Tourism Australia and DDB Sydney launch global campaign - TVC directed by Aussie expat Michael Gracey (T-mobile, Evian 'Roller Babies')

Screen shot 2010-05-31 at 11.44.05 AM.pngMay 31, 2010 - Tourism Australia today launched the second phase of the global campaign to promote Australia, created by its global agency partner DDB Sydney.  Designed to invite the world to discover Australia for themselves, the campaign focuses on what is unique and iconic to Australia - its people and its landscape - through online, print and video.

Shot by acclaimed Aussie expat director Michael Gracey, the man behind the tremendously successful T-mobile campaign and YouTube's most watched commercial, the Evian Roller Babies, the campaign video (iPhone/iPad users view the spot here) will connect consumers with Australia's landscapes and people through a song, jointly composed by musician Josh Abrahams and DDB Sydney, which is sung by a variety of Australians amidst various iconic Australian locations.

(The video has been likened by a few CB Bloggers to the Discovery Channel 'I love the World' spot from 2008 via 72andSunny, Los Angeles, which has had more that 5 millions views on YouTube).
Screen shot 2010-05-31 at 11.49.43 AM.pngScreen shot 2010-05-31 at 11.49.20 AM.pngScreen shot 2010-05-31 at 11.49.11 AM.pngThis follows on from Tourism Australia's There's Nothing Like Australia first phase of activity, which invited Australians to share their favourite holiday experiences in Australia along with local insider tips.  The online promotion, which ran from 15 April to 12 May 2010, received close to 30,000 entries, making it one of the more successful, national user generated campaigns to date. It also provided the basis for the new website, which allows visitors to access an interactive map and find travel experiences based on their personal interests; be it wildlife, culture, activities or destinations.
Taking inspiration from the first phase of activity, the print and video elements of the campaign build on these ideas based on consumer research and trade insights. 
Says Tourism Australia's Executive General Manager Marketing, Nick Baker: "From the get go, we have listened to the Australian public and the industry, and found that 80 per cent of Australians wanted to promote their country as a travel destination.  We worked with the team at DDB Sydney to build a campaign that reflected the views of the consumer, the trade, and the Australian people. It was important to us that this campaign was simple, universally appealing and one that would strike a chord with international visitors by using insights from the Australian people."

Agency: DDB Sydney & TribalDDB
TV Director: Michael Gracey
Production Company: Prodigy Films
Post Production: The Lab
Music: Josh Abrahams
Music production: Trackdown Studios, Fishtank Recording and Nylon
Photography: Anson Smart


Anonymous said:

It's more Roller Babies than T-Mobile.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Stand back - incoming.

Anonymous said:

Ticks the multitude of boxes - should send the punters our way. Job done.

Anonymous said:

Do you really need a director to collate stock footage?

nick said:

Brilliant ad for Australia in the 1980s.

just need a few pics of Jase and Kylie

Anonymous said:

You-- oooh ooooh can't polish a tu - ur ur urd with music.

Anonymous said:

mozzarella, gouda and brie

Anonymous said:

youtubes' most watched commercial???

we said:


Anonymous said:

Rumour has it AFP to seize Matt's passport before he does a runner.

Anonymous said:

I actually like it.

It's not very sophisticated, but I have a feeling that people (tourists) like that idea about us.

Bureau of Meteorology said:

Oh no, hold on tight DDB!
Here comes that storm Sydney has been waiting for.

Anonymous said:

It's a great ad.......for 1980.

Actually probably not as MoJo would've at least written a catchy jingle.

I'm a kiwi and this makes Australia come across as a backward hicksville. That's our bloody territory, so bugger off.

Anonymous said:

is this an ad for or against?

Anonymous said:

It's like a musical and everyone's invited.

JB said:

Clearly DDB's flux capacitor must be working. Otherwise how did they travel back to 1983 to write this godawful mess.

Anonymous said:

Utter bollocks....hear they're all patting themselves on the back round at DDB....must be for a job not well done.

Anonymous said:

I once did a fart that had the distinct waft of roast chicken.

Totally irrelevant, I know, but brings back memories that make me laugh quietly to myself.

Skippy said:

Right strategy, woeful execution.
I think some one said something out of the 80's. I would say the 70's.

Mo and Jo fan said:

I agree, this is someone trying to be Mo and Jo, but totally missing their brilliance.
How sad for Australia. I believe it is worse than "where the bloody hell are you'.
That just made me wonder. This makes me cringe.

Catchy said:

I like it. Captures the spirit of australia, makes people around the world connect with what they think of australia.

'Catchy and dumb', and that.... is Australia.

nice work.

Anonymous said:

What a pile of absolute fucking shit.

Anonymous said:

This makes me want to leave Australia...

Anonymous said:
PGav said:

"That's not a bear" slayed me. iLike.

11:50 said:

@ 12:57

That's what I meant at 11:50.

Anonymous said:

Barry Crocker! Mo would be rolling in his grave.

How bloody embarrassing can it get.

DDB needed to be torched last time and yet they get yet another opportunity. Maybe they should handle Labor for the federal elections and get them another opportunity as well.

Christ; why is it we seem to get what we don't want all the time.

Foxtel said:

Our version for Discovery is heaps better.
The agency hould be fired on the spot!

Anonymous said:

If this ad had come from Brisbane there would be over 100 cynical comments by now!

Anonymous said:

DDBoom De Yah Dah, Boom De Yah Dah, Boom De Yah Day....

Anonymous said:

eerily similar to discovery except discovery is much better.

Anonymous said:

C'mon people, lighten up. It's meant to be a parody, a silly bit of fun with a naff song and cheesy footage. Don't criticise it for anything more. I don't think it's very funny or original though.

Anonymous said:

That's very similar. Just shows it doesn't have to be crap like DDB made it.

Anonymous said:

If you have to rip off the Discovery Channel at the very least make it better

Anonymous said:

I think the danger with a parody spot like this (I am not convinced it IS a parody either) with Australia being the brand, is that people overseas definitely won't realise it is a parody. They'll cringe as much as when you see one of those Malaysia Truly Asia spots or the like. How on earth did they sell this as an idea??

I just think they should resurrect the Paul Hogan spots from the 80s. That would be much more awesome. Or go the full retro look with the grade & online (to make the parody completely obvious to an idiot) on this with some tagline about visiting a timeless land.

As I said though... I have a feeling this isn't a parody

Anonymous said:

read all the 'glowing' comments on what shits me is that now everybody in the industry gets a bad wrap for producing crap....

Anonymous said:

GLEE Australia

Mills said:

Great. We're a nation of idiots.
Americans, Chinese and Japanese will love this.
God bless.

Anonymous said:

Not as bas as the Queensland tourism ads, they are cringeworthy...

Anonymous said:

If only you guys were the audience, your comments would be justified. But you're not. So your comments aren't.

Anonymous said:

2.17PM In case you hadn't noticed this is an advertising blog. So the comments are justified. If these comments were in, say, the NY Times or The Sun newspaper then you might have a point.

Top Aussie director said:

I can't for the life of me see why the agency had to hire an overseas director for this. We have some of the best directors in the world right here who really need the business.

Anonymous said:

I love the koala bit, but...

CREATIVE PLAGIARISM! DDB deserves to be flogged for ripping off Discover Channel.

Anonymous said:

A steaming pile of shit.

Dingo stole my baby said:

Where the bloody hell are ya? Well, at this rate, sitting on a sand bank off the coast of New Zealand, sad

Anonymous said:

Cannot believe the direct rip off of the Discovery channel campaign
thats very poor indeed and hugely dissappointing for a country with some much creativity and original thinking...
we haven't heard the end of this

Anonymous said:

Can someone put a link up for the Discovery Channel ad?

Anonymous said:

Oh Dear. Are we trying to annoy people into visiting Oz?

Anonymous said:

Where will this bad rip-off leave DDB in the next creative rankings?

Anonymous said:

no mention of 'parody' in the PR release.

Some guy said:

Hang the hell on. The target audience wasn't 'jaded bitchy-bums who love nothing more than to bleat on and on and fucking on about ads that will actually do the job they're designed for.'

It'll bring in more tourists. What's the problem?

Anonymous said:

This would have to be THE worst ad I have seen. Bad enough that the agency couldn't come up with anything more visually spectacular (and original) but that tragic 80's soundtrack?! Holy schmoly ... How incredibly embarrassing this is going to air in the UK ... infact anywhere ...

Anonymous said:

What's with the left hand drive 4WD the girls are driving?

Anonymous said:

It's a missed opportunity - tell people what they DON'T know for fuck's sake

Anonymous said:

A MOB of Kangaroos...maybe even a troop, but never a herd

Anonymous said:

Hey....isn't that the brady bunch music???

T said:

4:40 - you're right, it's a mob.

And it's a troupe for Monkeys, so it doesn't work for Kangaroos, but definitely could apply to anyone associated with this shitstorm.

Fuck me dead, what an utter palaver this is.

Anonymous said:

How boring......... all that money for a campaign and the talent we have in Australia and that's the best you can do....It's DDBoring

Anonymous said:

Yet another example of the creatives involved not being credited. Do you think they suspected they'd get abused?

We need to name and shame these people to help stamp out this sort of crap. If you knew you'd be named for doing it, maybe you think twice about presenting it.

Matt P said:

Congrats Paul Sharp and Mike Burdick, massive effort! Atleast you got to tour the entire country, on what was probably the best holiday experience ever.

Anonymous said:

This one really puts the ‘ring’ in ‘cringe’ because, as I watched it, I felt a strange involuntary clenching of my anal sphincter.

Anonymous said:

And we reckon Eurovision's bad.

Anonymous said:

I prefer the Tourism NZ work. its a bit more subtle. Just a bit.

Ian W said:

Hey 4.47! this coming from the guy who posts dare you demand credits you sad twat? You are one evil bastard.

Why don't you give the national CD a blasting over this? He is responsible for selling and approving the ad...and he seems pretty happy with it. I guess you might need to call him for a job some day you asshole.

Anonymous said:

What, no creative credits?

Hoges said:

If they showed a shrimp on the barbie, i woulda bought into it

Anonymous said:

it's getting a caning on twitter from the non-advertising industry avg punters. I think they give an unbiased, less jaded view.

Vegemite Kid said:

Bloody hell. What a crock.

Anonymous said:

ps. case in point (and funny)


The new Tourism Australia ad is a shocker. Let's hope this is an iSnack moment & they recall it

ANDY said:

Unfortunately this campaign will work its butt off.
Good for the client, good for the travel industry, not good for the creatives.

Anonymous said:

Same guy who ran Qantas now runs TA. Big number with people singing all over the place? Not rocket science.

christian said:

it's a real shame this ad made it to is schmulzy crap and DDB deserves to be torched over this one

Anonymous said:

Here's an article written by the editor of ABC's The Drum. Nothing to do with advertising. To summarise, he thinks it's shit.

Anonymous said:

Come back Lara Bingle. All is forgiven.

Jack said:

So, the idea is from the discovery channel. The line is from Wellington. The images , from a string of previous tourism campaigns. Put together with consultation from the Australian public and the tourism industry. Set to a jingle inspired by a 1985 Medowlea commerical. Don't blame DDB, is sounds as if they had very little to do with it.

Anonymous said:

Sure it may not be the greatest piece of creativity but has anyone out there worked with the board of Tourism Australia or any other government body? Got to be one of the hardest things to deal with those dam committees.

Steve said:

National CD, honestly, is this the best DDB can deliver? Or are you happy with the result?

As National Creative Director, it would be interesting to hear your opinion.

We are waiting...

Anonymous said:

What the BLOODY hell...And it's not even original. I bet boring GRUD 07 likes it.

A. Pauled said:

If we're going to deal in the usual cliches at least get someone to film them properly.

Australian Dean Semler springs to mind as I believe he didn't do too bad a job of capturing America in Dances with Wolves.

in fact I believe he got an Oscar.

Anonymous said:

Could have shot a great film with the budget is this the trailer for Australia?

Anonymous said:


Gaylord said:

There’s only ONE thing worse than a diverse series of people contributing one sentence each to a script. It’s when they’re all SINGING that sentence.

Anonymous said:


Orca from the Discovery ad said:

A ‘Great White’ you call me? I think not!

My name is Orcinus Orca, the Killer Whale and rightful Commander of the Seas, loyal servant to the true emperor, Neptune. A bearer of live young, kin to the murdered Order of Cetacea. And I will have my vengeance, in this ad or the next.

Anonymous said:

Please tell me this is a parody.... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

GO said:

I just did a fart and it still didn't cover the stench of this ad.

Anonymous said:

And this is what I love this cynical blog. Brilliant comments, haven't laughed so much in a while.

Geofff said:

Tooheys and Meadow Lea sales will skyrocket

Anonymous said:

Finally, finally, finally, DDB Sydney is being found out - on the world stage- for consistently producing derivative tripe. Chnage is a comin' - and it should start with a long hard look at the 'untouchable's running the place.

(Culturally) cringing Australian said:

I think this spot was made in the 70s or 80s during downtime on the original "Feel like a Tooheys" shoot.

Anonymous said:


Discovery Channel's Agency said:

We want a Creative credit.

Anonymous said:

Woeful. Dreadful. Embarrassing.

Who should be more ashamed, DDB or The Tourism Board that approved this vomit producing tripe?

Sure, clients get the work they deserve - but even so....DDB this really is a new low for you

Anonymous said:
Anonymous said:

I see Toby coming to the rescue!

Anonymous said:

Like it or hate it - aside from the obvious comparison to the very charming discovery channel promotion and the fact that the idea isn't groundbreaking, I would imagine that this film will work really well because it's designed to be shown in places outside Australia. It isn't for "us" to see.

I assume that this commercial is based heavily on research that reflects the way we are perceived and liked by the rest of the world and what gives us our unique selling points and charm.

I've read some of the reaction in the mainstream press and the view point reflected within only re-enforces this. Australians still long to be seen as sophisticated and worldly because of our long standing inferiority complex. Whilst we are generally not the complete boguns we once were (unless you take into account the antendee's at a touring car race of course) we're still a pretty simple, affable and outgoing lot that's well liked around the globe. We're also perceived as big country with lots of weird animals, some cuddly some not, that's safer to go and visit than some other parts of the world we compete with.

The majority of the markets that will watch this commercial already have long established cultures that are supposedly more sophisticated. Imagine showing the Victorian Tourism films in Europe. They'd all be looking out there windows for a large ball of string. They don't want to see the Paris end of Collins street or wonder around around a city that has a few lane ways that look like they could belong somewhere else. They're curious to see the land of Dorothea Mackeller, the sunburnt country, the land of sweeping plains and of ragged mountain ranges. They want to experience zinc on their nose and the feeling of dry sunburnt lips.

A lot of them (especially the young testosterone filled traveller variety) would also dream of sharing it with a couple of cute old school blonde sheilas in the outback. They don't want Maria next door.

So therefore I'd have to agree with the third comment on the blog and would have to say well done DDB...

"...Ticks the multitude of boxes - should send the punters our way. Job done...."

And to self proclaimed "top Aussie director"... Michael Gracey is Australian and a very talented one at that. He just happens to live outside the country.

Anonymous said:

Why was this TVC not filmed by an Australian director. Surely a TVC promoting Australia should be directed by an Australian.
And isn't this account political and if so, why did they (the Agency & Client) allow this to happen?
Very bad form.

Anonymous said:

Thanks for that Matt E.

Anonymous said:

Did he just leave the country in a bit of a hurry?

Anonymous said:

some of these comments are genuinely funny

Peter Tork said:

“Hey, hey this is Australia!”

Anonymous said:

Not only was it directed by an American, the ad was written by a Yank and Art Directed by a Brit....ask anyone at DDB.

Anonymous said:

where's the creative credits? come on, own up.

Anonymous said:

June 1, 2010 10:37 AM

idiot, gracey is an aussie

Anonymous said:

It was shot by an international director intentionally.
For the same reason it was written by an international creative team.
International perspective. It's not for Australians.

Anonymous said:

Michael is much more talented than this 80's retrospective. Who's the producer?

Anonymous said:

The TV ad was created by TA themselves more than anyone else and in particular the guy who runs them. The focus on this blog is sadly on the wrong aspect of the campaign. The website where Aussies themselves point out the best of their country to the rest of the world is the main destination of the campaign:

Anonymous said:

Wow, you 'creative' people just don't get it. This ad for an INTERNATIONAL audience. Australia's biggest inbound travel market will LOVE it - the Japanese and Chinese LOVE cutsie, the Americans LOVE schmaltz and the Europeans LOVE Eurovision (as in the actually do like it!). The whole idea of the ad is to get folks downunder. Yes, I'm a creative and I find that I want to put my finger down my throat, BUT it WILL get people here. THAT is the most important thing.

Anonymous said:

im a kiwi and i love this ad, makes me patriotic

Anonymous said:


The most important thing is to get your fucking finger off the Caps key.

Anonymous said:

So in a nutshell Mr CAPS aka 11.58, you reckon, INTERNATIONAL LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE BUT, WILL THAT. I see what you're saying...wanna meet in the public toilets.

Footy Show for an Emmy Award - shit yeah mate! said:

Qantas can do a big sing-a-long in multiple Australian locations and you don't feel cheap and that your brain is rotting. Oh and people overseas love it.

Discovery Channel can do a big sing-a-long across multiple locations and it's engaging and watchable.

This feels like is was written by General Pants after a few cans maaaate.

Anonymous said:

Throw another SHIT on the barbie.

Anonymous said:

Has anyone noticed the two girls in the outback driving on the left side of the car.

When did we change sides.?

Anonymous said:

How exactly will this work in China, in English...... just a thought.

Like the website though.

Anonymous said:

I don't know what general press comments you are reading 10.36. The SMH bloggers have figured out it is a rip off and are burning the blog down....

Anonymous said:

So 1.39 - This is burning down the SMH blog??

"As an eastern suburbs Chardonnay socialist, I'll be honest and admit that I like it. My American partner and I agree. It's who and what we are. Let's all stop pretending and wishing otherwise."

Anonymous said:

I couldn't get past the first few seconds. First the Meadow Lea jingle, then the Qantas shot. I just couldn't stomach any more.

Onya AT. Somehow I think leaving the creative credits off this post was deliberate.

Anonymous said:

Australia just DESPERATELY wants to be appreciated for more than:

- A vast sprawling country
- Hosting welcoming barbies
- A fine and sunny disposition
- Drunkenly befriending strangers
- An uncomplicated, easy going nature
- And cute, furry things that mainly come out at night.

And so did most of my ex-girlfriends, but that doesn’t mean THEY had any more to offer either!

Stats Man said:

120 comments. This is already on the CB All Time Most Comments list (see panel at right of blog, a fair bit down). Will there be 200 comments by tomorrow? (I think there's a 89% chance of that).

Anonymous said:

Gee, 1.59.... I hope you didn't brag to the others at DDB about how you defended the faith. Really, really not a great idea to get people to have a look at the smh blog for themselves. Here is a selection of comments between 9am and 11am this morning.

100% Pure......BOGAN

Ugh. I am so ashaaaaamed. Can we petition that this doesn't go abroad? NO ONE MUST SEE THIS

Dame Edna will have a ball with this. Cringe Aussies cringe.

I cannot express how bad that is. Way to make us all look like bogans!

Was that the opening credits to Skippy?

Shocking! Hopefully Tourism Australia will ask the question "Where the bloody hell is my refund?!". In the great Aussie tradition, sack the [person] who did this!!!!!

What were they thinking? - this is real 'LCD' (lowest common denominator stuff) -

this ad is truly awful - what sort of people will it attract? obviously not ones with taste (and probably money),

Just more backpackers, uneducated English gits and loud Texan's!

What have we become - welcome to 'Bogantralia'

I am home after living in the US for nine years. My American mates are going to DESTROY me when they see this. Shockingly, they are fully aware that we are not the cuddly, cartoonish characters that half-witted ad execs would have them believe.

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn ... the brief for the advertising agency must have been ... whatever you do don't be creative, go to the archives, grab every cliche clip you can find, try to avoid really old ones in black and white, and bung it all together. As for the song ... don't get me started!!!!

Here is an alternate version!

Verse 1:
There is nothing like bogan
Who wants to smash your face
He thinks you don't belong here
That you're from another race
Who cares that you were born here
Or your parents too.
Your complexion!
Your sirname!
Means that your're not welcome

Da da da dahh
Da da da dahh
Da da da dahh da daah da dahhh

Verse 2
Go down to the shire
Wear the Cronulla cape
Act like an utter boofhead
And impress your mates
Give us all a bad reputation
For all the world to see
Wear the Southern Cross as a tattoo
And sing along with me

There's nothing like Australia

Verse 3
A culture of binge drinking
Of speaking through one's nose
Foreigners are welcome
But don't arrive by boat

There's nothing like Australia
There's nothing like Australia
There's nothing like Australia
There's nothing like Australia

ITS PLAGIARISM. THIS TUNE AND ITS ACTION CAPTION FLOW IS IDENTICAL TO DISCOVERY CHANNEL..'.I like the earth....' where talkshow host will sing or talk along..e.g.the astronaut sings while floating is space.., Eygptian Mummy.., Bear/Man Vs Wild.., The Alaskan Fishing Crew,.....Ending with 'The World Is Awesome'.

I have watched enough TV to see through its similarities in concept and approach.

Anonymous said:

Has everyone overlooked the fact that over 90% of Australians shown the ad liked it and felt emotionally engaged with it? At the end of the day, bogans or not, if the vast majority like it, then regardless of originality or not, its done the job. I don't think its that bad. Seen worse. Remember Meadownick eye dancing lady? Yeah.

Anonymous said:

Genius, 3.26. Pure and simple.

Anonymous said:

Hey 3.40 planner. That might've been in focus groups. That's not real life.

Anonymous said:


Sources please. Don't believe that for a second.

Anonymous said:

Am I really that cringe worthy...

Anonymous said:

Trouble is that the ad most of you actually want will do fuck all for tourism. Sure, You'll love every piece of Victoria's ads are cool and make you feel smart and all, but if we portrayed Australia like that to anyone in Europe we'd just encourage them to go to Paris or Barcelona or Berlin or... We need to get ourselves and let this actually do it's job. Talk to a Japanese tourist and ask them what they think. They'll absolutely love it.

Anonymous said:

full flush

Anonymous said:

I am glad someone linked to the discovery channel advert on youtube because I really enjoyed it.they are very similar.Both excellent adverts!

Anonymous said:

Groundbreaking and effective should not be mutually exclusive. A brand with such a rich heritage as DDB, should be able to achove both quite honestly.

Anonymous said:

Actually, I was reminded of the Honda 'Grrrr' jingle too. Well done DDB.

Anonymous said:

Just you watch the masters of spin kick into action at DDB..."It feels good to create a piece of communication that has single-handedly polarised a nation" etc etc

Anonymous said:

im still in school and hoping to make it into advertising

can someone tell me how such shit can be produced by an agency with a big budget.......

Anonymous said:

be the change you wish to see in the world = stop acting generally like small minded uneducated idiots and the world might treat/see us differently

the balls in our court, each and every day. lets not indulge the worst parts of australian culture any chance we have, starting with how and what we write in comment on this blog.

Anonymous said:

this is how the BBC Online see the ad:

Kangaroos skipping playfully through the bush, a barbie on the beach, a brace of surfers waiting for the first big wave of the day, a local pub "where everyone's your mate," a sea plane skimming over the Great Barrier Reef, an Aborginal elder stood in front of Uluru, a ferry carving through Sydney harbour, with the Opera House and bridge in the background, and, of course, the mandatory koala. All to the bouncy refrain of a catchy new song, "There's Nothing Like Australia".

I speak, of course, of Tourism Australia's long-awaited new global advertisement, where no cliché and stereotype is left un-reinforced. It appears to have been cobbled together by Paul Hogan and Barry "Bazza" McKenzie after a long night on the grog, with the occasional idea hurled in by Sir Les Patterson and pictures gleaned from the past 10 years of Qantas in-flight advertisements. Needless to say, I think it's brilliant.

I've long thought, and have written before, that Tourism Australia could save itself a lot of money by simply re-running Paul Hogan's "C'mon Say G'day" campaign, which was such a smash hit in the 1980s. The reason is simple: the rest of the world loves the very clichés which make many Australians cringe. Regular readers of this blog already know how sophisticated, fashionable and up-to-moment I think you all are. But that discovery comes as an added bonus for visitors. When most tourists touch down in Australia they want to have caught sight of a koala, and ideally a kangaroo as well, by lunchtime.

"Stone the crows, are they fair dinkum about this flamin' ad?" asks the Sydney Morning Herald, in which the writer Rick Feneley suggests the new ad "casts us as a nation of tone-deaf bogans caught in a '70s time-warp." On the blogosphere some have already described the ad as "bogan pride at its best", and "cringeworthy". Another commentator asks: "When will we shake these dowdy, 50-year-old stereotypes?"

My take, for what it's worth, is that you have already shaken many of them, but when it comes to global advertising campaigns it is worth taking the self-inflicted hit. After all, playing to your strengths means playing to your clichés. Previous campaigns, which have asked people to take a fresh look at a modern, thrusting Australia, have bombed. So while the new ad may be an "ocker shocker", it arguably might work precisely for that reason.

The problem seems to arise when people start equating a 90-second tourism advertisement with our old friend, a complete summation of Australia's national identity. But if it looks like a tourist ad, and sounds like a tourism ad then the chances are it is just that - a tourism ad.

Anonymous said:

Did you have the Shiraz or the Pinot 5:13...seems to be working

Anonymous said:


It's just SO bad.

There's nothing like aged cheese if you ask me.

At least the Yanks might like it.

Top Australian ECD who is from Africa who doesn't work at DDB. said:

I just want to be the last person to comment on the piece of shite

Ross said:

5:23. You made (or relayed) some good comments. Maybe clichés are what international tourists want to see. After all, who goes to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. But those clichés could have been presented in a much more interesting and creative interesting manner.

Anonymous said:


This was meant to be an ad for that other big client of theirs that really DOES use cheese in their products. P

Bet they really produced this ad for Macca's but even they rejected it. Probably the double cheeseburger.

So DDB rebadged it with Tourism Australia and kept the cheese.

Pause so we can think for a second guys... said:

Execution, bogan casting and unoriginality aside, this ad completely misses the mark here.

It's far more English or American than Australian.

We're known for taking the piss out of ourselves and not taking things overly serious. 'Throw another shrimp on the barbie mate.... just fuckin' relax and grab us a caaan little johnny...'

This one has Australians in yet another 'parade' style ad saying 'there's nothing like Australia'.

Bit fuckin' arrogant don't you think?

Anonymous said:

Newsflash for all you wankers - tourists don't come here to see your fucking awards. They come for all the postcard cliches depicted in the ad. It won't win any Campaign Brief blog compliments, nor should it fucking want to. Its job is to drive tourism, and it will probably work its fucking pants off.

The sooner people in this industry realise that our job is to help clients sell shit, and get paid well to do it, the better. Whether you personally like creative work is fucking irrelevant. The only question that should ever be asked is 'will it work?'. Seriously, can anyone honestly disagree with that?

If you just want to make shit that you like and is 'cool', quit the industry and become an artist, not a creative. I'm not saying you do lazy or shit work, just that your only consideration should be, will it be effective?

fez said:

fuck that is TERRIBLE. I am embarrassed for my country. we look like white australia too - shameful.

'safter 12 gettusabeer love said:

Valid comment 7:34, and surely media spend and time will tell how effective it is. At the moment we can only view it from a creative standpoint, and to me it feels arrogant. There's plenty of places like Australia. Alabama for a start (Krudd reference intentional).

Anonymous said:

Nup.... It's still shite.

Anonymous said:

The director is Australian. He is rep'd overseas because he is good.

Frank Zappa said:

I’m moving to Montana.

Anonymous said:

7.34pm...since when have ATL creatives been bothered about effectiveness!

Sorry, but... said:

Hugh Jackman's absence is deafening.

Anonymous said:

I feel sorry for the people that have poured their heart and soul into making this for the last year.

Anonymous said:

I don't mind that its ocker. But it's not funny, not interesting, it's nothing. It's an expensive mood real with a soundtrack and the soundtrack isn't that good. When are we going to stop just "showing real people doing real things, real moments" and start to make some ads. The Australian ad industry is lazy and insipid and I don't just mean the clients.

Anonymous said:

@ 7:34 I totally agree with your point but........... if you are happy to be portrayed as a backwards tonedeaf redneck then shame on you.
We can have the picture postcard images they are bog standard and work well. Pretty sure that most people are upset by the way we as a people are portrayed not the country.

I love the pictures in this spot I'm just fed up with the archaic portrayl of a white 'Mick Dundee' version of who we are. Surely we don't consider ourselves that way (if we do shame on us all) so why would we tell it that way to the rest of the world.

If you're happy to attract the type of tourist that turns up takes the piss leaves a mess then fucks off telling everyone when they get home how were almost like them but have a way to go we should send them to stay at your house.

Anonymous said:

Anonymous said:

I am 8 and what is this?

That bloke who always asks the obvious questions said:

We all have to create rubbish, but why would DDB PR this?

Anonymous said:

in this case DDB and Tourism Australia have a responsibility to PR this.
word around the traps is that it cost $2.9 million.
as a taxpayer i'm not just embarrassed i'm angry!!!

Anonymous said:


It is interesting to note that no DDB creative names, including the National Creative Director, are anywhere to be seen in this pr article. Very telling indeed.

Seriously, the execution of this ad alone, empty of any powerful idea, is pretty average at best. A 'herd' of kangaroos etc really hammers home the basic lack of care and professionalism put into this cringeworthy production.

Tourism New Zealand has successfully proven for many years that is possible to keep it simple, have an idea and be universally appealing.

As for the Mickey Mouse jingle, it makes this blown out and creatively lazy effort a very poor imitation of the charming Discovery Channel ad. (Actually not fair really putting the Discovery Channel work anywhere near this amateur hour attempt.)

Wasn't it bad enough that tax payers had to watch their hard earned dollars 'go walkabout' with the indulgent folly that was the Baz Luhrmann directed ad campaign?

Obviously not.

The fact that DDB are happy to serve up this second installment of 'we've totally lost the creative plot' and AT think this is the best work Australian ad agencies have to offer is just incomprehensible.

Anonymous said:

So many people here are banging on about the brief - I think the brief would've been completely reasonable and unsurprising and, to others in the industry, nothing but a huge opportunity. Of course it would've been to highlight all the things that make Australia attractive and unique and indeed play up the lovable stereotypes (as much as we might hate them).

What is truly tragic is what DDB did with this brief - merely plagiarise a lovely, quite original piece of communication without even capturing the smallest ounce of its positive qualities. Unlike Discovery Channel, the idea is unoriginal. the vision is un-engaging, the song is woefully confused between charming ditty and big anthemic song. What else were you accountable for DDB? Really, what CAN you blame on the client? They merely approved your best effort (!)

Whether it 'works' for Tourism or not, it's an appalling example of what advertising creatives are meant to be about. A suit could've made this, in fact a TV Network promo dept would probably put your year of 'creative' effort to shame in an ad-break.

Will Think for Salary said:

Ah well... now we all know what The Gruen Transfer 2.0 is going to open with.

Anonymous said:

...perhaps then we might actually hear from DDB's National Creative Director?

Anonymous said:

Sometimes, when you've got a bloody good product, all you have to do is show it.

This ad at least shows it - something the Baz Luhrman disaster failed to do.

Anonymous said:

I was gonna say that maybe, just maybe there might have been a very slight chance that this ad being so so so bad, it might actually work?

But then I thought different.

Anonymous said:

3.31 you didn't show it, you mutilated it. Nice deflection though.

Expat said:

Top Aussie Director.

Micheal Gracey is Australian...............

Yes Minister said:

Hey there The Right Honorable Martin Ferguson,
bet you wished you didn't sign of this nightmare.
You have screwed up big time.
You must now stand up and stop this going to air,
or on your watch, Australian Tourism will be a global
laughing stock!
As for DDB, hang your heads in shame.

Anonymous said:

Oh please. Stop blaming DDB. They don't deserve to be singled-out.

Reality check said:

People, we're talking the Australian Government here. Not every client is Nike or Boags, and not every brief is "Alien v. Predator on telly this week," or we'd all be rolling in Lions.

Anonymous said:

This will do for Australia what Borat has done for the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Anonymous said:

Surely the person who should be most ashamed of themselves is Josh Abrahams. From "Totally Addicted To Bass" to this?! How much did they pay you to stoop so low??? Utter utter utter shite.

Anonymous said:

1:41pm. Why not blame DDB? They produced this crap didn't they? Yes the music is utter shite but DDB served this crap up in the form of a script didn't they?

If it was even remotely well received they would have PR'd the shit out of themselves. Instead because it's a steaming turd they say nothing and credit no-one.

Of course they should face the music. The Australian taxpayer wants answers.

Anonymous said:

Bloody worse ad I've ever seen mate! If you had anything to do with this rubbish don't tell !

Anonymous said:

Old Bill would be turning in his grave!

fuckwit number 1 said:

Why should the National Creative Director comment on this blog? It's a forum for anonymous fuckwits. Nobody takes any serious notice of the comments left on here apart from the other fuckwits looking for a response to their 'this is shit' ramblings.

Which is fine, I'm one of them, and will be on here later looking for a response to this post.

But don't demand to hear from the people responsible for the work, they're not obliged to say anything.

Anonymous said:

Ahh yes . Walk into a pub and EVERYone is your mate. Except the bloke with the rat tail and PIRTEK jumper, his mate with the tats and the 20 somethings that want to knock your head off. Oh yeah just past the poker machines and the videos of a rugby leauge clash from 2 years ago there is a quiet place withe the smokers outside.
I thought we were past all the cringy stuff.

The only big suprise is that Julia Gillard didnt order the add.

Its that cheesy and corny I half expected Kochy to be in there "Ohhh lets all cheer because its un australian if we dont". Oi oi oi. CHrist I hate that chant....

Anonymous said:

At least bingle was eye candy.......
Surley they could have fitted a HQ holden, meat pie, someone having a sickie and a team from the NRL / AFL assulting someone while on drugs/ a boozy night out.

Anonymous said:

The reports coming in are looking great.

Could this be the worst tourism ad ever done?

Flashback said:

@ 1:04

Speaking of bingle: it’s interesting to note that although, technically, she’s not in the ad, she still kinda is, in spirit. The girl towards the end at about 1:20 seconds is a dead ringer.

Cosmic coincidence? Casting in-joke?
Intentional ‘reference’ in light of the Baz Luhrmann derailment?

You tell me… Hey, I’m just putting it out there.

Japanese Business man said:


I am Japanese man. Hai! I watch Japanese Story movie with big white woman. Hai!

I tink good. Hai!

I like koala.

Occasional visitor (to the land and blog) from overseas said:

The vast majority (who in reality are represented, one suspects, by a small malicious minority) of the comments above are right and yet at the same time utterly wrong.

They're right in pointing out it's not a breakthrough piece of creative thinking, top marks for stating the obvious!

But they are so wrong in suggesting it's a bad piece of advertising. This ad will work it's socks off by doing that very thing which causes you all so much embarrassment, showing the clichés in a bold and unabashed way. We visitors to your continent can't wait to see all those things. And those of you who are so worried that the world will we see you as unsophisticated should embrace this fact, because it is the one that will draw people over where they can find out the "sophisticated truth" for themselves in person.

So fear not, the ad will work, people will come and if that is not your fear, and the truth is that your real fear is that the international advertising community will see you as backward, you are clearly in this game for the wrong reasons.

This is what the Brits think (who would be probably the most critical of your overseas audiences)

It takes time said:

If you can make it to the 45 second mark, the track gets better. Slightly.

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