Creative Stars: Signs of being a top 2010?

jemhead1.JPGAfter a tough GFC 2009, are things looking better for Adland in 2010? Campaign Brief asked astrologist Jemaine Caspersz for an analysis of the star signs of the top creative directors in Australia and New Zealand. (If you're a creative in any agency in Australia and New Zealand, CB can add your name to our list. Email your star sign to

Breathe a sigh of relief when sensible Capricorns are on board.  These people can be counted on when it all goes pear shaped. While others are losing their emotional heads they keep it together. Nothing is beyond their ability; they are capable of undertakings of an enormous magnitude.  They mean business, and move steadily building their empire quietly. After all they are the mountain goat, so they will be on top of the summit while the rest have fallen into a scrap heap.
Capricorn in 2010: Major career steps are taking place, now and the years to come.  If there was ever a time to work and live the dream this would be it. In this GFC time, you more than anyone know how to economise, and you will of course profit nicely too.  Inspirational ideas will be expressed with enthusiasm and persuasiveness. Comprehen-sion of complex subjects will be articulated with clarity. Much will be asked of you and much will be gained, but you wouldn't want it any other way, would you?
(Andy Blood, Derek Craig).

Unconventional Aquarians are cool and chilled out, nothing fazes them. Intriguing and complex they are at times a little hard to understand. However, their mind is brilliant and inventive. Their mental antennae is tuned rather high picking up original ideas out of thin air.  Individualistic by nature they think outside the box, creative ideas are so out there some just don't get it.  These futuristic people are light years ahead of the rest of us, often creating groundbreaking concepts in the new world.
Aquarius in 2010: Aquarians, you have arrived. Looking back, you realise just how far you've ventured. This year it's about $$$, show me the moolah!  But firstly the gain before the pain, you know your value, which is very high on the stock market. You're ready to make a deal, and yes (kaching kaching!) you will profit nicely.  Travel of the expansive kind is going to take you far away from your comfort zone.  Connections with other countries will open your horizons in ways you never thought possible.
(Craig Davis, Simon Bookallil, Rodd Martin).

Pisceans are not from this galaxy.  Highly creative, they receive their imaginative ideas from another stratosphere. Visions come to them in a dream state, usually at night, in the cover of darkness.  Because they pick up so much external stimuli they seem preoccupied, but they're just mulling it over. Often they have a dreamy look in their watery eyes and seem to be searching over the horizon perhaps for the next genius idea. Deep down they fantasise about being an award winning author or even a rock star.
Pisces in 2010: Whew, 2009 has finally come to a close. You're time starts now and there ain't a moment to waste. This is your year, luck is on your side and in your sign; so opportunities will be aplenty.  Fortunes will do a 360, the outcome will be optimistic.  Taking enormous creative risks will be worth it, you're in a win win situation. However, with your new found confidence, don't be so intent in having it all your way; you may get a few noses out of joint.
(Steve Back, Matty Burton, Ant Shannon, Neil Lawrence, Scott Whybin, Shaun Branagan, Martin Brown, Matt Shirtcliffe).

High flyer Arians are those who raise the bar, and venture out, where no has quite gone before.  They don't think big, they think world domination, so their revolutionary ideas are usually on a grand scale. These go getters, never take no for an answer; persistence wins through in the end.  Being rather bossy these fiery people do get a little heated, but all is forgiven as their motivation and drive is infectious. It's no wonder that everyone wants to be on the team of these winners.
Aries in 2010: Determined to make up for lost time since 2009, your energy will be unstoppable for the first part of the year. Not one to take a back seat, you will be out there getting yourself seen and heard.  Progressive new thinking changes your environment, you challenge the status quo, a calculated risk pays off. Power comes into play not only for 2010 but for many years to come. You have the influence to create or eradicate.  Use it wisely.
(David 'Nobby' Nobay, Paul Nagy, Bob Isherwood, David Morris, Paul Fenton, Andrew Ostrom, Grant Rutherford, Angus Hennah, Jo Sellars).

Slow and steady definitely wins the race when it comes to a Taurus.  They may not go in all guns a blazing, but they know how to seal the deal especially when it comes to the big bucks. Driven by a dollar value, they want to see tangible results for efforts; otherwise it's just a waste of time. Generally placid and calm, but don't push them. Being the sign of the bull it's probably best to get out of their way when you see them charging, towards you.
Taurus in 2010: Last year was a milestone, you came, you saw, you conquered! Goals will be bearing the fruits of your effort. Not one to rest on success, you make plans well into the future so you can constantly stay ahead of the game. Much will be asked of you in 2010, the responsibilities will be enormous, but you don't shy away from obligations. Achievement and recognition on a global scale is achievable.  Look out world you're a force to be reckoned with.
(James McGrath, Luke Chess, Ant Keogh, Duster, Georgia Arnott, Graham Nunn, Tom Moult).

Quick thinkers with a desire for constant change, Gemini's razor sharp minds are suited to the fast paced media industry. Their lingo is clever and amusing which translates well into witty dialect.  These intellects assimilate as much information as possible and are trivia junkies because of their unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Usually they have the latest communication gadgets and multi task by listening to their I-pod, browsing the net and flicking the remote control for mental stimulation.  It's no wonder they have a million ideas to sell.
Gemini in 2010: In 2010 you will be hurled into the spotlight, public recognition or promotion transpires. Self confidence will be strong which gives you the impetuous to take risks on creative brainwave inspirations. These innovative ideas will reach a wider audience than you thought possible. The more you put yourself out there the more positive the feedback.  Reinvent yourself and create a dynamic new persona. This is really no time to be a shrinking violet.
(Richard Maddocks, Garry Horner, Andrew Tinning, Ben Welsh).

Dejan Rasic-SMALL.jpgCancer
Cancers may not look like they are our out to rule the world but they're working it, just in a low key manner. Don't be fooled, these quietly determined, dark horses are tactical and strategic; no one can pull the wool over their eyes. With a masterful perception, they innately understand people's motives and sense what the public wants. The instinctive creative ability is highly developed, the imagination is powerful and inspired; information is often picked up subliminally and subconsciously.
Cancer in 2010: Energy and enthusiasm will be high for much of 2010. Your wings no longer feel clipped, the world beckons you. Global ventures or international connections will be in the pipeline. Working relationships will be nothing short of dynamic. Alliances are formed with the powerful who will have a tremendous impact on your future.  Getting the green light, you will have prosperity to make money and see returns on investments. Of course there will be a few obstacles but nothing that you cannot overcome.
(Dejan Rasic, Warren Brown, Justin Drape, Jay Benjamin, Lionel Hunt, Ron Mather, Franklin Tipton, Simon Collins, Allan (Jo) Johnston, Matt Kemsley, David Rollins, Barry Robinson).

Exuberant Leo's ooze confidence, they are the ones up on stage wining an audience over. And it is not hard to see why; they are a bit of show pony!  Creatively competitive, they want the world and usually get it too. When it does not go their way, they throw a throw a hissy fit with the dramatics of a theatre show. Usually their offices have the golden touch adorned with awards and of course a big throne behind their desk to hold court.
Leo in 2010: 2010 will be auspicious, business ventures and projects show potential to be truly unique and lucrative. Through better working condition and creative freedom, you are able to come into your own.  Enterprising and creatively inventive, you pursue goals with great gusto. Often impatient you are motivated to move plans forward quickly. You are driven if not a little obsessive to see your vision become a reality. Although, avoid being too impulsive or demanding, the world will wait for a great idea.
(Jack Vaughan, Michael Spirkovski, Nicki Mortimer).

For super smart Virgos, research and analysis is their forte, it is no wonder that brilliant ideas are generated after much pondering. Well read on many subjects, they have a sharp incisive writing style, and don't mince their words. With a discerning eye and dedication they get results. Known to be rather finicky, they often drive others and themselves nuts with perfectionist standards. An office inhabited by them is well organised, when they head a department, it usually runs like a well oiled machine.
Virgo in 2010. Well you have made it out of 2009, feeling a lot stronger and powerful if not a little older and wiser. Not one to rush in blindly, you wait in anticipation until the moment's right. Research and planning takes place behind the scenes, mid June 2010 onwards is the time to make your offer. Significant financial gains and account gains are predicted; well after all you have put in hard yards in. Now it's payback time, as they say to the victor belongs the spoils.
(Jonathan Kneebone, Jay Furby, Andy DiLallo, Mike O'Sullivan, Toby Talbot, Julian Watt, Emma Hill, Siimon Reynolds, Simon Langley, Richard Osborn).

Charismatic Librans with their easy going nature know how to work it, so it is not hard to see why most people are easily succumbed to their winning ways. Exchange of ideas and interaction with others keeps them buzzing. They know how to bring talented people together and to mastermind a vision. They prefer harmonious, pleasant working conditions and congenial relationships with colleagues. Scruffiness, tattered jeans, converses trainers isn't their thing but designer threads suits their style and of course in fashionable ink black, the blacker the better.
Libra in 2010: The glamorous life continues in 2010, you're on a role.  Your star will be on the rise, prominence before the public eye occurs.  Networking will be a serious business. Growth and gains takes place through client acquisitions or expansion of departments. Watch out you don't dissipate your energy on too many projects or burn the midnight oil, you're going to need a full tank. The pace will fast and hectic but nothing that someone as unflustered like you cannot handle.
(Matt Eastwood, Nick Worthington, Ben Coulson, Scott Nowell, Cameron Blackley, Murray Redwood, Rudi Vranken, Dale Rhodes, Andrew McKeon).

Endowed with incredible stamina, Scorpio's are straight shooters, they don't suffer fools. Intense and passionate, these all or nothing kinda people give it all when they have a purpose in mind. Most find it hard to keep up with their drive, their energy knows no bounds and they are able to overcome the most problematic obstacles. Dedicated and single- mined, not one to waste time. Rather they narrow in on important tasks with an eye firmly on the prize. Success is assured, they blow most competitors out of the water.
Scorpio's in 2010: An eventful year awaits you, excitement and drama arises, this is the way you like it. A desire to be recognised for your accomplishments will be the focus. And you won't go unnoticed. Creative visions will be fertile, the more out there the idea the wider it will reach an audience. Reaching a pinnacle midyear, you will be in your element. With recognition comes the fortune and you will gain big time. Take it all in your stride you want to play the fame game for a while.
(Micah Walker, Rob Belgiovane, Rocky Ranallo, Bruce Matchett, Jason Ross, Ray Heckendorf, Phil Putnam, John Singleton, Chris Dewey).

Mark Harricks photo.pngSagittarius
Upbeat Sagittarius are eternal optimists, blessed with a great sense of humour, they are well liked.  Being believers they able to turn around everyone's perception through sheer passion for the cause. These freedom lovers are outdoorsy people, and feel a little cooped up especially if stuck in a boardroom for many hours. Brain-storming creative concepts should be done out of the office. There mind goes a million miles a minute, and they always seem to look like they have been jogging, usually from one meeting to another.
Sagittarius in 2010: In 2009, the pressure was on, long days and arduous nights have taken their toll.  It was the case of one foot forward and quite a few back.  This year well the chains that bind are well and truly off.  There is the chance to spread your wings and travel to far off locations through shoots or even a work transfer.  Prominent friendships will be forged of the VIP type, which will be instrumental in establishing your name in the industry, so rather than looking back it is onward and upward.
(Mark Harricks, Dave Bowman, Tom McFarlane, Ray Black, Lindsay Medalia).

(If you're a creative in any agency in Australia and New Zealand, CB can add your name to our list over the next few days. Email your star sign to


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