Emerald City turns a city into a pinball machine in new Asian spot for Anchor Beer via Alchemy

emerald.jpgA new spot for Anchor Beer has gone to air across Asia, starring one of the biggest pop and film superstars in Asia, Rain (Ninja Assassin, Speed Racer).

Both production and post was undertaken in house at Emerald City in Sydney.

After working on the 'Force of a Lion' campaign for ABC Stout, Emerald City and its new director Chris Godfrey again teamed up with Singapore agency Alchemy Partnership for this major campaign.


The brief was to turn a city into a giant pinball machine, with Rain putting on a spectacular show of stunts, truck crashes, and a cityscape that lights up the night sky, in a larger than life game. Filming was undertaken in Seoul, Korea in June of this year, with design and post completed in Sydney.

The spot is a combination of live action scenes and a fantasy metropolis built in CG. Emerald worked very closely with the creative team at Alchemy Partnership to realize the vision, and bring the dynamic and colourful city to life.


ManWithFarSuperiorIdeas said:

It's a different world of advertising up there....

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