How would your agency market Julia Gillard?

Julia Gillard Sphere.jpegWhen The Age approached several Melbourne advertising agencies to comment on how they would sell Julia Gillard  for the next election, adland delivered a taster of what's to come as we near an election. Among the commentators was The Sphere Agency's creative director, Darren Fishman, who mocked up the campaign pictured left, featuring Gillard as "The Best Man for the Job". We felt that gender would be an issue that would sway some people, even if that's just on a subconscious level, says Fishman, when CB asked him to explain his approach. "It's something we thought you couldn't get away from as many people might vote for her because she IS a woman (judging from the reaction to her becoming PM), while some may alternatively vote AGAINST her for the same reason. So we came up with something that we believed tackled both sides of the argument," he says.


Fishman's advert plays on the expression, 'The best man for the job is a woman', hopefully creating appeal to the female market on that level. 

"At the same time, for people who might not feel comfortable with a female in the top job, the line 'The best man for the job...' we feel works to convince them that regardless of gender, Julia Gillard is the best person to fill the position," he says. "Whichever way someone might take it, the headline works well to attract the attention and talkability any campaign desires."

Julia10 is the idea put forward by Ben Coulson, ECD at George Patterson Australia (pictured left). He told The Age that Gillard's the most exciting personality in politics since Bob Hawke.

"He was replaced by the slickest Italian-suit-wearing politician we've ever known, who got replaced by an uber-nerd, and he got knocked off by an uber-nerd who speaks Mandarin. So it's been a very long time since we've felt any kind of affinity to a person who is, as well, a politician."


Anonymous said:

I wonder why agencies are so misogynistic? For hubs of supposed creative thinking their attitudes are from the 1950s. Agencies are like the catholic church is for pedophiles?

Anyone got any answers why??? Seriously i just don't get it?

Age said:

Nice one Daz...

Anonymous said:

4.15 I think that might be missing the point. Both agencies are reflecting what Australian people are thinking, and undoubtedly the fact that Julia is a woman has been the most talked about element of her taking on the mantle of PM. It's a brand truth about Gillard, so there's no ignoring it.

Anonymous said:

The best marketing for Julia Gillard is being done by Tony Abbott, every time he opens his mouth.

He seems to be almost visibly shrinking in stature, day by day.

Gordo said:

4.15 - could be a result of punctuation abuse. What do you think????

Anonymous said:

Well better everyone talking about her personal life as opposed to her abilities.

She must be loving how her personal life is a smokescreen for political life.

Anonymous said:

It's because they're all run by men 4.15.

Anonymous said:

I agree 5:15, but in America the ads didn't go out and say 'Vote for the Black guy.'

Would have been piss funny if they had.

Anonymous said:

4;15 I think your on the wrong website/industry with that response

Anonymous said:

She needs a top lip. Don't trust anyone with thin lips. That's what my mum always told me.

Anonymous said:

That tee shirt is the exact opposite of what a good tee should do... no soul, no truth. It's ery shallow and way off the point.

Really, if you have half a brain, her gendre is irrelevent. Horrible idea.

Anonymous said:

"The best man fro the job'.


Why are we so eager to show our lack of intelligence?

Anonymous said:

"The best man fro the job'.


Why are we so eager to show our lack of intelligence?

Anonymous said:

10.54 and 10.55

Would that be the Groan Transfer?

Anonymous said:

I'm with 4:15. This is fucked. Yesterday's Telegraph was a Julia love story and it did not even talk about the female factor. Ad agencies are more backward that the Telegraph! Maybe this is why the advertising old blokes are getting the shove - cos they are out of touch with the people.

i'm a 31 year old male and none of my crew give a shit that she is female. It's a non issue.

Not for me said:

The ad may as well have said "She's got balls" which misses the point (being that she's the best "Leader") so it's not for me. I mean where do you stop... would the Libs then reply with "She'll never go through labour"?

And the Tee is sadly derivative and passe in one. The last thing La Gillard wants is to be perceived in any way reminiscent of Rudd - so it's not for me.

My guess is the ALP will ultimately opt for a strategy that's a combo of Better Leader and Finish the Job - mashed up to be something beige - so it'll also not be for me.

Someone with experience in election campaigns said:

A week or two ago, when these ideas were floated in the media and Julia's 'appointment' was still a novelty , gender was indeed a significant issue.

Since then, alas, her competence and unconvincing spin have become the focus.

ANDY said:

You can't dig any deeper than the poster headline because everything she touched
has turned to sh.t , it's going to get worse.

Anonymous said:

it's 'you're' you cretins, not 'your'. (see July 7 9.18) Really. Get it right. You shouldn't even be working in advertising if you can't even use the English language correctly. And why isn't an accusation of misogynism appropriate for this blog? That's a universal issue... not one from which planet advertising is isolated nor excused. Grow up.
INDIGNANT of Katoomba

Anonymous said:

Typical advertising industry to focus on the fact she's a woman. Even the average Herald Sun reader is over that. It just reflects what a pack of idiot males who think that australia shares their every thought, work in advertising.

Anonymous said:

8.46pm - Lighten up! Maybe the pack of idiot males should have focused on the fact she's got red hair and done a "ranga" joke instead?
Without getting an actual brief from the Labor Party, what did you expect the agencies to produce, except something deliberately designed to get the attention of people and be slightly provocative?
Can't wait for the election and the real campaign to come out... Something exciting like "Working together". That would really showcase some agency thinking.

Average Herald Sun Reader said:


It may come as a huge surprise to you, but not EVERYTHING is about Daddy.

Chris said:

Hey friends. I did the T-shirt with Ben. All a bit of fun isn't it? A bit of a spoof on the famous Kevin07 tee. Just thought I'd clear that up as a few of you may have missed that and gone and got yourselves a little worked up over a novelty item.

As 9:48PM mentioned, there aren't too many agencies out there willing to post a serious campaign for a national election, for free.

Nice to be invited to contribute. Thanks to 'The Age'. Especially for the front page placement.

Anonymous said:

Well said, Chris.

Too many haters on this site.

Look closer said:

This concept could depict all manner of things:

(a) An empowering female gender symbol
(b) An empty zero with a small inverted cross hanging off it
(c) A plan view of an un-raised toilet seat complete with stylised hinge.

It depends on your perspective.

Anonymous said:

Yeh, good point Chris & good concept to. I'd wear the tshirt. I think 2010 election will be remembered as the one when we first voted in a woman, and a good politician also.

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