Holler Sydney raises money via art prints for Red Cross Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal

Screen shot 2011-03-24 at 2.52.59 PM.pngDigital Agency Holler Sydney, an IPMG company, is selling limited edition art prints to raise money for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami appeal.

IPMG company Holler Sydney, with the support of its sister company Craft Inprint, launch a fund raising initiative to raise money for the Red Cross relief cause in Japan.

Razmatas, a Holler artist, has designed a beautiful print of a Japanese woman in a kimono wrapping the damaged sun until it rises again. Titled "Keep fighting, until the sun rises again", the poster reflects the healing process that the country of Japan now faces in the time ahead.

A limited edition, signed run of 10xA1 Posters and 50xA3 Posters are for sale on the Holler Facebook page. All proceeds go directly to the Red Cross.


Anonymous said:

Emails from the facebook page to request a print are bouncing unfortunately...

Mike said:

IT fail on our part. Sorry guys. Working on it now. Try reception [at] hollersydney [dot] com in the meantime.

Mono said:


very Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:
Anonymous said:

9:34AM – Like any great cause, the cause should always be bigger than the agency's cleverness or originality.

Anonymous said:

@9.34 You loser.

There are so many studios doing their bit for Japan. Lots of artistis/designers creating posters. Sure their motives may not be entirely pure but a free bit of PR doesn't hurt anyone. I would rather a studio give it a go and raise money than do nothing.

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