Campbell returns to FNUKY as creative director

David Campbell.jpgAdelaide creative director, David Campbell, has returned to the agency he helped launch five  years ago.
He left the digital agency in July 2008 and had been planning a move overseas.  
FNUKY's general manager, Jeremy Ervine, said that South Australia needs to hold onto its senior talent, particularly in digital: "David is probably South Australia's most senior digital creative and when we heard that he was planning to move overseas we just couldn't let him join the brain-drain.  Keeping him here is good for South Australia, and even better for FNUKY."
Campbell said that he is excited to get back to the agency that he co-founded: "There's no doubt that FNUKY is still the clear digital leader in digital in South Australia and 2009 really is shaping up to be year when digital really takes off down here.  
"With such a shake up in the media landscape, South Australian companies are really starting to step outside of their comfort zones when it comes to both media and creative.  It's a nice change from the conservative advertising that Adelaide is famous for."
Ervine agrees that the agency scene in SA has changed markedly: "It's been a long time since Adelaide agencies have looked so grim but it's a situation of their own making.  South Australian agencies, moreso than other states, have stubbornly held onto their traditional advertising models and suddenly it's starting to hurt."
Campbell is also known as the host of Marketing Magazine's weekly podcast, Love Digital, having interviewed some of the worlds biggest names in marketing. Campbell is also due to judge the national IAB Awards next month.


Anonymous said:

must be a slow news day.

Steve said:

The most senior digital creative in Adelaide. What a load of....
not compared to some of the talent here in SA, they just don't need to plaster themselves over everything to prove it.
Look at the website, how about you bite the hand a bit more there Mr Talent.

Nick said:

Steve's comment is great. Spot on... Please check out the website... they lose clients as well.

Anonymous said:


Steven said:

These guys are hilarious. How they manage to hold on to any clients is beyond me.

Anonymous said:

They are not holding on to clients. That's just it.... Probably why this Campbell is returning.... Not only clients they lose.... but employees too!

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