Helsinki Melbourne puts the fun into Fathers Day in new spot for Karcher high pressure hoses

karcher.jpgMelbourne agency Helsinki has revealed the latest TVC for premium German cleaning brand Kärcher.

The new spot features a father and son duo enjoying some quality "man" time pressure hosing their driveway and garage with a T-Racer patio attachment, in preparation for some one-on-one basketball fun.

Says John Hillier, Helsinki's creative director: "The campaign is aimed at house-proud backyard kings, BBQ masters, DIY dads and their families in the immediate lead-up to both Fathers Day and traditional spring clean season".

This tvc is Kärcher's second locally produced spot with Helsinki, and works with the satellite Fathers Day campaign to present a more engaging and personable Australian sentiment from the iconic German brand.

The TVC will be supported by a football and V8-themed "Ultimate Father's Day" online competition with print and digital executions across Australia, as well a new "Kärcher Australia" social media presence on Twitter.

Hillier joked: "This is one for all the dads out there. We're dads ourselves, and keen to help knock underpants and socks off the Fathers Day gift list. We know what we'd rather receive!"


Old Man Advertising Drifter said:

Feels like the client stiff armed the agency into putting the wall to wall VO over the top.

Nony said:

Are we in the 1950's? - ''The new spot features a father and son duo enjoying some quality "man" time - SPEW.

Could this ad possibly get any whiter? So cheesy I needed crackers after watching it.

a nom nom nom said:

I liked it...simple, and gave me a smile

dick shonary said:

Without even judging the ad, I actually want to go and get one of those patio cleaners - so I think it's probably worked.

TGIF said:

Shows the product benefit in an engaging way. not bad.

The Observer said:

If the so-called 'idea' is that they cleaned a design on the garage door and the driveway, it's too subtle and will probably be missed by the casual observer.

Anonymous said:

That looks bloody brilliant - I'm going to buy one, father's day or not. The ad is as about as entertaining as you can get with a wet broom on a driveway. Good work.

Soooooooooooo........ said:

Christ that ad would have been nice without the VO... couldn't you have left it off for the 'online' version? Not award winning but would have been heartfelt.

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