NRMA Motoring & Services appoints BMF

jeremynichols.gifBMF has been appointed by NRMA Motoring & Services following a competitive pitch.

Says BMF's CEO, Jeremy Nicholas (left): "This is a great opportunity to work on the iconic NRMA brand as well the wide range of quality brands in the NRMA Motoring and Services portfolio. We are looking forward to partnering with NRMA Motoring & Services to make a real difference to the business and to their members."


Speedwell von Dragstar said:

A big step forward would be to start referring to the organisation in the same way the general public always has done and probably always will do -- namely, as 'The NRMA'.

'NRMA Motoring & Services' is clumsy and unnecessary when everyone knows who they are.

Anonymous said:

They call themselves NRMA Motoring & Services because there are two completely independent NRMA companies.

One is NRMA Insurance, owned by IAG. It's the big spending advertiser.

This one - NRMA Motoring & Services - is a mutual owned by its members that is the Roadside Assistance company. It spends virtually no money on advertising...

And yes, this is so boring I'm falling asleep as I type...

Anonymous said:

And what should we say when referring to 'nrma insurance' then dick head

Anonymous said:

When will BMF get some decent clients?

Anonymous said:

Didn't they just hire a new agency a few months ago?

Anonymous said:

Love the chalkboard draped pr pose...... So informal but intellectual....

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