Samsung brings projection mapping technology to life with launch of new Smart TV campaign

Immersion behind the scenes 1.JPGSamsung Electronics Australia today announces new locally shot advertising campaign titled 'Immersion'. Created by Leo Burnett and shot with production company Flying Fish, the campaign transforms the blank canvas of a living room into immersive spaces using the Projection Mapping technique.

As market leaders in the TV category Samsung1 are committed to matching technology leadership and product innovations such as LED2 and 3DTV3 with marketing communications innovation.
"With the help of projection technology, this campaign shows how Samsung Smart TV's help redefine the television viewing experience" said Lambro Skropidis, Head of Corporate Marketing, Samsung Electronics Australia. "The ground breaking campaign really demonstrates how consumers will be immersed in the fantastic picture quality and wide range of content offered by Samsung Smart TVs".

The creative for the campaign is set around a couple watching Samsung's new flagship Series 8 LED Smart TV when suddenly their surroundings are transformed into what's being shown on the TV. This includes activities like watching a football match where the couple are suddenly seated in the corporate box, watching a holiday rollercoaster ride where the couple‟s couch becomes the carriage and being part of box office hit movie Gulliver‟s Travels which they are watching in Full HD 3D.

The projective mapping technology in the campaign, which used 7 different projectors to beam images into the room, was a unique way to visually showcase the four key pillars of Samsung's new Smart TV range. Those key pillars are: High Definition 'Picture Quality' which helps to show incredibly realistic images on screen; One Design which is used to refer to the thinness of the TV bezel around the panel; Full HD 3D picture technology with the very latest active shutter technology; and Smart Hub4, which not only allows your TV to connect to a world of apps such as BigPond Movies6 that are growing each day but also the internet with an in-built web browser in higher end models.

Samsung's 'Immersion' TV campaign is set for debut mid June with a heavy weight launch campaign across multiple media channels, with media plans by Starcom.


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