Leon Wilson to creative group head at Fallon

EXCLUSIVE - CB broke this news in late October, and now it's official: Leon Wilson,creative director of Publicis Mojo Melbourne, is to start at Fallon Minneapolis as creative group head, reporting to fellow Aussie expat Darren Spiller, the recently appointed chief creative officer of Fallon U.S. As previously reported exclusively by CB, Wilson's position as Melbourne CD will be filled by Franklin Tipton.

Wilson started his career in New Zealand at Colenso BBDO, then moved to London, where he worked at Mother for five years before shifting to Publicis Mojo, Melbourne in 2007.
Says Wilson: "Before I got my first job, it was Fallon's 'Evil Beaver' ad for Miller Lite, which I saw on a shots reel, that cemented it for me that I was doing the right thing wanting to get into advertising. In terms of overturning conventional thinking, BMW films are what most people associate Fallon with, but for me it was 'Evil Beaver'. It was completely unlike any other ad I'd seen, and a whole lot funnier.

"That was a decade ago, but in talking to various people over there, it's clear Fallon is ready for another creative renaissance. They have some very progressive approaches to discovering consumer insights, an understanding of online that extends beyond just using the space to actually creating products and applications for them (such as the desktop social aggregator 'Skimmer'), and a clear renewed sense of purpose. Plus the place is brimming with talented people, a couple of whom, Darren Spiller and Christy Peacock, I've already had the pleasure of working with at Mojo."

Darren Spiller 2.jpgSays Spiller (left), the recently appointed chief creative officer of Fallon U.S.: "The face of advertising has changed a lot in the last couple of years. At Fallon we are determined to build a communications company that is at the forefront of that new era in advertising.  That means going the distance to acquire the right skill base to help make that a reality.  Leon's international experience and fresh thinking make him an important part of our vision moving forward."


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Go Leon. Do the Worm! Melbourne will miss you.

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