Skill Tester shows effects of Parkinson's

ParkinsonsAmbient-web.jpgThe slowness, rigidness and shaking limbs often associated with Parkinson's disease can make simple, everyday tasks virtually impossible.
For non-sufferers it's difficult to comprehend an existence where opening a carton of milk or using a telephone is an impossible task.
DDB/Rapp, Melbourne helped people experience this complete lack of physical control for themselves, filling arcade style skill-testers with everyday objects. The agency placed them around Melbourne, collecting their $1 coins to fund help Parkinson's Victoria's research as they tried to play.
Around $5,000 was raised in the first 12 hours.

Executive Creative Director: Grant Rutherford
Group Creative Directors: Ruben Cirugeda and Glen Dickson
Writer: Glen Dickson
Art Director: Ruben Cirugeda
Account Service: Tess Doughty and Melissa Fullerton


Anonymous said:

You'd probably have more chance of winning anything from those bloody machines if you actually had Michael Parkies....?

Todd said:

Really nice idea.

Anonymous said:

Nice one Ruben

Matt said:

Nice one guys, like it a lot.

Rich. said:

Nice idea. Well done.

Stef said:

well done guys! i love how it collects money at the same time as raising awareness...fingers crossed for the awards!

Anonymous said:


Does the money it takes to play go to the charity?

Anonymous said:

On ya, Rubes.

Who cares about the idea. You're just a fucken legend and I hope this cleans up at every award show and medical conference in the entire globalverse.

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