30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 10.41.56 PM.jpgLucas Jatobá is a Brazilian born creative at Droga5 Sydney. Since he arrived in Australia a lot of cool things happened in his life. So on the day he turned 30 he decided to celebrate in a special way, being grateful to the people of Sydney.


On the making of video you will see funny things that happened while he was giving away the presents.


Iron E said:

Looks very similar to this one: http://www.lucasjatoba.com/adeu.html

Oh... it's the same guy.

Max said:

This guy needs a new gag. I've seen 3 of his 'today I give the city gifts' videos. After the first time the gag lAcks sincerity and spoils the enjoyment.

Perhaps think of a different way to get noticed now. New city. New idea?

Anno said:


thecritiK said:

Self promotion.. ahh what can you say...

Someone said:

This is everything that is wrong with the business at the moment.
Lightweight dross.
This is shameless Self Promotion.
Mate, if you want to get noticed, do a decent ad.

john said:

Put him to work on VB

Just Sayin' said:

He got a gig at D5, must be doing something right.

Ted said:

And why tell the advertising world how brilliant you are? What happened to being humble? It would be much nicer if no one knew about it.

Lucasiwantyourbabies said:

Good to see tall poppy syndrome is alive and well here.

Who cares if he's done it in another city? Since when did saying 'thank you' become something you can only do once. It's a beautiful thing to do and I'm happy it got shared on here.

ps Lucas are you single?

J said:

It would be a lot better if it contained some sort of call to action, asking people to pay it forward or act selflessly. Good act or not, this just reaks of self-promotion,
I mean, this is filmed like a case study for pete sakes.
Good will, generosity and charity should be utterly selfless.

He must really love Bono.

Them haters gonna hate. said:

@ 8:08 - bitter much? Sure it's a self-promo (but is it any less shameless than an exaggerated CV or padded out folio)

And since when did saying 'thanks' become what's wrong with the industry?? It's a nice little light-hearted piece which is more entertaining and clever than anything you'll ever do.

What's wrong is all the old bitter/jealous/sour pricks like you.

Lucas Jatobá said:

You're just jealous of my awesomeness and that I didn't give you a present.

VB client said:

Making this would've taken some time and effort from the Droga5 team.

Give us a smile said:

Jesus, lighten up people! It's just a little feel good stunt! I wish there where more people like Lucas in this industry, instead we get to work with you bunch of whingers.

What Ted said:

Yep. What Ted said.

PR idiot said:

What an idiot I am. I gave some money to a homeless guy in the street the other day but I forgot to video my self doing it. What a wasted PR opportunity.
May be I should re-stage it.
I could get an actor to play the homeless guy because he wasn't really that 'homeless' looking.

Jesus said:

Ok Give us a smile. I'm gonna go ahead and lighten up now.

I hate Gen Y said:

Lets ban together for the canonisation of Lucas Jatobá. A selfless act of humanity and courage in our difficult times.

Free Hugs guy said:

Presents are a nice touch. Neat.

Giggity said:

Thought there might have been a bit of an agenda behind it when I watched yesterday without being aware he was a creative. It's charming, if a little contrived, but it will probably go viral and regardless of the motive, it is a lovely message. Do you think the people who were given the gifts care? No, it brightened their day and probably gave them a bit of renewed faith in humanity. Good on him and happy birthday. If I recognised you in the street I'd probably buy you a beer.

Clam said:

His next trick will be to film himself attempting to impregnate 'Lucasiwantyourbabies'.

sweet said:

i think its sweet....i just hope he doesn't get a present from the musicians who provided the music in the form of a legal letter....we've tried to use that music and they are rather tetchy...beware.

Second time said:

He can do it every year on his birthday and ending up having 10 pieces in his book.

thanks for nothing said:

self promotion

Where is my present? said:

It's definitely working as all of you are talking about him... good on you Lucas. Hope you do well in Australia, as you did in Spain and Brazil.

Advertisers attitude said:

OMG what an asshole. How dare you attempt to show compassion. You're up there with Hitler you son of a bitch.
(You ppl make me sick)

Lucasiwantyourbabies said:

I'm ready.

Huffy McGhee said:

Fuck all you people are cynical pricks. Here's something someone did for relatively cheap that is a feel-good idea and is getting circulated around the net. Personally I think you've all lost your hearts and souls to the industry if you can't see why this is good.

... said:

You can guarantee that he was given the Droga5 self-PR brief the moment he walked in the door.

link mad! said:

if your doing it for the right reasons be humble about it!

If you're not, then do it better.

Fail on both accounts

The Dude said:

This dude is king of the feel good. No wonder everyone on this blog hates his shit.

The Dude said:

This guy's king of the feel good. No wonder everyone here hates his shit.

Eisenberg said:

I was wondering if there were no video cameras, no YouTube or Vimeo and no links to his online portfolio, would him still be giving 30 gifts to 30 strangers? SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION. Give them gifts, but keep for yourself next time mate.

Brazilian lady said:

I think when he was a kid he grew up watching a Brazilian show called Gugu - Domingo legal. Full of self-promotion kind of things. I would rather do it with homeless and be quiet about it. Not placing a link to my portfolio. Unless I wanted people to feel proud of my "gentle soul". Well... strange...

Smoke said:

30 comments 30 cockheads

hi mum said:

I think it's a lovely idea.
It just would have been lovelier without the URL at the end.
Then the altruism is unquestionable.

Jules said:

Come on guys, he just needs a girlfriend (or boyfriend).

Jordo said:

So what this entry is really saying is:

A 30 year old creative - with 10 years of experience and still has no real solid work or awards to his name - resorts to self promotion disguised as acts of charity to try and get a better advertising job.

C'mon. Who are we kidding here? It's a great piece of self-promotion designed to pluck at heartstrings. Nothing more than that. Just shameless for being disguised as good will.

Anonymous said:

What's wrong with self promotion? ultimately we're all products looking to get picked in the rat race. If this guy wants to promote himself like this it's fair enough in my eyes.

MeTube said:

How many views does something have to have before it "goes viral"?

AA said:

It's the official birth of PR-Wankers! And I'm not knocking him, I think it's great. Let's face it, adwankers were so 2000.

dunga said:

he could make a bigger splash here simply by doing some great work instead

Baldrick said:

This inspired me to get a Brazillian.

wanted to like it said:

I read the comments.

I watched the video.

I agree with the majority - it's truly awful.

It's meaningless.

It's shallow.

And most of all, it's just such a cringe to watch. Bbbrrrrrr.

Can't keep a straight face said:

I'm officially pissing my pants - check out one of his other 'ideas'.


I love this industry - it's so f'n hilarious.

Hmmm said:

Pretty sure i saw someone who works at droga5 receive a gift. random acts of kindness my arseee-hole

Fred Flintstone said:

This idea is as brilliant as his Humanity Stone. Both ridiculously funny.

Just saying.. said:

Wouldn't a nuclear war destroy the humanity stone too?

A filthy Kiwi said:

The irony here is that he is thanking Australians for being such great people and now you're all being utter pricks to him. Hilarious.

Tbone said:

No persons were harmed during the filming of this ute video.

Sincerity however is still in a critical condition and anonymity just flat-lined.

job done said:

It's a self promo piece with 50 comments.

Gee, that was important-sounding music said:

The Humanity Stone, a new pre-doomsday blockbuster film by Steven Spielberg. I can see it now. Starring Charlton Heston. Oh, too bad, he's dead.

Insane in the membrane said:

@ 10:22pm is this comedy??? No really is it? Or just another case of the internet giving a dim-wit a voice?

Dan said:

I bet the Humanity Stone will have lucasjatoba.com carved into the footer.

Who can blame him said:

Sure, it's a self-serving and ultimately cynical exploitation of the human spirit. But until the advertising industry stops rewarding this kind of behaviour, who can blame him?

Pardon me but said:

Although it's miles too sappy for me (and little creepy), he's hardly hurting anyone. And there's nothing wrong with having a few dumb ideas either. Isn't one of the first rules of creative thinking to not be afraid of making mistakes?

At least he's having a go. Good on him.

Lassie said:

You're all old and bitter and twisted.

I'm young, hopeful and full of smiles, and this made me smile.

Good on you dude. Love it. And judging by the comments on your Vimeo account, so do people who aren't totally bitter as a result of not doing it themselves.

Whatevs said:

If you're all so against self-promotion, why don't you take your names off all your published work credits and not enter award shows. Hypocrites.

BK said:

Great, another thing I'm ashamed to be in the same industry for.

Response to whatevs said:

Whatevs, I don't think you get it.

No one here is against self promotion. Not a sole. We leave our names on our work because the work is what we do. Nothing wrong with that. But this is not work. This is self indulgence. This is opportunism disguised as generosity. Attention seeking dressed as altruism. A sweet-as-pie good deed that says, ''Hey, look at how nice and thoughtful I am. Look at my childlike naiveté. Look at my lovely, happy sensitiveness: now please visit my website and look at my other playful, conceptual gestures."

It's the opportunism that is questioned by most people here.
Helping an old lady cross the road if it means some one with look at your book.

I'm sure this Lucas person didn't see it this way, but so many people will.

Ben Katz said:

I think the biggest problem is that he's pretending to do this because he's a great generous guy, when in fact he did it so he could film it to SHOW you what a great and wonderful guy he is. People that are truly generous don't need to take a film crew along to capture the moment of their greatness, then promote it online. They simply do generous things for the sake of being generous.

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