Earth Hour's new social mapping platform via Leo Burnett Sydney puts climate change on the map

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WWF's Earth Hour today launched a world first social mapping platform aimed at illustrating the global mandate for action on climate change.

The new 'Show Your Vote' platform, developed as part of Earth Hour's Vote Earth campaign, asks people to show their Vote for Earth (over Global Warming) in the lead up to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December.

The platform was developed using Google technology and launched with Earth Hour creative partner Leo Burnett at Google's Creative Sandbox event last night in Sydney.

'Show Your Vote' enables supporters to show their Vote for Earth online by pinpointing their location on a Google Map.  Users can also add photos, videos and links, which will be displayed in a pop-up when their map pin is clicked.

The platform is open source, free, available to everyone and can easily be added to any web page, with or without Earth Hour branding. It can be customised to suit the look and feel of the host website and can easily include a modified message.

Earth Hour Executive Director, Andy Ridley called on people, companies and community groups to use the platform to influence the outcome of the most important decision human society has ever faced.

"Show Your Vote helps give a voice to billions of people who would otherwise have no chance to let world leaders know they want action on climate change at Copenhagen.

"Join the hundred of millions of people who Voted Earth during Earth Hour by getting on the platform and showing your Vote for Earth," said Mr Ridley.

Justin Baird, a Sydney-based Googler collaborated with Earth Hour, Leo Burnett, Care Network Australia and fellow Googler Pamela Fox to develop 'Show Your Vote' as his 20 per cent personal time project.

"Through my own experience and research of climate change I realized there was a need to allow people to illustrate their support for a fair and just outcome at the Copenhagen Climate Summit. 

"Show Your Vote is a great example of using technology to give people a voice," said Mr Baird.

To generate their map pin, supporters complete a simple online form where they will be asked to enter their name, location and the reason why they are Voting Earth.

The map will function in a similar way to Google My Maps. Supporters will be able to interact by dragging to move around the map and by drilling down from world to street level.

'Show Your Vote' can be found at



Number cruncher said:

At least this will show us the billion people Burnetts keep claiming.

Nigel said:

Fuck, just when I got used to logging in to twitter, myspace, facebook, gmail, bebo, skype, youtube and friendfeed, another one comes along.

Anonymous said:

Someone was telling me that google searches are a massive contributer to global this true?

Anonymous said:

my pants are warm

Georgia said:

"Show Your Vote helps give a voice to billions of people who would otherwise have no chance to let world leaders know they want action on climate change at Copenhagen" Really? Billions? The Chinese, Indian & African billions just want a decent feed & a glass of water. I on the other hand have already expressed my desires, but Mr Turnbull voted against me. Oh well.

Steve said:

Let it go Leo's, let it go.

Ed said:

Earth Hour is a PR stunt better suited to The Hollowmen.
Its the Claytons campaign for those who find it easier to make a big noise about symbolism rather than a big difference to the environment.

Carolyn said:

76 individuals so far. That's social networking for you.

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