KFC passes the pink bucket to support breast cancer sufferers in national fundraiser

Screen shot 2010-12-02 at 4.51.27 PM.jpgKFC has launched its 'KFC Pass the Pink Bucket' initiative, an Australia-wide fundraising campaign in partnership with the McGrath Foundation to help support families experiencing breast cancer in communities right across Australia. 

The initiative seeks to both connect communities and raise invaluable funds to support the work of the charity nationally. The 'KFC Pass the Pink Bucket' tour will see the journey of a pink KFC bucket around the nation, stopping off at selected KFC stores for a limited time to collect donations with all proceeds going direct to the McGrath Foundation.

Kicking off in Sydney on the 3rd of December at the George St store, the 'KFC Pass the Pink Bucket' tour has a packed schedule spanning a month and covering a distance of over 4000 kilometres as it makes its way to Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Numerous ambassadors for both KFC and the McGrath Foundation including cricketing and sporting personalities, will be on-hand in each city to lend their support to the KFC Pink Bucket tour.
The tour will wrap up at the January 9th 2011 KFC Big Bash Match at Sydney Olympic Park. All proceeds from the 'KFC Pass the Pink Bucket' tour will be presented to the McGrath Foundation on the day to celebrate the special occasion.
KFC is calling all its loyal customers to head in-store and support the McGrath Foundation. All 600 stores across the country will be collecting donations over a ten week period.  
The tour kicks off a raft of McGrath Foundation fundraising initiatives from KFC, consisting of a number of activities taking place in the next few months including a big donations initiative launching in the first week of January 2011.
For in-store dates in your state, head to KFC's Facebook page.


Anonymous said:

On the subject of the McGrath Foundation, what's become of Matt McGrath?

Anonymous said:

maybe they can do something like not slaughter disgusting amounts of overfed, chemical drenched chicken living 12 to a shoebox

Anonymous said:

Great tie in with entrenched behavior. I always need someone to pass me a bucket after I've eaten KFC.

Anonymous said:

pass the bucket, as opposed to kicking it.

Anonymous said:

Cool, pack it up and pass it on

The Colonel said:

Unfortunate name. First thing I thought of was people spewing into it.

Anonymous said:

I must admit - I do love reaching into a greasy pink bucket after eating a couple of breasts.

Anonymous said:

If I were the McGrath Foundation I'd be questioning the brand smarts of being associated with a product like KFC.

The maintenance of a healthy weight and a low-fat diet are messages adopted by lots of cancer advocacy groups (eg the Cancer Council) and, when viewed in tandem with growing awareness by the public of 'pink washing', a campaign like this might not serve KFC too well either.

WTF??? said:

What the hell is going on with the McGrath foundation??

First KFC and supporting horrible junk food and horrible ways to treat animals.. and now they are supporting gambling by running their pink dog campaign making a greyound race.

WHAT THE HELL!?!?!? seriously who is behind all these stupid ideas for fund-raising?? there is no way im ever supporting the mcgrath foundation again now... they are going to be very dark with a lot of people.

Anonymous said:

Sucked in Animal rights losers

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