Droga5 Sydney hollers for Marshall

Duncan Marshall-web.jpgDroga5 New York's Duncan Marshall is in town visiting his Aussie in-laws, soaking up a little sunshine, and checking in on the Droga5 family at their new offices in East Sydney.
One of the world's most awarded creatives, Marshall joined Droga5 New York as a founding partner and ECD in 2006. Since then he's collected a stack of Grand Prix, Titaniums, and basically every other award you can think of for work such as Marc Ecko's Air Force One, UNICEF Tap Project and Million for the NYC Department of Education.
"The most difficult part of arriving in Sydney is working out how not to leave. Beyond the surf, the meat pies and the coffee, the Droga5 office here has something special about it that is catnip to a creative - a collaborative collection of talent, great clients and a mandate to surprise them is all anyone in this industry could ask for. I'm lucky to be here just as it all really gathers pace," says Marshall.
When he's not remarking on the deliciousness of the Droga5 beer fridge, Marshall is overseeing a joint New York/Sydney creative project with the agency's Sydney team.

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