Bestads Top 6 of the week reviewed by Steve Coll, executive CD, Euro RSCG, Sydney

best tv 248.jpgBEST TV
'Horsepower' is beautifully executed. But ESPN's 'Decent Proposal' is my pick for TV spot of the week. Perfect casting and great story-telling.

I love that New Zealand's Prime Minister has been getting stuck into Adidas for over-pricing their rugby merchandise. Tuatara sinks the boot in further, with a print ad you can turn into an All Blacks jersey and save your money for beer. Better still, it'll be super easy to rip up in disgust when the AB's loose to France in the semi's. And, as the Aussie summer rolls in, Midalia Steel's reminder to get a pool fence couldn't be better placed. Tuatara edges it though, just.
best print 248.jpgbest outdoor 248.jpgbest intractive 248.jpgBEST OUTDOOR
Hats off to M&C Saatchi for an ad for the Saatchi Gallery that advertises pictures using only words. But the best of the six for me is the Heineken 'Occasionally' billboard. I'm simultaneously impressed and distressed by this. My advertising side sees a cool band play a gig on an ad and thinks that's a great stunt. But, there's also part of me that thinks 'A cool band plays a gig on a billboard - and they're still considered cool afterwards? Really????? That's really ok with all you gen y-ers? Really??????!!!!!!! PS For the record, I'm wearing a nice, comfy cardigan as I write this. What do I know.

I can see a lot of introspective marketing types getting right into the 'Brand Toys' idea from JWT. But my favourite is Orangina Originals. Simple, quick and intriguing. That's pretty much the holy trinity.

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