The Strand Arcade Autumn/Winter campaign inspired by 'Through the Looking Glass'

Picture 1131.pngSydney creative agency, PDC Creative, unveils the Alice in Wonderland inspired Autumn Winter Campaign for The Strand Arcade featuring some of Australia's leading fashion designers.
The campaign is inspired by one of the weirdest mind bending books available, "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carrol. This concept underpinned the creative execution including a fashion shoot in Sydney's heritage manor Lindsay House conceptualised and produced by Caroline Poiner, the agency's creative director, styled by reknowned stylist Vass Avantis along with Julie Provis on hair and make-up with local fashion photographer Peter Collie.
PDC Creative have worked on brand strategy, identity development, visual and photographic style, digital applications, and marketing collateral for the Strand Arcade over the past 18 months .The Autumn Winter campaign puts fashion as hero with couture from resident designer's Alex Perry, Akira, Lisa Ho and Jayson Brunsden whilst drawing on quirky elements such as taxidermy and historical references from the Victorian era. According to PDC, this approach reinforces the unique brand positioning of the Strand Arcade in the competitive, city retail landscape.
Picture 1132.pngSocial media includes Facebook, Twitter and fashion blogs, a Website, EDM's. Print Advertising in Harpers Bazaar, Sydney Magazine & Vogue Australia Mail-out and in centre distribution of seasonal campaign brochure.
Says PDC Creative MD, Matt Poiner: "Once again this has been a great opportunity for our team to do what it does best - strategically-driven highly creative ideas, artfully executed. The Strand Arcade is for the individualist and the style conscious, it is an institution. Here consumers can literally rub shoulders with the big names in Australian fashion in a boutique environment. It is for this reason we continue to reinforce this unique positioning."
Picture 1133.pngSays CD, Caroline Poiner: "The campaign photography captures the Strand Arcade's setting, heritage and its quirkiness - all key differentiators in today's vanilla retail environment - and overlays this with the contemporary Australian designer offer."

Creative Director Caroline Poiner   
Photographer Peter Collie  
Stylist Vass Arvantis  
Hair & Make-up Julie Provis


Anonymous said:

Can someone please explain why this is on the CB site? Isn't there another forum for this category of promotional work?

Anonymous said:

I am so loving that pink dress with the rose! It actually makes me want to revisit the Strand and stock up for Winter... so job well done guys... it looks beautiful, just like the Strand as I last remember it...

Anonymous said:

Beautiful art direction. But the idea is not exactly original.

Jeffrey said:

5:58 & 11:47

Thank you for your constructive insight on the latest Strand Arcade work. It's a privilege knowing I work in an industry with such infallible genius.

Anonymous said:

Come on Michael, can you stop accepting this sort of stuff on your site.

Anonymous said:

Hey Jeff 9.17, we work in very different industries if this is the sort of work you do. That's why I was suggesting there would be a more appropriate forum for this work as it doesn't really fit into what people want to read about on CB.

Jeffrey said:

It's not my work and I assure you we're in the same game.

I just question what the motives are for such passive aggressive comments. Is it like some sort of release thing? Seems to be rife in Australia along with the cropping of peoples names.

Just an observation.

Chris said:

It's a new advertising/promo campaign. It has a right to be reported on and PR'd.

You don't have to like it. You don't have to hate it.

Isn't it just interesting seeing what other people are up to in the industry, even if the work leaves you a little flaccid? It certainly makes this blog a more interesting read when there are more posts than just Clems or Patts latest campaigns.

Suggesting it doesn't have a right to be on here is a little silly.

Come on now rainy face!

Anonymous said:

So all you art directors out there bagging this care nothing for photography and craft? Whilst I agree it's probably not in the ground-breaking ideas category, it's no less relevant than 'Johnny Director signs with Blowarse Films" or posts of that ilk.

Anonymous said:

Fairly weak idea and a very uninspired execution.

I doubt this will achieve anything for the Strand besides a few pats on the back from designers who like seeing their pretty dresses paraded about.

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