Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney leads the agency pack at the shortlist stage of the 2011 AWARD Awards

AWARD-LOGO.pngSaatchi & Saatchi, Sydney leads the agency pack at the shortlist stage of the 2011 AWARD Awards which will be presented this Friday night in Sydney.

Saatchi's has 27 finalists, followed by George Patterson Y&R Melbourne with 18 (plus 3 for Craft), Leo Burnett Sydney with 17 (plus 4 for Craft), Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne with 16, Mojo Sydney with 12 (plus 7 for Craft), DDB New Zealand with 11 (plus 4 for Craft), DraftFCB Auckland with 10, Special Group, Auckland with 8 and Meerkats, Perth and Three Drunk Monkeys Sydney with 7 apeice.
The overall finalist number for 2010 is 375. In 2010 Australia has a total of 245 finalists, up 73 from 2009; New Zealand has a total of 69 finalists, up 13 from 2009; and Asia has a total of 43 finalists, down 13 from 2009. The overall finalist number rose by 94 in 2010.

Ninety judges from across the Asia Pacific have been tasked with selecting this year's hotly contested AWARD awards, celebrating the region's most brilliant creative endeavours.
The Awards presentation event will take place this Friday 25 February at CarriageWorks, in Sydney - the culmination of The Communications Council's Festival of Commercial Creativity 'Circus' (February 23-25).

Tickets are available here for both the AWARD presentation event and the full 'Circus' programme. 


bronze whaler shark said:

Hang on, I thought Saatchi's had turned to shit?!

Where are all the haters now? Let me guess ... all the work they've done is crap and been done before etc, etc.... it's a reflection on how bad the work in Aus is blah, blah blah ...

Interesting how international and grown up creative judges don't think so.
Just show's that most people who write negative shit on this blog are insecure wannabes who don't understand creative work.

Don't know if the finalists will convert to metal but congrats Saatchi's!
You've copped a lot over the last year.

Andy F said:

Well done Steve J.

Hell of a year but you lot cleaned up.


Anonymous said:

Bronze whaler douche

I think if you track back over the comments re. saatchis you won't find any saying that they haven't produced some brilliant work.

The fact of the matter is they have lost some big accounts and a lot of staff. Hopefully now that the cause has left the building and won't be coming back they can re-build.

And appointing steve as ecd would be a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:


"And appointing steve as ecd would be a step in the right direction".

Steve Who?

Anonymous said:

Steve Jackson for fucking president.

The dude abides.

Anonymous said:

Well done on the competition front, but in the real world how much of that Toyota work was commissioned by the agency rather than the client, ran once, and entered into award competitions?

We all know how these award things go. Same culprits every year. Leo's are just as bad.

Anonymous said:

I wonder what the folks at Saatchi's think of that?
Surely they would have done it by now.

Anonymous said:

Show's you how relevant AWARD is.

Anonymous said:

Well done to Steve B, Dave B, John M, Pete G, James, Steve & Vinny. Good effort boys and the rest of the team from Saatchis. Cracker year.

Anonymous said:

Jesus. Well done Patts Melb, you just went from 6th to 2nd in an hour!

Nice work.

Anonymous said:

GPY&R Melbourne are a good example of an agency that don't make award show work.

They are second with 21 finalists and all their stuff is for big hard clients- Gov't, Cadbury, insurance companies, schweppes etc. Hard research focused clients.

Good creativity that doesn't make us look self serving can be done properly at some agencies.

I used to work at Patts Melb, I think they are a light on the Hill. Always among the top 3 agencies in OZ, always finding Gold at Cannes and always making great work for real clients.

Well done to all the GPY&R crew, hope you win shiny tin on the night.

You are an agency with integrity.


Anonymous said:

Shut your necks, well done gentlemen.

Anonymous said:

Consistently good job Mr Back. Congrats to you and the gang you worked with at Saatchis. Well done to all agencies getting a nod.

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