Carpet Choice rebrands as Choices with new integrated campaign via Creative Oasis, Sydney

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 7.05.17 PM.jpgScreen shot 2011-09-06 at 7.17.15 PM.jpgCarpet Choices will now be known as Choices, a rebranding that includes a new logo and backed by an integrated campaign via Creative Oasis, Sydney.


Agency: Creative Oasis, Sydney
Creatives: Mike Boswell, Paul Knights and Paul Lo Russo
Director: Sally Shapcott
Production Company: Curious Films


Christopher Walken said:

If you are going to rip off one of my more famous appearances at least do it justice.

Mick Hunter said:

Ah, that's the spot Sarah Murdoch turned down.

Slim boy Fat said:

Ads this bad should not be allowed to use music that good.

hairdresser said:

The guy's wearing a rug - how ironic.

Carpet Muncher said:

The whole thing is just awful from the new logo, to the concept to the talent.... You've helped me make a Choice never to go to Choices

Casual Observer said:

I like her calf muscles.

Anne Onymouse said:

Many predict the end of the world next year. Along with earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods. plagues famine and droughts, this abomination is another sign of the impending doom.

Tim said:

Hmmm can't find an idea? Increase the music rights budget..

Lachlan said:

@ Mick Hunter. Sarah does not turn any ad down.

Sarah Murdoch said:

Sorry Lachy, but Mick is right. I didn't want to bring it up at the time cos of all of the stuff going on at the time with dad. I hope you don't mind. I have a fuck site more talent then the girl in it any way.

Clarification required said:

Is that the same Mike Boswell who used to be at The Palace?

I have a few questions said:

Who the fuck Art Directed this?
Who the fuck wrote it?
Who the fuck signed off on the idea?
Who the fuck turned up to the pre prod?
Who the fuck choreographed this?
Who the fuck approved the shoot board?
Who the fuck chose to destroy a great song?
Who the fuck PR'd this????????

Clarification given said:

''tis the very same Mike Boswell that used to be at The Palace.

Weetbix farmer said:

Dreadful. Dreadful. Dreadful. And to think I used to view the floor covering retailer category as one just ripe for the creative picking.

Ron Jeremy said:

Their "weapon of choice" is obviously plagiarism...

Palace said:

What is that tune from. I'm sure I've heard it before so it's probably been ripped off....

General client said:

I love this adv, the woman is sexy and if people in the trade dont. Like it...go bad to. dont understand your client base.
Great add
Ps. Pls dont assume i am a simpleton either.
Sending from phone, so chrs may be missing

sunrk said:

I thought it was a very clever ad. Not to mention the woman dancing is just hot hot hot and I want to book her for some work!

Ozfemme said:

Ugliest feet ever. You'd think she'd have booked a pedicure before the shoot. I'm a peaceful person but I want to throw a brick at her head everytime I see this.

Dazza said:

Hey I think this chic is sexy as, with very nice feet yummy

Carpet Layer said:

Who is she? I.E. What's her name and is she a dancer, actor or both. Are the feet a cut in. They sure look like they could be a dancer's feet.

Jenny song title said:

please tell methe name of the song

Carpet Layer said:

The name of the song is "Weapon of Choice" by Fat Boy Slim

Tony D said:

The ad irritates me to the point that I remember the company so that I WILL NOT buy their product.

Get it!

those ads that get me to buy their product make me laugh or they tell me directly the benefits of theirs over others. silly dancing promotes nothing but stupidity.

tony d said:

silly, irritating advert. I wont buy the product because of my dislike for that ad.

Observer said:

Great add - pretty to watch like a good golf shot.

Carpet Purchaser said:

I like the Add. I pay a lot of money for my carpets. I appreciate the fun with having a good carpet..and the music is great, the chickie is great,, the guy is Hmmmm funny looking , and seems like he doesn't want to be there, looks like he is not particularly interested in females???

Denis said:

I just googled "Girl in the Choices ad" and found myself here amongst a pack of jealous miserable and obviously personally clueless arseholes.
She would have the most infectious smile and demeanour I have watched on a TV commercial in years and myself and everyone I have asked would book her in an instant.
Time for the people that employ some of you so called industry gurus to start listening to the viewing public and not such a bunch of negative sycophants.

CJ said:

I love the add .much better than all those other boring carpet adds,well done carpet choice

KM said:

Well said Denis. I think it's a great ad and I would go further to say I think the guy in the ad has a lovely, infectious smile and I think it's great they chose someone who isn't yr typical 'pretty boy' who you normally see in ads. I think both actors were cast very well and make the ad more believable. They look like normal, everyday people, not over made up, perfect looking 20 somethings. Well done!!!!

North Coast Kate said:

This is my favourite ad and i think Mr Choice is yummy. Scrolling through the comments above it is hard not to notice that some people lead sad, self obsessed lives. Wish more ads chose the no speaking method of communicating

cairns mob said:

very very pretty girl,

South Coast Janet said:

That woman is the worst dancer I've ever seen. The dancing has no correlation with the music. It's the most annoying advert ever.

Rick Price said:

Wow! Who is that woman???
The Ad is alive and Spunky! It portrays the excitement the couple have with the product. Well done.
The woman is obviously a dancer and is very sexy and has a great body and knows how to move it.
I was floored by the Ad ... Bwahahaha

Blaggut said:

The actresses name is Katherine Shearer

Lavarian said:

Thank you Blaggut, it's only taken a year or two, but finally someone has found the gorgeous woman from this ad!

I can't believe so many people hate on this ad with such ignorant fervor, yet every member of the public has come here trying to find her because we love the ad and think she's smoking hot! And I ozfemme who reckons she needs a 'pedicure', wtf planet are you on? Her feet are amazingly sexy, I think every single guy here would agree if they had any taste. What would be more to your liking? Some nasty bacterium infected French tip? Fake nails? Or is it just because she doesn't have nail polish on?

Either way you're a bitter angry woman who's terribly, terribly detached from reality. I don't think any of us would say no to giving her a foot rub or suckling her toe!

To all the haters, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. You work in the industry? Shows how detached from your target publics you are! And shows why you weren't consulted for this (or probably any!) advert when you're so far off from what the public thought of it! Haters gonna hate!

Michael said:

I love this commercial, the woman is very very sexy
Hope she is in another sexy commercial soon

Lucky Phil said:

She is HOT...HOT...HOT
Those who don't think the same must have brown eyes...
Full of $hit

Peter Photo/Videos said:

The add gets the message across clearly to the target market , Average Aussie Mums. The actress is appealing to the market.

Rebecca Horton said:

Can someone please tell me who the guy is in this ad?!?!?!?!?! Email me at

epicentre said:

That ad? Hate it! Hate it! Hate it! Every night we have to endure it over & over! I would not consider CHOICES on principles of this looney ad. If my husband came home to find me behaving like that dibby dancer, he would be calling for a big white van to come & take me away. Please, get rid of this act of stupidity & let's have something that really promotes!

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