organisation that has had continual executive churn and fighting between "sales" and "brand" forever and a day.

Its beautiful work that should touch people - hopefully enough people as I am not sure that the "American, executive, female, high rise working, in relationship trouble" and her male Asian counterpart character are too narrow for the broad geographic and demographic target markets TA seek to relate to

A logical stop gap campaign to leverage the movie and give DDB space - nothing more

RE comment above on Aussie Dollar meaning more than any ads - you are 100% right, but don't expect them to fess up...

ANDY said:

It's easy to be negative.
Australia has some fantastic places to see that are totally unique.
Nobody has done their homework.
Baz makes movies not commercials.I feel sorry for the poor people in the travel business who are relying on this for a feed.
Next agency please.

Anonymous said:

I wonder what 105 comments from Adwankers is worth...

It's funny to see the little cogs turning the big hype machine.

Anonymous said:

Read the back story.

This campaign is to leverage the movie. Why do you think the kid from the movie is in the spots?

The brand campaign is DDB's problem next year.

Anonymous said:

The bright spark that said 'this will generate $30million of PR around the globe'

When it costs $40 million, that's –$10,000,000 worth of PR.

I wonder if they're going to run these in Australia like they did the last ones, that would be the icing on the cake for the genius's in the media / marketing department.

AJ said:

The ads suggest that the way to combat stress is to take a vacation. Nothing wrong with that: it's something that destinations, airlines, hotels, tour operators and even our doctors have been telling us for years. But with the economic climate the way it is, you are unlikely to set off to the other side of the world for a quick vacation when the going gets tougher. The woman portrayed in the ad may leave as the Director of Sales and return as Kate, but it's likely to be the former Director of Sales, looking for a job -- and all the stress that leads to. The timing of this campaign is wrong. With the current economic turmoil, Tourism Australia should put the whole campaign on hold and look at other less costly and more efficient ways to communicate its message.

al said:

a lot of people called the "where the bloody hell are" you campaign "shit" when it launched. and guess what, time proved them correct.

Anonymous said:

hey i got an idea.

how bout Australia. It's like America, without the Americans.



Anonymous said:

No Koala or Kangaroo insight.

wayne swann said:

Actually, now is a good time to run the campaign, Kate's holiday is now 30% cheaper than it was a week ago.

Anonymous said:

Attention Jason Bourne at 1.33!!!
Climb down buddy ... this movie will bomb no matter how many $M's Fox spend.
I would be very interested to see how "Australia" the movie has researched in America.
And hey, we are not all juniors.
If tourism numbers into Australia climb, it's not because of this direction, it's because the dollar is down.
Not rocket science.

Anonymous said:

Nice link Joan.

Anonymous said:

6:53 is right. The Aussie government is using the Aboriginies to further their own agenda.

But in some ways it's a positive thing because young Aussies will see the Aborigines in a better light. Young Aborigines will also feel proud seeing their culture showcased to the world.

This is the only culture Australia has.

Sydney is just full of greedy cunts and dodgy real estate agents.

Anonymous said:

I got it! Baz and Fox are trying to do, "Gone with the wind" 2008 style.
'Australia' is a bad title though. Should have called it; "Off with the pixies."

Anonymous said:

10:30 – I don't see what's so different having a barefoot aboriginal in NYC or Sydney?

Portray them in the Eastern Suburbs lapping it up on a Yacht. That's different.

Anonymous said:

Joan I saw that link and I'm a bit worried that our national newspaper refers to a certain cast member as a 'black'.

Racism exists everywhere.

Anonymous said:

I did the maths.
At $40,000,000 for the campaign it's only cost ATO $26,000 each to generate 150 blogs.
Yer, I know it's silly. But it's late in the afternoon and I am weaning myself off coffee.

Anonymous said:

Strictly Boredom

Anonymous said:

The trailers look like they are a piss take on pompous films. Actually made me laugh. Out loud.

Anonymous said:

The girlfriend went to last nights Stevie Wonder concert said the biggest cheer came after he said g'day mate to the audience.

Anonymous said:


Dump her before it's too late.

Anonymous said:

Rumour has it , Baz is still trying to get the movie cut in a way that overcomes poor pre release research.

Anonymous said:

That's not a rumour, that's a fact. It's a dog.

Anonymous said:

You are keen for the film to be a dog because the day someone gives you 2 hundred million to follow your vision without compromise probably isn't coming anytime soon.

It might be a dog but you're still just selling stuff and I bet that hurts.

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