Bundaberg Five's 'Clear Character' campaign extended to print via Leo Burnett, Sydney

Screen shot 2011-09-09 at 5.41.05 PM.jpgScreen shot 2011-09-09 at 5.41.58 PM.jpgBundaberg Five is a clear spirit with character. New print work out of Leo Burnett, Sydney.



??? said:

Wow who shot these they Rock

Dave Gibson said:

Nathan had a lovely handjob.

show me the ice said:

makes bundaberg look tasteless

Confused said:

How is this supposed to sell rum?

Gayness said:

I'm dumb right? Cos I don't get it. But I'm a big bundy fan...
Guess I'm just dumb...think I'll hold onto my cash...

OMG said:

Nice locations and prop styling. Shed loads of retouching. But how ... how are these pretentious and expensive pieces of pseudo print 'advertising' meant to sell / relate to / increase sales of / say something meaningful about...Bundaberg Rum? I know, I'm probably missing the point. It's about awards. Silly me. Still don't think they are particularly powerful pieces of print though. One seems like a silly comedy comp-job. The other, a slightly gay 1980s Levi's ad.

Huh said:

Print ads confuse me

Cy said:

Just when ya thought

jl said:

I don't get the idea - but they look good - although they feel tasteless for some reason.

Busted said:

I thought I was the only one with a twin dolphin fetish...

Old fashioned said:

I hope those are lady dolphins.

..... said:

wow. very impressive.

JH said:

This is trying too hard. And consistent with the rest of the campaign.

macca said:

Is the campaign message 'blow' as in blow your arm offf when pissed, blow your hard earned on bundy and take those two dolphins up the blow holes.

It's not been shot it's been macd to death, I don't get it.

I saw the Bundy work Leo's did for Queensland floods but don't remeber it ever running in Australia, scam?

Confused said:

They have lost the plot. Bring back the beer or accept defeat like VB and play the manage for decline strategy. Jack Daniel, Jim Beam and Smirnoff out market Bundy easily. Bring back the bear

Piet said:

awesomely random. i like!

Passionate about giving ROI the bird said:


random said:

there's clever-random, (google 'selleck waterfall sandwich'), then there's bullshit random...

yep said:


the one hand man said:

what a wank

above said:

Are you serious?
A wank?
What planet u from?
This is the shit !
Get on with your Harvey Norman catalogue.
Fucking jealous juniors.

al bundy said:

Weird without relevance to product = indulgent shite. Nice shots though.

daz said:

Haven't we seen this idea before? Oh yeah, that's right... we haven't. A campaign with a fresh idea that's been beautifully executed. Call me old fashioned, but I'd call this an example of what it looks like to make an honest living in advertising.

dave said:

a proven fact that dolphins gang bang both females and males - nice to have this brought to life

Above said what now? said:

This may be the shit that agencies live for... But reeks of self indulgence like "I've always wanted to do this but just couldn't find someone to buy it"..
If it had an idea behind it...then maybe...

Huffy McGhee said:

I'm quite jealous of these. Because they're funny. Because they look great. And because you got to work with Jean Yves Lemoine, one of my favourite photographers.

A pat on the back for you.

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