Retail strikes back with QuickerFeet app to be launched in May - will allow for highly targeted and instantaneous deals to be served live

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 1.07.49 PM.jpgThe QuickerFeet app, a revolutionary mobile tool that offers the instant broadcast of in-store promotions, will be launched on iTunes in May.
The tool allows for highly targeted and instantaneous deals to be served live from the retailer or vendor directly to the consumers via the QuickerFeet iPhone application.

This enables retailers and vendors across a wide range of industries to respond to market conditions as they occur, in real time. Whether it be driving store traffic during a slow period, broadcasting in- store promotions or last minute discounting of perishable or time dependent items like food and drink, groceries, concert and cinema tickets.

Consumers will now have in their hand an up-to-the-minute catalogue of live promotions with immediate interest and relevance to them. They have the ability to see what promotions are around them at that minute, browse by category and vendor, and even receive instant notifications based on their preferences.

QuickerFeet utilises the popularity of social media and mobile technology among the target market of 18-34 year olds with the built in ability to share promotions with their friends and followers with one touch. This will result in promotions going viral within minutes of being posted by a retailer.

Traditionally, technology has led consumers away from 'bricks and mortar' retail toward online shopping. However, by combining the location services of the smartphone with the retail need for immediacy, QuickerFeet will be one of the first technologies to drive consumers back into the store.

With retail under significant pressure, QuickerFeet will be a welcome relief. Unlike social or group buying deals that are coupon based, pre-planned and enormously costly, QuickerFeet offers retailers and vendors the ability to place spontaneous promotions according to market conditions that instant.

It is also inexpensive for the vendor with pricing starting at $4.95 to place a promotion. There is no additional cost, no coupons to redeem and no percentage of profits to share.

In a time when social deals cost the retailer up to 50% of the value of a a deal, QuickerFeet provides exceptional value for money.

For the consumer, of course, the application is free and they do not have to commit to the promotion in advance. The promotion is simply redeemed in-store.

"QuickerFeet is spontaneous and immediate, retailers only have to promote when the need arises", says QuickerFeet owner/founder, Darren Winterford. "Whether it's an empty pub or restaurant that could do with some patronage or a fashion chain that wants store traffic, this app will give their business a great push", he continues, "Consumers will have a live catalogue feed in the palm of their hands, customised and relevant only to them. And it's totally free".

Key Features: • A customised experience by allowing the consumer to select Favourite vendors/vendor chains/categories that will then appear in a separate feed. • The consumer can opt in for instant notifications from these favourites. The notifications are based
on the consumer's current location. • The app incorporates social media for viral word of mouth communication by letting the consumers share promotions on Twitter, Facebook and via email, all simply with one touch • Allows retailers to spontaneously and immediately promote stock or services on a last minute basis. • Gives consumers access to the latest deals around their current location • 'Green' and environmentally friendly by reducing need for catalogues and inefficient paper media • Reduces wastage of perishables such as groceries, concert and cinema tickets, even airline seats.

Retailers can in this way use QuickerFeet to manage their inventory.

QuickerFeet will be launched on the iTunes App store in May 2011 with major Australian retail partners within fashion, finance, tourism, convenience and speciality retail.

The app will be available on other smartphone platforms subsequently. A free of charge period is currently being offered to pre-launch partner vendors.

Both Consumers and vendors can learn more now at

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