Clive Robertson fronts latest Freedom Insurance funeral plan ad campaign via MJW, Sydney

Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 5.35.27 PM.jpgFreedom Insurance, via agency MJW Sydney, has launched a new campaign to promote its Freedom Funeral Plan featuring broadcaster Clive Robertson.

The 60" and 90" TV spots are backed by digital, print and direct mail.


Client: Freedom Insurance
Agency: MJW Sydney
Writers: Lisa Jackson and Clive Robertson
Art Director David Miley
Account Director: Linda Spina


Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

This spot says as much about the state of creative advertising in the local market as anything could.

In a word, Retail.

At least it's making no pretensions, and a good thing too.

alan said:

If I see one more bloody funeral ad on TV, I'll kill someone.

Old Man Advertising Drifter said:

Beautiful pictures. Stunning art direction.

Clive Performance said:

That's what I call deadpan delivery. But at least you got Clive to smile.

Shecky Berle said:

Dying is easy. Comedy is hard. Comedy about dying is, well . . .

Steve said:

I've just about had enough of these funeral ads. This one is positively disgusting with his toy hearse and coffin on the desk. TV in Australia has got to be the worst in the world with these ads and endless reality programs. Get rid of these ads for good.

Dianne said:

I, too, am tired of seeing these ads for funeral insurance. Some in particular prey on the fears of the elderly and take advantage of that.
The new Clive Robertson ad hasn't been around long enough to bug me yet and I actually like the way he delivers it (props included.)

Gloria said:

I like this add. It's honest. Death is a fact of life. Clive Robertson's wry humour makes me laugh, deadpan face and all, I love ihim. I missed him when he left the ABC and was delighted to see him alive and well on TV. It is the only Ad. I stop for to listen and laugh. Congratulations to the Script writer and to Freedon for choosing Clive Robertson to present it. Well done.

smiley said:

Only Clive could made an Ad about death amusing. I also stop to watch his ad. The only negative - the little coffin on the jack trolly....if it's a prop then use it. I'm not sure Clive, does a Hearst give you "disabled parking".?

Crepitus said:

Good to see Clive back on the waves. Love his laconic delivery.

Who were the clowns that took him off commercial TV? His comments there were always sardonic. Probably ther idiots who think Julia and the Chaser are worth TV space outside the U executive wash room

RobboRocks said:

Crepitus you said it - nothing was ever as fresh as watching him walking dangerously close to the edge every night on Newsworld. Side-splitting and genuinely outrageous, not like the bloody try-hards you mentioned...CLIVE, WHERE ARE YOU? SAVE US!

AnonymousOne said:

Each time i see this advertisement on television,i feel like caving someones head in with a toy hearse.

Andrea said:

I here your pain, and these packages are actually insurance, it is so much cheaper to go to a funeral services provider and ask about prepaid funeral packages.

nicola said:

What a shame to see such a clever original man spruiking for such a rip off industry. You pay for your funeral ten times over !!! and once you stop paying you get no credit for the thousands you've already paid
Awful - Shame Clive !

insured oldie said:

Love Robbo's treatment of the subject.....only thing you can really rely on is dying - sooner or later! Not even taxes are quite this predictable. You can either be maudlin or contemptuous about the subject....either way - it does pay to have the bills paid and preferably by someone else.... Good to see you back on the box Clive! Wish other ads were as creative.....

Dino said:

Terrific to see Clive again. Reborn and in great Funereal form. Let's have him back on the Box.

Jiggs@Work said:

The Freedom Campain rocks guys, if you guys can't take this add as a joke what are you alive for. If it really bugs you soo much, how hard is it to turn off your TV?
Wake up, It's a New world here.
You need to lighten up and stop crying about the little things in life.
Life goes on and on and on..

clive watch said:

fantastic least someone has enough nerve to bring this wonderful man back to our screens...loved him on radio...on tv....just love his wry witt.....clive please read the news have a big following..!!!!

clive watch said:

thank you freedom insurance ....some one has the intelligence to let this wonderful man back on our screens again.....i would buy anything that robbo is selling.....please let him ad lib a bit the selling but let him do what he does so lib....there is a wide audience that love this man...he could even bag a product and people would buy it he is that good...gooo robbo !!!!!!!!!!

Death by funeral ads said:

This ad really erks me. And it's being hammered during the tennis coverage!

media said:

wish there were more ads like this! clive is as clever as john cleese just needs smart advertising to see how well ads can work when humor is thrown into the mix......

Crank said:

I heard Clives first job was shovelling coal, i wish he would go back to that instead of shovelling morose offensive bullshit. PS He is not even funny.

morning fix said:

i just had my morning fix of laughter......thank you.....i saw the ad mr robertson did for feedom insurance.....wel done!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you robbo for another delightful insight of ur humor.....

Door said:

Funny, Funeral ads funny, why should I be on a guilt trip about my funeral or my nothing funeral, the kids can sell the house and pay for the bl..dy thing.

mal Rosher said:

I really dislike 98% of television advertising. Then along comes a really funny, original advert such as this. I have so much missed Clive's humour; it's unique. If you read this Clive, how about coming West where you will be appreciated. Or even better, start a News'd be a hoot!

roger in darwin said:

After seeking other providers Clive sold me on 'Freedom insurance ' I even sat through crap program's waiting for him to come on with details.
Leave him there,it works.
Roger ,darwin.

ck said:

How good it is to see Robbo again. We have missed him. So good in fact that I am requesting a brochure about the service he is offering.

Apuharmi said:

Whoever cast Robertson for this ad did a good job. You couldn't find a more boring, depressing old has-been, to get you thinking about death insurance than him. What I don't understand is why is this type of rip-off insurance is so big at the moment? Don't the greedy companies get enough from all the other kinds, like pet insurance?

jennydalgarno said:

i live in port macquqarie, and clive your ads are so down to the point and quite humerous at the same time,well done and we luv u up here...always look forward to you commercials..the insurance co. shoulod give u a raise.......jenny

elkethedog said:

We need more of ROBO. The "dead" pan humour on the "big trip" we all have to do sooner or later is most welcome.
The ones that bitch quite obviously prefer Rinso adds. ( nothing black in there)
Maybe Robo will officiate at my funeral, at least I would know my family went away laughing.

thescaldingtruth said:

Clive Robertson is a comic genius
I crack up everytime Robbo does his dead pan deliveries.
These are the funniest ads on tv.
The more these ads piss off the wowsers, the politically correct wankers, woosy do-gooders and the poor old easily offended nitwits the more I say you fucken bewdy.
I'm not sure how much input Clive has in scripting the ads but who ever is responsible should be given an award for this ubewt comedy.
I hope Clive and Freedom keep making heaps more of these ads.

Grib said:

These ads are one of the all to few instances where humour and intelligence have been cleverly combined to discuss a topic in which only the puerile find discomfort. Using the services of Clive is excellent as he can deliver with his unique combination of gravitas and wit - a rare ability. This ability cannot be taught but only developed from life experiences to which attention has been paid. Clive is good at that. The agency also deserves credit for "breaking the mold" - may they do more ads in this style.
As with all things that can be offensive and threatening to people - respond with intelligence and humour; much better than the milk-water, politically correct drivel dished out elsewhere.

Greg said:

Ever done the maths? Its cheaper to save up a bit of cash and keep it on hand for emergencies, even burials. I agree about these funeral ads, extremely distasteful, just blatant retailing at its worst

Margaret said:

Dear Clive,
Miss your dulcit tone, wonderful puns, superb humour, amazing wisdom PLEASE COME BACK TO RADIO!

mary sth aus said:

i think it is a great add very comical an leaves a smile on my face an i love the hearse

Moonflower said:

How can I get I get in touch with Robbo. I think we are both descended from Charles Harpur - Australia's earliest white poet....
Thanks, Lindi said:

Love Clive Robertson and think we may have an ancestral link thru Charles Harpur - Australia's earliest white poet. Any chance he could email me.
Lindi, thanks.

clive watch said:

robbo where are you radio needs you! the eddies of the air waves are a disgrace shock jocks to get ratings power and bottom line money. The discerning listeners and robbo followers need you back hope a station sees sense and brings mr robertson back to the air waves for all to enjoy

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