Fancy a Twilight bite?

TWILIGHT-BITE.pngTo promote the Twilight Book Saga in time with the launch of the new movie, US Sydney went around biting the necks of people in billboards and adshells around Sydney. There wasn't a fashion model in Sydney safe from getting bitten.The trend took off in social media, with fans of Twilight sticking their own red dots on adshells to create vampire victims everywhere.



Alex said:

Love it. Nice one geezer. Ah hee hee.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

There's no client listed. Great idea, but was it just for fun?

Anonymous said:

i dig it

Jury said:

As an industry we've all become very, very good and putting together a case study.

Watch how fast we can pull together a few shots that show our ideas in action and a few sentences that explain the idea and talk up our effectiveness. Cut to news footage where someone is talkimg about our brilliance.
Gee we is clever people.

Wish the ideas got the same amount of time.

I am yet to see the case study from the Doctors who recently separated the conjoined twins, Trishna and krishna but when I do I will look for shot of someone stopped standing to admire their work.

On an equally glib note, where are the Sack blokes?

Anonymous said:

This is the best thing I've seen for a while. Pity it wasn't for 'True Blood'.

RatBoy said:

Nice one.
Effective, super simple and relevant media for a book launch.
Looks a bit scammy, but if you know the people involved, it wont be.

Anonymous said:

10:05...the client is Hachette publishing - think it says it on the bestads link....

Anonymous said:

Very lateral

Anonymous said:

cheap. interesting idea. top work.

Anonymous said:

Ok top marks for getting your gran to look at the spots instead of an agency creative.

But I'd love to see these in real life.

Anywhere I can check them out?

Also when you highjack ads, what are the chances of getting sued by the company or media company?

Anonymous said:

That homeless guy is just staring at the tits.

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