AWARD School, Australasia’s foremost creative course, has now released its accepted applicants across Australia online at www.awardschoolonline.com.
Top creatives from leading agencies across Australia came together last week to judge over 690 applications submitted for the 2009 intake of News Limited AWARD School Australia. Although there were an increased number of applications, News Limited AWARD School has only accepted 180 students across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart.
"Thank you again to the judges who gave their time to pick this year's News Limited AWARD School intake. The standard of entries was impressive and with a reduced number of places now available in the course, the competition was very close, so congratulations to all the successful applicants. We are looking forward to another very exciting year," says Paul Bruce and Rebecca Carrasco, News Limited AWARD School Heads 2009.
Led by AWARD Committee Executives, and supported by major sponsor News Limited, AWARD School offers an amazing opportunity for budding advertising art directors and copywriters learning from the industry’s finest.
Diary dates
•    AWARD School Sydney start and finish dates:
Thursday, 12th March - Thursday 2nd July 2009
•    Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Adelaide start and finish dates:
Thursday 6th April – Thursday, 23rd July 2009

News Limited is the major sponsor of AWARD School and recognises that creativity today is essential to the communication process. Sponsorship of the AWARD School is built upon a commitment to nurture courage and foresight in creativity, by challenging the thinking of tomorrow’s creatives.
To register your interest and for further information please visit www.awardschoolonline.com or contact Hannah Morden at AWARD on +61 2 9699 2999. Or email hannah@awardonline.com


Anonymous said:

watch out for Jen MacFarlane - she is going to rock your world!

Anonymous said:

Whilst I applaud AWARD for reducing the number of spots on offer this year, isn't an intake of 180 still high considering the current economic climate and the likelihood of agencies putting on people, even as lowly paid juniors, during 09?

Anonymous said:

Do we really need another 180 people providing inane comments on this blog.

Anonymous said:

Another 180 people there aren't jobs for.

Anonymous said:

Jen MacFarlane sounds like she'll make it - she's already got the art of self-promotion down pat.

Anonymous said:

Another 180 people to take your jobs

Anonymous said:

Wow, 180 is 80 more than when I did it in the middle of the biggest economic boom Australia had ever had.

Now we're in the biggest downturn since the Great Depression and...

yeah guys. What the fuck? You money scrubbing whores.

Anonymous said:

"watch out for Jen MacFarlane - she is going to rock your world!"

Best of luck then. You've either set yourself up for an amazing accension or an amazing fall. Hate to imagine the comments on here if it were the latter.

Anyhow, 180 does sound like a lot. Out of interest, how many students are there usually?

Best of luck to all. Hopefully not too many of you are already reading this blog.

Like me. On a Saturday.

Sad to say the very least.

Anonymous said:

I used to teach AWARDSchool back in the early days when the class was 1/3 the size, the fees miniscule and the top half dozen were guaranteed a tryout. Even then there were too many students.

I'm teaching it again this year and the first thing I'm going to have to say is that odds are none of the class will get a gig.

I agree with the comments above. Taking money from 180 students, especially the amount they pay now, is theft and AWARD should be ashamed.

Anonymous said:

180 people to take your jobs?

try the 5 that stick it out for more than 3 years.

good luck to all, remember, it's not the most talented person who will win. it's the hardest working.

keep your head down and don't think you're genius's cause nobody in this business is.

REJECT said:

Twice applied, twice rejected... But I'm strangely kind of glad that I wasn't accepted. It'll just make me work harder on a better portfolio and chasing down as many CD's to look at my work as possible. Or maybe I'll just keep working my way up the meaty ladder at the Coles deli. Screw Award School and screw advertising.

Anonymous said:

February 14, 2009 9:57 PM

Don't underestimate our hunger. The industry is competitive when there's plenty of work to be had, so imagine how badly we all want it now when the times are scarce. Not everyone will be a genius but I guarantee everyone will be a hard worker.

Anonymous said:

If you keep working on your portfolio and never give up, you will get a start in the industry. It simply comes down to how bad you want it! Most AWARD School students tend to give up a few weeks after it's finished.

You can have anything, but you must have desire.

Anonymous said:

More cannon fodder.Management will be pleased.

Anonymous said:

February 16, 2009 2:14 PM it's not how good you are it's how hard you work.

Speaking of which...

Anonymous said:

guys coming in to award to steal everyone's jobs and kick arse please remember. It is very hard. You need to be very talented and very lucky. And I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said:

It's probably too late in this thread's life to ask this question and get a response, and I will be asking it of my class this year.

But I'm curious why 180+ people are so all-fired keen to pay the bucks and take the course. Especially give the odds.

Are you all psyched about the chance to write great ads? Or about the chance to make good money? Or about the chance to wear funny clothes and hair to a real job?

Don't get me wrong, I love my job for three reasons above, but I kind of stumbled into it. If you're not in advertising, where do you get the desire to do better ads?

So why do you guys want to be advertising creatives?

Anonymous said:

8:14 that question should be on the application form for A. Ward school. The amount of people I met there... and this is in 'the good old days' that did it because they thought they were going to drive Ferrari's and snort coke like Robert Downey Jr was appalling.

Anonymous said:

How many entrees does hobart take?
and is is worth me temporarily moving from sydney complete the course?

In short. Hobart-is it the shittest one?

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