RMIT and AWARD School make the YoungGuns top 10 global ad schools, ranking 5th and 6th


RMIT and AWARD School are the two Australian schools ranked in the YoungGuns top 10 advertising schools worldwide, placing fifth and sixth respectively. New Zealand's Media Design School featured in fourth place, giving the Trans-Tasman region three of the top 10 places. Miami Ad School in Germany topped the list with alumni of the school picking up the Student YoungGun of the Year award three times in the past decade, in 2005, 2008 and 2009.  

The Top 10 Schools ranking identifies the schools that have produced the most awarded creative students in the 10 years since the YoungGuns were founded.  The USA took the second and third spots in the ranking, with the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Miami Ad School in Florida respectively. The Miami Ad Schools in Minneapolis and San Francisco also placed.  From Europe, schools in Sweden and Norway feature in the top 10. in addition to Germany's number one spot. 


The top 10 


1 Miami Ad School, Europe Germany

2 School of Visual Arts New York USA

3 Miami Ad School, Florida USA

4 Media Design School New Zealand

5 RMIT University Australia

6 AWARD School Australia

7 Berghs School of Communication Sweden

8 Miami Ad School, Minneapolis USA

9 Miami Ad School, San Francisco USA

10 Westerdals School of Communication Norway


Entries are now open for the world's best young professionals and students to enter this year's awards, which recognize emerging creative talent in a number of fields and are the premier global platform for defining creative talent -


Over the next month, YoungGuns will release a number of other Top 10 rankings on a specially designed, website  that celebrates the young talent and incubator organizations that have nurtured those creative aspirations across YoungGuns last 10 years. 



Anonymous said:

Roll up, rollup. Learn to write cliched ads that fit the industry's prevailing fashions and standards.

Anonymous said:

Go NZ.

Anonymous said:

Why is Young Guns chronologically based? Surely, it should be the number of years in the industry as opposed to how old you are? It perpetuates the myth that advertising is for young people with crazy hair and cool t-shirts - the people that many CDs feel obliged to surround themselves with.

Anonymous said:

Still struggling with that shelf wobbler, 1:52?

Anonymous said:

Nah, 5:38 PM.

I've seen what a lot of these schools churn out and I don't rate it as being fresh or interesting. The true greats of our industry never went to ad school. They were students of life and the culture that surrounded them. They weren't students of the latest copy-free Cannes print ad.

Anonymous said:

6:53 you're 100% correct. It's brain-washing them into believing, without question, that the prevailing 'award' orthodoxy is THE ONLY way to do advertising.

Anonymous said:

5:38… There’s no need to bring your girlfriend into this.

Anonymous said:

So very little support for organisations trying to continue to provide the industry with creative minds focused on the talent that makes great advertising great. Tut, tut Adland... hope you haven't been entering work into awards to boost your career/salary/agency profile now. As the cliche goes "Those in glass houses...' anyway you get the idea.

Anonymous said:

if i won the lotto i'd got to miami ad :(

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