Yahoo!7 launches new mobile ad format

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 12.48.55 PM.jpgYahoo!7 has launched its new mobile rich media ad, Over the Page (OTP). The innovative new ad format builds on Yahoo!7's range of rich media ads already on offer for mobile to Australian advertisers.
The OTP ad format allows maximum impact and engagement for advertisers via bespoke custom rich media mobile overlays. Advertisers are able to offer consumers an improved ad experience without leaving the mobile environment.
Damon Scarr, Commercial Director at Yahoo!7 said: "The mobile OTP format is the latest of Yahoo!7's innovative offerings, designed to empower advertisers to tap into the expanding audience of mobile consumers. This custom rich media mobile format encourages consumer interactivity from our growing mobile audience of over three million Australians each month."
Mobile OTP runs across the page, appearing on first load uninitiated for a maximum of five seconds. The ad can include some animation and gives a larger canvas area for advertisers to deliver high impact experiences. Once users have viewed the ad, an anchored banner unit will display and from here consumers will have the option of interacting with a full screen expandable banner or replaying the OTP ad again.
For more information about Yahoo!7 mobile advertising, advertisers can please contact their Yahoo!7 sales representative.


BM said:

awesome, just what the world needs. another utterly disruptive ad format. i'm sure consumers will be delighted.

realist said:

A win for Media,

A loss for anyone with a Phone.

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