Leo Burnett celebrates success of Canon EOS Photo 5 competition with gallery of 7000+ images

CANON-1.jpgLeo Burnett, Sydney and Canon celebrated the massive success of this year's EOS Photo 5 competition with a striking gallery of over 7,000 consumer created images, held Thursday night at Carriage Works Bay 19. The night was filled with inspiration including a projected video of all the finalists and winners.
CANON-2.jpgCANON-4.jpgPhoto 5 is a photography competition which is part of the ever expanding World of EOS community, a unique new platform for aspiring and experienced photographers developed by Leo Burnett, Sydney. In the competition, registrants from the World of EOS received a box with 5 assignments designed to challenge them in the areas of portraiture, low light, action, macro photography and a new technique titled Bokeh.

World of EOS is also home to Photochains, a new social platform for photographers which has been a huge commercial success and a recent winner at the YoungGuns Awards, as well as tutorials for all levels of DSLR photographers and the People's Gallery, a unique space where photographers can create their own exhibitions to share with the world.
Over the last week the Photo 5 gallery at Carriage Works Bay 19 has seen an average of over 400 people a day walk through the doors, taking in the amazing display for over an hour on average.


Anonymous said:

Outstanding Idea. Well done guys.

Anonymous said:

This was a pretty amazing event. There are a lot of talented people out there.

Anonymous said:

OMG! Let's have a competition with an online component.

Anonymous said:

can we see the winning photos please?

Anonymous said:

Winners, finalists and all the rest can be seen here, along with the rest of the World of EOS.


Adam said:

Hold the presses! Camera company runs photo competition!

Anonymous said:

Anonymous at January 18, 2010 7:58 AM and Adam at January 19, 2010 9:46 AM - give 'em a break!

This kind of approach is perfect for the mainstream Canon EOS target, without alienating the harcore professional lovers of Canon's versatility and quality. If you were expecting something wacky and zany, then their point & shoot cameras would be more appropriate.

Good campaign I reckon.

Mel said:

Hey I wonder if anyone can point me to where I can find the canon photo5 competition promotional video that showed previous (2007) entries and was played to fun music. It used to be a link on the canon website. I can t seem to find it anywhere. Any leads? It must be archived somewhere???

i'm 1 of the fans of Leo Burnett , thanks

straighte180 said:

Can someone pinpoint the song used in the Photo5 competition promo video... it was awesome but shazam and google lyrics bring up absolutely nothing!

Kate said:

I want to know what the song used in the World of EOS Photo5 competion promo add was too!
It sounds very much like Mumford & Sons to me, but I cant seem to confirm that... I really want to know. Id buy the song or album if there is one.

Me Too said:

@ straighte180 and Kate - I love the song too, emailed Canon about it last year, the only info I got from them was it was written specifically for the Photo 5 competition, no details as to who, or lyrics either, sadly. I'm driving my family nuts by playing it over and over again trying to get them all, a tad difficult when you're slightly deaf in one ear, aye.
So pleased that they're using it this year too.

Paul said:

Hey Folks, I know someone out there will end up on this article of they are still looking for the song, so thought I'd leave the info here:

The song is called 'Sally' by Myrtle Street Connection, it's available on Spotify and iTunes, as well as their own website.

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