Youi: Buying insurance can be a long shot

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 11.47.21 AM.jpgIt's 7.30am in a city in Australia. The camera moves seamlessly through a suburban and urban scene showing what people are doing. We hear their voices asking whether their insurance company gets them. The camera ends on the Youi guy who says that Youi gets them 'because we're out there, with you, every day. Agency Bryan Caywood, Noosa.



Anonymous said:

So if we were to go visit the Bryan Caywood Agency in Noosa, would we come upon a bungalow in the burbs where Bryan lives or is it a proper agency?
Sounds like Bryan is everything including the tea boy from reading the credits.

Anonymous said:

I really bloody like it.
Well done.

Like how the barefoot approach shows how laid back and easy going Youi is portraying themselves as - a little like the NRMA add with the use of the UN prefix for everything.
But after real losses like the floods and insurance suddenly dithering on whether it is a flood or a storm damage, I thought these easygoing, non-specific campaigns would dwindle.
Surely people expect clear cut commitments not wishy washy feel good prmoises then when the proverbial hits the fan the insurance agents hide behind semantics.

Tony said:

Has anyone else noticed the woman driving the Audi convertable changes lanes and turns into the parking station without signaling?

Very bad!

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