Badjar Ogilvy creates mystical Spring/Summer campaign for Myer featuring Jennifer Hawkins

myer 2.jpgBadjar Ogilvy Melbourne has created Myer's Spring/Summer 12 commercial which features ambassador, Jennifer Hawkins.

Set in an exotic desert environment, evoking mystical sunsets and the Australian landscape, the spot was inspired by the theme of 'regeneration', showing key pieces from the summer ahead that literally 'regenerate' from one outfit to the next.

The vast desert environment was created in post with the footage filmed entirely in studio by fashion director and photographer, Tim Richardson of Collider. 

Says Myer's group general manager of marketing and brand development, Megan Foster: "We are delighted with the creative for Spring/Summer 12. Although the backdrop is stunning, the focus remains on fashion. It really 'pops' and engages with our customer."


Agency: Badjar Ogilvy, Melbourne
Creative Director: Kai Tunley
Copywriter: Lenna Boland
Art Director: James Barkley
Agency Producer: Lauren Duncan
Production Company: Collider
Director: Tim Richardson
DOP: Geoffrey Hall
Producer: Rachael Ford-Davies
Editor: Collider
Grade: Christine Trodd at Frame Set Match
Post Production: Collider
Compositing: Mick Harkin, Will Gammon
Post Production Producer: Kate Stenhouse
Sound Design: Front of House


Rumpelstiltskin said:

Sorry, what was that? I just fell asleep for a moment.

How is it possible to make Jennifer Hawkins unappealing?

"An exotic desert environment, evoking mystical sunsets and the iconic Australian landscape created in post with the footage filmed entirely in studio mesmerising minimalist production design."

Read, the client and the retail agency were too cheap to spring for the cost of going to those "iconic landscapes" and instead employed a production company able and willing to do the studio shoot and the post in-house at bargain basement prices, using digital backgrounds, cheesy lighting efx, and some broadcast design looking scene transitions. Add the agency PR blurb to spin the results as "mesmerising" and there you have it, the bar lowered to limbo depths.

A desert environment, or a desert of ideas? Rejeneration, bad pun, worse execution, and from a fashion photographer no less. Go figure. But the adage still applies, pay peanuts . . .

Anonymous said:

saw this on telly. note to Myer, it might help if we could actually see the clothes. fail.

Anonymous said:

lame transitions

Anonymous said:

'Summer is finally hear'.

The hits keep coming.

Anonymous said:

Did he just say 'It really pops'?

Jack Russell said:

'Summer is finally hear'

Looks like the client got their just deserts.

Anonymous said:

A lot of trouble to do something quite average. Looks like a poor man's promo off Fashion TV. It's even got the lens flares!

Anonymous said:

Yeah what's with the transitions? These are normally crap but at least the others had some kind of them. 'Find yourself' or something a rather, with the maze and the funny stairs. Rubbish

Anonymous said:

Step up and do something better or rack off and do something else.
I bet everyone of these 'commentators' are the same dissatisfied, underachieving dead-weights that fill every agency. The same people that click off Facebook every time you walk past. Come on... Let's see your genius?

Anonymous said:

Awesome but short music video from our mates at Collider for some sort of electro band with the Cher voice thing going on. I thought the brief was for an ad for something?

Rob Roy said:


"Step up and do something better or rack off and do something else."

Precisely what so many commenters are trying desperately to tell this client, the agency, the production company and their director. If you can't tell the difference between good work and bad, then perhaps putting your latest on display here for a very critical audience isn't the best idea.

As far as the "dissatisfied underachieving dead-weights", you seem to have some personal familiarity with this crowd. Perhaps you can ask them yourself if they've commented on the new spot for Myer?

Can't speak to your FB comment, but does someone need to display their "genius" work before recognising and commenting upon really ordinary work by others?

Anonymous said:

As the target market, I actually really like it.

Mark McInnes said:


If the target market is, as you suggest, just yourself, madame, or sir, if you're into cross-dressing, then Myer has really hit the mark with this campaign and can look forward to tens of sales for your wardrobe.

Good thing they found you, huh, but even with this obviously low-budget effort, maybe a bit of an overspend for the one buyer though. They could have just sent you a catalogue.

Anonymous said:

2:36 Clearly this is your idea, if you can call it that.

What's there to get so worked up about? No offence to you, but surely this isn't your best work, or the best client you've worked on. So chill. It's average at best. Move on and stop being so precious.

Who said:

Not everything we do is PR'able.
Not all publicity is good publicity.
Next time just run the thing on air and don't put it on here hoping someone will like it.
There is no idea to applaud and no craft to acknowledge. Model pouting to a wind machine wearing a new frock. Cool.
It's meant to drive people in store. Let them know where to find summer.
Lets just hope it does that.

leah said:

someone get Will Horne's behind the scenes footage on here! beautiful girls, beautifully shot.

Anon said:

MYER 2011/12 Designer Film (Behind the scenes)

Anonymous said:

very yesterday....

Anonymous said:

Ogilvy is the Nth Korea of Australian advertising. They isolated themselves from the rest of the world for so long and then get stroppy when the rest of us don't like their old fashioned view of the world.

Anonymous said:


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