P-platers warned: "Lose your licence and you're screwed" in new campaign by Clems Adelaide

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 1.52.05 PM.pngThe Motor Accident Commission of South Australia, via Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide, has launched a new campaign to combat the over representation of young drivers in death and serious injury statistics.

Says MAC general manager corporate affairs, Ben Tuffnell: "Drivers aged 16 to 24 years have a crash rate double that of an average driver. They represent 14% of all licenced drivers but are over represented in causality crashes each year due to inexperience, underdeveloped decision-making skills and a greater propensity to take risks, especially among young males."

The new campaign, specifically aimed at Learners and Probationary Licence holders, leverages the insight that young people fear "social death" over physical death itself.


Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 1.51.54 PM.png"To this target audience, their licence represents their independence and, ultimately, their freedom to do what they want when they want," said Greg Knagge, creative director, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide. "We found that loss of licence was about the only motivation that struck a chord."

A light-hearted, engaging approach was chosen rather than conventional shock and horror tactics.

"We had to present a case that was inarguable. These drivers are the most vulnerable to loss of licence because, for the most part, one infringement and they're gone," said Erik de Roos, account director, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide. "It only takes one drink, one speeding offence, one burnout and they suffer the social humiliation and inconvenience that comes with the loss of their licence."

The campaign made up part of the creative pitch brief in 2010 in which Clemenger BBDO retained the MAC account.

"For the most part, the campaign is what we presented in the pitch process. A lot of research, thought and work went into the project and it's testiment to the agency/client relationship that the campaign will see the light of day in tact," said Kim Boehm, managing director, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide.

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 1.51.45 PM.pngThe campaign aired on TV on Sunday, and also includes cinema, outdoor, street press, radio and online advertising.



Agency: Clemenger BBDO Adelaide
Client: Motor Accident Commission
Creative Directors: Greg Knagge & Geoff Robertson
Creative Team:  Amy Weston, Dave Lawson & Matt O'Grady
Account Director: Erik de Roos

Creative Team:  Amy Weston & Dave Lawson
Director:  Al Morrow
Production Company:  Jungleboys
Production Company Producer: Chloe Rickard
Agency Producer: Holly Horne

Creative Team:  Amy Weston, Dave Lawson & Matt O'Grady
Agency Producer: Yvonne Karabatsos
Studio: Oasis Sound, Eardrum

Creative Team:  Amy Weston, Dave Lawson & Matt O'Grady
Photographer: Andres Bommert
Retoucher: James Lucas
Producer: Grant Navin
Agency Producer: Michelle Treloar
Colour Manager: Paul Munzberg


neil said:


Anonymous said:

Funny? Kinda. Will it work? No.

Anonymous said:

In some of the executions, it's because they've lost their licence that they're not actually going to get screwed. Or is that the 'joke'? Problematic strapline aside, I quite like the taxi idea, not so much the mum waiting one.

Anonymous said:

Like it

Anonymous said:

Don't know about the line?

But not terrible... I like the executions.

Anonymous said:

Love the concept! Great work peeps!

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Great to see Clemenger people loving their own work. Gotta love that incest.

Anonymous said:

I think we all know who's screwed here...

Anonymous said:

Good work. Nice to see something other than shock tactics. Humour works.

Anonymous said:

It's just the same as that insurance campaign. The one where everyone is doing all of that dodgy stuff cos they don't have a car, picking up the groceries etc... a little more cheeky but the same idea and the same problem of not having a car.

Anonymous said:

I was prepared to wade in after seeing the print and say things like "This makes light of what is a very serious situation" and "If serious, shock tactics don't work, what makes you think humour will" but I then watched the TV spots and got a good laugh. The shame factor angle just might work. Good.

Anonymous said:

Great idea, well executed... isn't that what this blog is for. nice one guys.

Anonymous said:

I like. They're funny.

Anonymous said:

I don't think this strategy will work - but not much will talking to this age group.

But the line is terrible. Why do people think it's funny to use illiterate and abusive language? It's not.

Anonymous said:

i think it's good that it's a govertment ad that doesn't look like a government ad where they demonise young people and use shock tactics. the line will upset the oldies but it will get the attention of gen y

Anonymous said:

Screw you, 9:06 you prude. Ha ha ha ha ha! (Funny)

Anonymous said:

Fail. Recycled idea. Skycity Adelaide, about ten years ago....there was a guy pulling a caravan by hand "need a car or win a car...??" Anyone know who worked on that?

Anonymous said:

The amount of haters who read this blog is massive. So they are trying something different, they are funny and nicely executed. Overtime they can test these to see if they having any impact.

To the person who wrote "Crap" please send us a link to your scamped up idea that does such a better job. Would love to see it.

not from clemenger said:

presses all the right buttons. well done.

Anonymous said:

add to 1.45s comments that there's a great insight in these ads.

The only thing I'd change is highlight that it's only one offence and you're screwed.

Anonymous said:

Hey 9.06, language can't be illiterate. Only people.
Like you, clearly.

Anonymous said:

I just don't appreciate ads (these and the insurance ones) that make fun of being without a car. Is not having a car really that bad?

For all the green/eco focused advertising out there, I'd think most people would assume that being a pedestrian or a cyclist is actually a good thing. Beneficial for you and for others.

Does any one else see this?

macca said:

I like this, there I said it. I like the bike execution the best, I hate the screwed line, it's just lazy, this could be better. I don't understand the underlining of AND does it imply that you lose your licence and all you'll fuck is a donkey or your mum?

The losing face by ahving alternative transport is a cool insight, I just wish the copywriting guys had conme to work the day it was produced.

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