SCRATCHIE.jpgA massive billboard on Parramatta Road, Sydney featuring 10,000 $1 scratchies has just been unveiled by The Outdoor Awards – the winner taking all as first prize for the Best Outdoor advertisement or campaign of the year.
The 12 metre by 3 metre billboard has had to be especially built and took 4 days to attach the 10,000 instant scratchies. Each day almost 100,000 cars will pass the billboard, which will be guarded 24 hours a day to protect the prize. 
The prize could be worth significantly more than the $10,000 to the winner, with each scratchie potentially a $20,000 winner. The winner is set for a time consuming task and some serious RSI - to scratch the 10,000 scratchies would take 20 days if they scratched one a minute for 8 hours per day!
Helen Willoughby, of the Outdoor Media Association says: “Outdoor advertising at its best is truly an event which draws an audience. We wanted our first prize to create a similar buzz.”
The massive billboard – featuring the Outdoor Awards’ golden pigeon logo made from the scratchies - directs people to the Outdoor Awards website which provides entry information across a number of categories – as well as imagery of the billboard itself.
Picture 19.pngThe ultimate deadline for entries will be the end of April – but the prize has been announced now to allow creative teams the chance to have their latest work appear and become eligible.
In addition to the financial first prize, winners will receive a Golden Pigeon statue. The awards are free to enter – and cover categories from financial to travel.
Helen Willoughby continues: “To launch the Outdoor Awards without creating an exciting and original outdoor campaign of our own would be a missed opportunity.  We started by driving a billboard truck around Australia – and now we have unveiled our first prize.
“We have also taken the opportunity to assemble a hugely inspiring international jury to judge the first prize – so that there is real objectivity in selecting the year’s best ad.” 


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Anonymous said:

poor/lucky bastards who win it.

Anonymous said:

What happened to that incredibly lame around Australia promotion that has been clogging up the blog? This seems to be a slight change of tack.

I'm also curious why an ambient idea can't win the big prize. Given the sponsors this shouldn't be a surprise, but surely the award should be renamed Best Outdoor On A Site Owned By One Of Our Members?

Or the BOOASOBOOON Awards.


Anonymous said:

It's good to see the outdoor guys actually get outdoor and have the website up nice and reasonable.

The punters will know what this is all about when they look at it for half an hour from 1.5 metres away.

Anonymous said:

How pissed off is the newsagent who has to scan 3,460 $2 prize tickets going to be? Brilliant!

Anonymous said:

I feel sorry for the poor sucker from melbourne, (comon Syd, be honest, you have won shit in these things like the sirens for years) who has to go to Sydney to claim any of the prizes.

There's more lottos in Australia than economically viable agencies these days.

Anonymous said:

Having previously worked in the lotto business, the average winning ratio on $1 scratchies is $2 every $7 spent.

So you'd expect somewhere in the region of $2850 in prizes and a shit load of second chance draws if you could be arsed writing your name and address on the back 10000 times.

Maybe get a stamp made ;-)

Anonymous said:

Agree 100% about the ambient. An outdoor award, by definition, must celebrate outdoor in every shape and form. To say that an idea can't win simply because it doesn't "fit" with the sponsors' specific business model is ridiculous. They should either ban non-traditional media altogether or give everything a crack at the 10k.

david said:

so the address for the competition could have been a bit bigger, unless you are in the lane next to the billboard you wont be able to read it.

such a shame that they spent so much time on the concept but then didnt worry about having big enough url so that people could find out about it

Anonymous said:

why is there a billboard on parramatta road for an advertising awards show?

Anonymous said:

A poster for the Outdoor Awards that you have to read about on this blog to understand.......another example of the self indulgent crap that seems to being churned out at the moment.

Anonymous said:

Ha ha ha. It's NSW Police operation to snare the ATM bombers.

Anonymous said:

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm seriously interesting in discovering how much money you'd get back if you bought 10,000 $1 scratch tickets.

There's actually a fair chance the winner won't even end up with 10 grand.

Anonymous said:

Hey 10.32am

Yeah me too. I'm really, really, really......really interested in discovering that too.

You clown.

Anonymous said:

hey 1.44, just because you weren't born with any innate curiosity of the world around you, there's no need to take it out on me.

I'll see your clown and raise you an arseclown.

You arseclown.

Anonymous said:

Don't insult us clowns, you putz.



Doddsy said:

Very good points about the power and relevance of outdoor. Given this poster is only up in one place where no creatives will ever see it, it relies on this blog and the net to have any effect.

So it's hardly a ringing endorsement of the power of outdoor

Anonymous said:

Should have got glue society to put a billboard up in bagdad or something for this.

Cause I'm guessing from my own life, the only billboards I ever notice are the ones I sleep off benders under.

Yes I'm an individual like every other creative.

Anonymous said:

Outdoor doesn't work in melbourne. We prefer to stay inside, wearing black, being cool.

Anonymous said:

Steve, can I have my liquid paper back? It's been ages.

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