DDB Sydney snares Steve Wakelam and Grant McAloon from Publicis Mojo for group head roles

steve and grant-web.jpgEXCLUSIVE: In a major creative coup, Matt Eastwood, national creative director and vice chairman DDB Australia, has announced the addition of two new creative group heads to the DDB Sydney creative department: Steve Wakelam and Grant McAloon - the Mojo Sydney creative team responsible for the multi-awarded Boag's 'Pure Waters' spot which just missed out on the Canes Film Grand Prix this year.
Says Wakelam and McAloon: "Obviously we've both had a fantastic time at Mojo, but we're really looking forward to the new opportunities at DDB, especially at what seems like such an exciting time for them. Matt Eastwood and Mark Harricks have big plans for the department and we cannot wait to get stuck in."

The pair will join DDB Sydney next month, working across a number of clients including Telstra.

"Steve and Grant's work is truly first class. Their Boag's 'Pure Waters' spot, which picked up a Cannes Gold Lion this year, narrowly missing out on the Grand Prix, is easily one of the best campaigns of 2009. Together, they are an incredible addition to the creative department," says Eastwood.

Wakelam has also worked at BBH and Leo Burnett in London, working on clients including Levi's, AEG and Umbro. His previous awards include 2 Cannes Golds and a Silver, 2 D&AD pencils, a gold Andy and a One Show pencil.

McAloon moved to Mojo following three years at Leo Burnett where he worked on Heineken, Canon and WWF (where he helped create Earth Hour), landing numerous awards including a Titanium Lion, two Cannes golds and a silver, AWARD gold, a gold Andy and a One Show pencil.

The move by Wakelam and McAloon continues the exodus from Mojo in both Sydney and Melbourne over the last few months.


Anonymous said:

good to see gen x and gen y working together

Impressed. said:

They did the whole campaign?
All the commercials.
Best stuff out of Oz in years.

nick said:

yet one mroe creator of Earth Hour.

is anybody keeping a list?

Alex said:

group head of wha?

Dave said:

Well done boys. I feel the Kavorka is strong in you both.

Anonymous said:

I would have thought there'd be a few people already at DDB that would be perfect for group head.

Anonymous said:

Well deserved, always loved the boag spot and the levis Dangerous Liaisons one was amazing too - nice work fellas

Anonymous said:

That Boag's work is brilliant. A lot of people have been bailing from MOJO lately.

Anonymous said:

Fucking Earth Hour.

The room must have been packed to rafters when that was cracked.

Practically everyone we've interviewed from Leos has got it in the book.

Nige said:

Was Pure Waters their idea? So no planner involved in that one?

Anonymous said:

Grant's one of the nicest blokes you'll ever meet in this industry.
Congrats mate, love your work.


Anonymous said:


I think there was a tosser involved in there somewhere.

Was it you?

Spirks said:

Congrats Boys! and well deserved. I'm sure you'll both kick ass next year.


Anonymous said:

5:49. What?

Anonymous said:

The true makers of 'Earth Hour'.

ALL WILL BE REVEALED my advertising friends.

Anonymous said:

Wait, what? It just missed out at Cannes? Shit, me too. Plus I also just missed out on an Emmy. And I narrowly missed out on a chance to do it with Angelina Jolie.

Anonymous said:

That's a big loss for Mojo.

Wonder how many books are going to land on Micah's desk in the next week...

Anonymous said:

Would somebody please translate the preceding comments for us fogies over the age of 16?

Anonymous said:


So a planner came up with 'from the pure waters of Tasmania'?

I think you missed your calling as a rocket scientist.

Anonymous said:

10:03 I just missed out on missing out. How the hell do you think I feel?

Fucking prick... :)

Anonymous said:

Nice one Grant. Kick ass.


Anonymous said:

what is with all this snaring of late? Did they need to be entrapped/caught? Does a terrible fate await them?

Anonymous said:

I heard the cleaner from Leo's has Earth Hour on her resume.

Anonymous said:

I always find it interesting that the very agency a top team works in can't promote them or give them some kind of bonus to make them stay... Only when it's too late does that agency end up kicking itself in the arse, and then pays an even lumpier sum to a headhunter than it would have cost to keep that team happy...

Anonymous said:

6:52 PM

What, what?

Hungover said:

Go McAloon. Lovely man.
Rip the arse out of it mate.
And you. Stephen.

Anonymous said:

Sometimes, 12:50, people just get restless no matter how good the badge value of their current agency is. I think that's particularly true of creative people. We're not governed by logic. There also may be other factors we don't know about. This may turn out to me a good move, or it may turn out to be something they'll regret. I still regret leaving The Campaign Palace at it's height to work at Y&R twenty years ago. But that's life.

Anonymous said:

True 1:59, but with a resume like theirs if they don't like it, they can always go somewhere else. such is this industry

Anonymous said:

Australia just missed out on retaining the Ashes this year.
Translation: didn't win.

How many other ads just missed out on the Grand Prix?
How many ads just missed out on Gold?
It's all fucking relative isn't it?

I just missed out on winning that huge lottery the other week. It doesn't make me a potential millionaire.

Anonymous said:

Good luck, Grant.
We'll all miss you.

Anonymous said:

Lovely, sweet Grant. Good luck honey.
Don't be a stranger.
S x

Anonymous said:

Well done stephen, sure you'll do well.
you're a cracker

Anonymous said:

12:50 - I used to believe in the 'payrise or I'll walk' theory, but it's never actually worked.

What I've found is 'Ok, I know times are tough, they always are, but this is the standard rate going at the moment. In return, we'll give you XYZ and we really want to stay here' works exceptionally well.

Best of luck in the new digs.

Adam said:

They must have missed Craig's Caxton speech.

Anonymous said:

Say la vie! We all have different relationships with individuals. Having trouble relating to some of the comments, but hey, good luck. That means there's two desks available in Windmill street.

Good luck lads said:

But you will miss Micah ...

Anonymous said:

You may be having trouble relating to some of the comments, 3:03 because they are pitched at the literate. It's 'C'est la vie', as in 'That's life'.

Anonymous said:

''Well done stephen, sure you'll do well.
you're a cracker
You're a cracker? what an incongruous thing to write. Sounds english too.
I think that may have been written by Wakelem himself.

I can't to believe how gorgeous this fine woman is. I fall apart every time I see her.

Jill said:

Salt is a must see movie Angelina is a CIA agent goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy.

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