Don't miss The Gruen Transfer tonight @ 9.30

Screen shot 2011-08-02 at 12.07.22 PM.jpgUPDATED: The Gruen Transfer returns tonight at 9pm on ABC1.

The first shops to do battle in 'The Pitch' segment are Melbourne's Freeform versus Sydney's H&T.

Here's Freeform's pitch on why Melbourne should be the capital of Australia.

Host Wil Anderson returns for season 4, joined by Leo Burnett's Todd Sampson and Y&R Brands' Russel Howcroft plus guest panelists Dee Madigan and Rowan Dean.

How Do You Sell? - Supermarkets.
Gruen starts the season with the "most hated commercial of 2011 so far", Coles' 'Down Down'. This ad has achieved the dubious honour of having a Facebook hate group of more than 25,000 members. The panel also asks if the new Woolworths campaign, 'That's My Woolies', seriously thinks we're emotional about where we shop for dogfood...

Ad Crunch - Carbon Tax
It would be hard to go through the first show without mentioning the hardest sell of 2011 so far: the Carbon Tax. The government is spending $12 million on a campaign (and as much again on information handouts) to change Australia's mind about an issue it appears to be certain about.

The Pitch
All Pitch challenges on The Gruen Transfer this year will come from the audience. Tomorrow night's idea began in the head of Brisbane viewer Liam Pomfret. It has been 103 years since it was decided to make Canberra the nation's capital. This week Gruen asks agencies from Sydney and Melbourne to convince us to move our national capital to their own cities.


Anonymous said:

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Unanimous said:

My eyes are glazed, my jaw slack, and I can only hope for enough strength after the "scripted disorientation" of previous Gruen Transfers to watch anything but the return of season 4 tomorrow night at 9PM.

If we have to listen to one more moment of Rowan Dean telling us all how much more effective the government's efforts to sell the pricing of carbon could be with him at the helm of the campaign, the audience will seriously be considering a carbon monoxide nap as the only reasonable alternative.

The numbness is already setting in just thinking about another season of Todd Sampson, crushed by the weight of his own ego, wrestling with Narcissus for gold in the vanity competition.

Perhaps the ABC should consider changing the name of the program to the Channel Transfer, the moment at which one realises that they have to transfer to any other program immediately rather than watch this gang of five battle it out with their own banality.

Who would have thought that anything on earth could make one euphoric over The Renovators on 10 at 9?

wildgoose said:

if i wanted to read comments by bitter dicks i'd read anonymous comments

Gosling said:


And so you do, Goose.

From the Urban Bitter Dicktionary:
Goose - A verb, which means to grab someone between their butt cheeks and to squeeze, almost with an intent to hurt. Says it all really.

Anonymous said:

@ Unaminous


Steve said:

the comments on this website always reminds me of the famous saying "haters gunna hate". This site is so full of haters what lovely lives you must lead.

Merriam Webster said:


Our sympathies for your condition.

Perhaps we'd have an easier path to understanding your comments if they weren't expressed in such an illiterate manner. Your first line should read comments remind, not "reminds". Haters gonna hate, not "gunna", and "This site is so full of haters what lovely lives you must lead." is actually two sentences, not one.

These are minor grammatical points to be sure, but they're so painful to read, when English should be a prerequisite for any comment, that your readers are left with the quite accurate impression that you're an imbecile. As a consequence, one is apt to disregard what you have to say, even if you had a point worth reading, which of course you do not.

It is the support that you and others with your insights lend to this season 4 of GT that causes so many of us to be so critical of the show. We'd suggest that the "famous saying" you've misquoted be amended to Haters gonna hate, and Idiots gonna babble.

Anonymous said:


you're so clever aren't you!... playing on such minor grammatical errors.

clearly you evaded the message completely that Steve was conveying. that is, you guys are a bunch of haters who are going to can anything that gains notoriety amongst any savvy populace with half a brain.

the content of 'GT' as you call it, is exceptional, enlightening and most definitely, entertaining.

and for the record, learn how to use 'inverted commas' when referring to someone's literal assertion.

I.e. '...your insights lend to this season 4 of GT that causes so many...'

umm, don't you mean 'cause so many...'

i can't believe I'm wasting my time correcting your dumb ayass.

oh, the non-capital letters are on purpose,... Geeerckoff..

get-a-life & regards,

Anonymous said:

I get sick to death of Sydney shows rubbishing Melbourne. If you look at wet days for the last 5 yrs you would find Sydney has had far more.I won't be watching this show again & I hope your rating go DOWN...

Steve said:

Merriam Webster you make me lol.
You spent so long on your comment and made no points at all.
My support for or against the show shouldn't affect your viewing enjoyment, don't be so shallow.
One day someone will appreciate the brilliance of your work, hang in there my little hater don't let the world get you down. One day the people you hate will fail and that will make you feel better.

Merriam said:

Oh, Steve, thank you for your lovely homily. Do you teach Sunday school as well?

For the record, critiquing or even showing a personal dislike for work that is put out into the public as entertainment, or marketing has been a legitimate behaviour for some time now, especially anonymously. It does not necessarily represent jealousy, nor envy, and weak attempts to silence criticism by labelling it 'hating' is just the kind shallow rebuttal we'd expect from someone who uses 'lol' in a sentence. This is the CBB, not a text to one of your friends at ad school.


Quotation marks are perfectly acceptable, even preferable in annotating that which someone has written.

"It is the support that you and others with your insights lend to this season 4 of GT that causes so many of us to be so critical of the show." Support causes, and insights lend, not insights cause, and it's Jerkoff with a J and no c, but then you'd have to actually be fluent in English to know these things, wouldn't you. That's rhetorical, so no question mark.

If indeed you're going to be "wasting (your) time correcting" then it would be helpful to have some knowledge of the subject, English grammar that is.

My life's just fine, and thanks for asking. These little journey's on to the blog are actually quite therapeutic, and a lovely break from work during the day.

The Gruen Transfer is still in any number of people's opinions, both inside and outside of our industry, a very tiresome program, and one that does not reflect well upon what we do at the higher levels of the business, hence the critique.

Steve said:

"The Gruen Transfer is still in any number of people's opinions, both inside and outside of our industry, a very tiresome program, and one that does not reflect well upon what we do at the higher levels of the business, hence the critique."

You haven't provided any critique of the show at all, and now you're speaking on behalf of other people? Do you actually have an opinion? Every program on TV is a very tiresome program according to some people ... so what? Your point is that it makes your industry look bad? Is that it? "babblers gonna babble" it seems.

will Think for Salary said:

That's right, Wil. Keep explaining your gags for us.

Merriam, Unanimous, Gosling, et. al. said:

Oh, Steve, there you go again. At least your grammar and spelling is improving.

Anonymous said:

Actually, it's a very good show with last night's panel being a pretty decent one, making good points and giving a number of points of view.

I was amazed though that someone as senior as Sampson - and who's made so much money out of the industry - was so unaware of the role advertising plays in our free enterprise society.

Howcroft's point that advertising subsidises democracy by providing the funds that allow newspapers and other commercial media to exist (and thus hire journalists who keep governments honest) was well taken made but bleeding obvious - or, at least, should be to anyone with a third of a brain.

Naturally the ABC audience didn't get it. Sadly, neither do most advertising people - including Sampson it seems - even though it's the industry they're in.

Anonymous said:

Does anyone know who came up with the Down Down Coles ads?

little Ted said:

Ted Horton and co. at 'Big Red' did the current Coles, and most of their recent, work.

The massive Coles account was awarded to DDB in Melbourne about two and a hald years ago amidst a lot of insider gossip about how it was handled - number of agencies, changing brief, change of personnel throughout Wesfarmers takeover, Tony Phillips (who'd handled the pitch client-side) being given a golden job at DDB the day after it was announced and so on.

Rumour has it that Ted had a hand in a lot of the work behind the scenes and when Tony went back to work at Coles the business was always going to slide across to wherever Ted was ...

I'm a bit close to it - oh the pain!

Anonymous said:

Freeform are free from good ideas.

Poo said:

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