FNUKY launches 'Censordyne' for GetUp!

Picture 252.pngAdelaide digital agency FNUKY today launched an integrated campaign for national political activism organisation GetUp!.

'Censordyne' is a campaign to raise awareness of the Federal Governments planned mandatory internet filter. The campaign was launched at 11am this morning by Fake Stephen Conroy on Twitter and includes a  60 SECOND TV COMMERCIAL  and a parody search engine.

FNUKY and GetUp! worked together with Dan Ilic from Downwind Media who directed the commercial.

Over the coming weeks more elements of the campaign are being rolled out, including 'product testing' across the country.

David Campbell, FNUKY's creative director says that the . "The problem with the internet filtering issue is it's a double-whammy of boredom - politics and technology.  So we decided to make it more accessible to the average internet user by turning it into a parody consumer product - Censordyne."

GetUp! is a political activism organisation with 330,000 members nationally.  FNUKY pitched its strategy and idea to the group after they called for assistance with this campaign.

UPDATE: Less than 8 hours after FNUKY launched 'Censordyne', the campaign's influence is already been seen on social networking site, Twitter.
The brands "GetUp" and "Censordyne" are now the second and third most discussed brands on Twitter world-wide.  An incredible feat given that Censordyne wasn't even a word before 11am today.
Internet censorship, a topic that barely registered on the national agenda before today, is now the fifth most discussed topic on Twitter.
The campaign was launched on Twitter by Fake Stephen Conroy and is integrated across digital, TV and an experiential component to be rolled out in the coming weeks.


Jay said:

OK, i give up. No more of this site. It's drilling a hole in my brain with it's crapness.

Bart said:

I'm told the FNUKY and Sphere creatives often get together for Apple Juice and a good old fashion brainstorming knees-up

Thanks GetUp,

There has not been much mention that it is Christian in the Labor party who are behind the censorship drive, good Catholics fascists like Rudd and Conroy implementing a censorship agenda.


Tim Anderson

Anonymous said:

Dan, you're a great guy. You're also a funny bugger, and while I didn't think the TV was anywhere near as funny as the jokes you tell around a cocktail slushy machine, well done on the results. Good skit, shot nicely but... horrible pun.

Sorry mate, no offense meant :o)

Kate said:

ive seen bad SNL skits better then this.

Helen said:


roddo said:

Does the client really think that anyone will take this ad seriously...pathos

Marrcus said:

They thought it was funky to spell their name wrong.

Anonymous said:

This blog is funny.

Compare it to a bunch of chef's talking about Macca's. Or a bunch of brewers talking about VB.

Yes, the chefs think Macca's is shit, the brewers think VB stands for Vomit Bomb. But, not only do Jo Public indulge in it, the chef has been guilty of having a Mc Choking burger after a few Vomit Bombs and couldn't care less.

Our opinion really doesn't matter unless we're talking Michelen Star Restaurant award winning chefs. The consumers opinion does count, and... without calling this the Tetsuya of all ads, the public have spoken, it's done well. It's like a Quarter Pounder and most people west of Glebe wouldn't know the difference between that and a 'flamin' ris-oat-oh from the R.E.'.

Don't throw them your pearls niggaz...

Jake said:

It's perfect for Get Up!'s tone of voice.

It might also be time to have a dig at the PM on Twitter. It was Rove's suggestion that he write "Twitter Time!" in his next tweet. But it was the people on Twitter who actually made him do it. Maybe a drop in his online approval ratings will shake things up a little.

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