Coca-Cola plays name game with 'Share A Coke' campaign via Ogilvy & Mather Sydney

coke replacement.jpgCoca-Cola is putting Aussies front and centre by printing people's names on millions of bottles (for the first time ever) as a social invitation to find the names of friends and family and encourage them to connect and 'Share a Coke' together.

The launch of the new multi-million dollar summer campaign, 'Share a Coke', will see the country's 150 most popular names appear on labels this summer, encouraging them to 'Share a Coke' with one another.
This is the first time Coca-Cola has made such a major change to its packaging and the first time any brand in Australia has launched this type of campaign.  'Share a Coke' with Matt, Josh, Luke, Rebecca, Nicole, Kate messaging was designed to encourage Aussies to connect with each other this summer. All the executions of the fully integrated 'Share a Coke' marketing campaign act as an invitation for consumers to share a bottle or can of Coke with someone they know, or want to know.

Says Lucie Austin, marketing director, Coca-Cola South Pacific: "We are using the power of the first name in a playful and social way to remind people of those in their lives they may have lost touch with or have yet to connect with.  We've put names on Coca-Cola bottles so consumers will have fun finding their friends and family members' names and then enjoy sharing a Coke together."

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Sydney
Client: Coca-Cola South Pacific
Digital Agency: Wunderman
PR: One Green Bean
Channel Planning: Naked Communications
Media: IKON Communications
Activation: Urban Communication


Mark said:

Can't wait to walk around with a bottle of coke with JESS written on it.

Bob Sugar said:

Pay it forward, a common trend these days.

Nevertheless, might very well be the first decent idea out of Ogilvy in... god knows how long.

Malcolm X said:

I can't wait to get one that says Habib, or Spiro, or even Magdalene, or are they all going to be WASP names?

Malcolm Y said:

Think it's about you buying a bottle and sharing the coke with a friend of yours that has that name. Thus "Share a Coke".

But doubt Mohammed will be on any bottles.

Reevesy said:

a bundy and jess just isn't the same #drinkofchampions

JoeBloew said:

Malcom, it says Australias 150 most popular names. If these are all WASP names then they'll all be WASP names.

the real thing said:

As a Coke loyalist, this idea pisses me off.
I don't want a just want a Matt,or a Rebecca.
I just want a Coke.

Jess said:

Agree with Bob Sugar 'first decent idea out of Ogilvy'. Shame is, I hear it came from the old ECD.

As you were.

chog said:

great idea...I would love it if I could order a dozen bottles with my name on it.. that's like taking the personalized Nike air max idea to another level.. but I'm not sure if it could happen with a very 'wog' name...

I just want a fucking coke said:

I don't get it... Are you meant to stand in the milk bar with the fridge door open searching for a bottle that has a name of someone you know on it, then buy the coke, find the person, drive to wherever they may be, interrupt what they're doing, then drink the coke together perhaps alternating sips? That sounds like a barrel of laughs.

Tom M's Pillow said:

You hear right, Jess. All Ford.

Alexandra said:

Wondering if my name will be on a can of coke ? and where can i get these bottles from ?

macca said:

Critics I think your missing the point, it's not often I compliment work on CB but this is cool. Remember who the target are 14-20's no doubt, it's a bit of fun a guy will go in get a bottle and give it to the person he has a crush on, they'll chat about it coz that's what spotty teenagers do.

This will be a huge success and will no doubt get bags of earned media too, mark my words. Well done Ogilvy first decent thing you've done for ages.

Kiwi Rich said:

I concur macca. Furthermore, I imagine the coke cans/bottles won't be the only thing that will have over 150 names on it come award season.

Bridget said:

I think this idea is great and will appeal to a younger market for sure.

I was passing some teens the other day nearly orgasming over some new Choc Cherry Big M's they were drinking... 'OHMYGOD...GUYS OHMYGOD YOU GOTTA TRY THIS!!!! THIS. IS. LEGENDARY.'
Same will happen with these.


And so forth.

Me like.

god said:

You both work at Ogilvy

Mike Hunt said:

Shame it's not practicable to include surnames as well.

I can imagine much jesting and jollity whilst sharing these personalised beverages with my Scottish gay friends, Ben Dover and Phil McCavity.

Nice. said:

Far Far away from Ford from what I hear- good on you Ogilvy and well done client- can only imagine the hurdles- about time we celebrate being brave for once. Much better than more of the same......

Sigrid said:

Somehow i dont think im going to be able to find my name :/

Who drinks it? said:

Coke is shit really.

Dave said:

Very cool. I'm jealous. Congrats ogilvy.

Dick Hertz said:

Nice idea. All they need to do is give out a 6 inch piece of hose pipe, a party cone and a lighter and it will really take off.

Glad Wrap said:

Looks like the Ogilvy crew have had a busy afternoon/evening posting comments on their own work. Well guess you gotta get validation some way huh? Maybe next time don't be so transparent.

Finally they've turned the ship around? said:

The only thing I can fault this with is the font for the name. If they had have done it in that coke script, then I'd go 'fuck yeah'.

And Glad Wrap. You're a fucking cowardly cock and a waste of space, what the fuck have you done lately you tiny, tiny little venomous fucking insect. Go work in a bank.

Andrew said:

This is a great idea and seems to be working already. I have seen plenty of comments over social media of people being really fascinated by this. Well done those responsible.

taillah said:

Its heaps cool but i cant find TAILLAH or COOPER or PHOEBE that suckz

deeelite70 said:

Why would you tell Glad Wrap to "Go work in a bank"? We don't want him ...

Besides, we can recognize a good idea when we see it. We love it in my branch!

Jayde said:

Is there coke with jayde Spelt on it and also Kingsley or tanya

Change that shot said:

Great idea.

Change that terrible low res PR shot though

Theresa said:

Coke has said there will be ethnic names as well on the packaging as well as the top 150 names, they have also said that mist if the names will be in shortened form to fit Australia's laid back culture. I think it is brilliant! My kids live hunting to find names of ppl we know as do my friends, it's a clever and fun idea! And JESS is on a 600ml ;) I found one for my sil yesterday!

Bronte said:


Tracey said:

Hope I can find my daughters name - Tilly

Toohardbasket said:

Is there anywhere you can view a list of names?

Chook said:

How do I see the list of names??

kerry said:

Please make some non regular named ones. Like for my kids who are looking for THAAO (not a lot of people named thaao out there) TAHNEE( there is a few people with this name)OR TIESHA ( pretty rare).

And different spelling of names like Kristie or LLiam or Karla... Kerry we are all searching for our name and cant find it.. maybe Pepsi will make it :)

ruck said:

Kerry - maybe if you didnt give your kids such bogan names then their names would be on coke bottles and seriously what kind of name is Thaao. I feel sorry for your children.

Groucho said:

Its wonderful how this is catching out the parents who self indulgently gave their kids really stupid names, or regular names with really stupid spellings. Not cool now aye?

enuenodo said:

toatally took this out of beastly poetry scence

Dumb & Dumber said:

All you dumb fucks asking why your stupid names are not there read the article. It clearly says Coke used the 150 most popular names. They are trying to appeal to the population in large numbers, not the really dumb ones who can't read, or don't understand 150. By the way, to drink it use your mouth - thats the one below your nose.

Amy said:

.... since when wasnt Amy a popular name... :/ when i went to eastgardens i saw my sisters name (Jess)

Kris said:

You all are a bunch of idiots, 1 the names people choose for their children is totally up to the parents and maybe she wanted to be unique rather being the same as all other kids, who wants to have the same name as 14 other kids in the same year at school? Wake up. 2 how immature judging upon childrens names, do you feel like you have acheived something or are you just that insecure about urself? I would love to see my kids names (zakai, teisha), it would be great

Kris said:

You all are a bunch of idiots, 1 the names people choose for their children is totally up to the parents and maybe she wanted to be unique rather being the same as all other kids, who wants to have the same name as 14 other kids in the same year at school? Wake up. 2 how immature judging upon childrens names, do you feel like you have acheived something or are you just that insecure about urself? I would love to see my kids names (zakai, teisha), it would be great

coley said:

i want a Darcy one? Anyone know if they exist?

Dognut - put that on a can said:

Finally they've turned the ship around? said:

The only thing I can fault this with is the font for the name. If they had have done it in that coke script, then I'd go 'fuck yeah'.

And Glad Wrap. You're a fucking cowardly cock and a waste of space, what the fuck have you done lately you tiny, tiny little venomous fucking insect. Go work in a bank.
October 1, 2011 9:39 AM

Go work in a bank. LMFAO....

cooooookery said:

MMM... rumour is... it wasn't ONLY an Ogilvy idea at all.... Ogilvy fellas.. wanna come clean now, spare the red red faces later?

A Little Birdy said:

Yeah, I heard another agency presented it first but got screwed by Cok

Moustafa said:

Great campaign, this has been extended to places in the Sydney city and Bondi, that will personalize a name for you. Except they have blocked the name "Ali" and
"Mohamed", could someone explain the rationale for this? Equal rights?

Dee said:

This is working fantastically for Coke. It hits the targeted audience in ways that it is very hard to; I've got pictures all over my Facebook of people posting an image of a Coke bottle/can with their name on it, with the caption "COOL" or "HAHA AWESOME!" Leading to the Coke brand/logo being exposed to all of their friends and so on. Not to mention the people out there that buy a bottle/can just because their name is on it.

we love kylie said:

Do they have a Kylie....they must have a Kylie!!

agencystealth said:

Little Birdy....
Heard that too....... OgilvyCoke ?? Open up a little happiness for the agency that did the idea?

Happy Jack said:

Really - you spell your child's name oddly so they are "unique" ( read forced to spell and tell people how to pronounce their name for their Entire lives) OR you give them an odd name with the same repercussions YET you want Coke to make a bottle with your child's name. Get real. I work with kids and I cannot tell you how many hate having their name mispronounced and misspelled because their [ parents wanted to be individuals!

Fizz Buzz said:

OOoh ! Also heard some not so quiet whispers.. could be a COKILEAKS!!!!

Megatron/ said:

If this is so great, why is my name not on here, and they have "Fadi" Like, most common names? BTICHPLEASE.

Geraldine said:

is there a Geraldine in the list.....curious

Deanne said:

can you please add my name to the bottle my name is Deanne

macca said:

Look how many posts this has had already, and we're not spotty talk about everything teenagers. Glad wrap you're a complete tool, if you realised what it must have taken to get a major client like Coke to run with this maybe you'ld appreciate it more, maybe that's why you probably cant land a gig yourself.

Tris said:

The best thing about using only 150 names is that seventy-hundred other people who's names didn't make the list all whinge to everyone that they want a coke with their name on it (dumb names like Joshdibeb or Shondaroonwa or something) thus propagating awareness of the brand/campaign even further. It's not "who you know", it's "who the fucks name is that, where the fuck is MY name?". My name is Tristrim. Good luck finding that on a coke bottle. Every time I see "Kim" written on a coke bottle, I want to punch it. Good work coke, you just made sixty million cunts talk about your brand. Well played :)

Jiberjaber said:

I got a bottle that said Wen on it!! When iis Wen a popular name??!

Natasha said:

I'm 25 and think it was pretty cool when I was ordering subway and my bro handed me a coke with my name on it! Thus he shared a coke with me and a few laughs. Then yesterday I was going to buy an iced tea but instead went for a coke because I recognized a name on it. This is a brilliant marketing strategy! Well done coke!

finch2427 said:

C'mon coke, really? You say that you used 150 of Australias most popular names, but as i search throught the list, you seem to have missed a couple common names, E.G: Andrew, Ellen, ect.. These may not be so popular now, but I don't think Aarav is even an Australian name. Good idea, but badly executed...

Cokileaks2 said:

Simple , great....and like all the good uns...obvious....after the event.

Great idea and strategy Coke....... if the rumours that are circulating are true.... (aonther agency presneted you this idea.) .....if you want to get more of the same from any Agency.... in the future perhaps you need to give credit where credit is due

lloyd said:

cant wait to see a bottle with Lloyd on it.

bel said:

you all carry on about it being stupid etc.. fact of the matter is that you are all on here talking about it = coke wins. curiosity killed the cat, ya see.

clever clever coke.

Donna said:

Can't believe my name is not on the list, I thought my name was a little more common than my son's who is on the list... Very strange!!!!

shantel said:

Hey i think its awesome but wish they had my name :)

Smile!! said:

Custom order one.
your problem = solved.
you're welcome.

ieshs said:

please make an iesha one

Naming names said:

Maybe Coke should put BBH's name on it. The campaign, not the bottle, after all, they did present the idea to them first.

Cokileaks2 said:

Ah Naming Names names the name!!
Open secret apparently....... mmm wonder who should take the flak for it...Coke obviously but Ogilvy...?

Tonya said:

I just would love to see something with my name on it spelt the CORRECT way lol

TONYA Thanks that would be awesome lol

sharnibarney said:

Hell, I KNOW I will never see my name on anything commercially made - but hey, I am not complaining... it turns out there are roving kiosks, and you can get it printed out with whatever name you would like, AND (better still) they will be in the centre where I work next month... roll on November - and a bottle with -Sharni- on it :)

blah said:

yeah let's all be generic with our names and coke habit.
coke is unhealthy. popular names are boring.

Noone said:

yous are all fukwits Kthanksbye

Unknown ehe said:

Can you please put a coke with the name Lia .. ?

Chezatron said:

@Dick Hertz - I wonder whether coke knows people buy powerade coz it works the best with a hose etc :)
Good idea, I've had 2 people buy 'Jayden' bottles for my son, but I wish you could order them with your name on it, I want a 'Cherie' one...

Max said:

Bet i wont be finding my name its too close to Pepsi Max

)= ...thats kinda crap!

Da Jester said:

i saw Aarav and Faadi? WTF since when are they top 150 names?

Eanne said:

Can you please out a coke with the name Theressa on it?

Kamara said:

I want one with my name on it Kamara

Tiana said:

I think it's really unfair that my name isn't on a coke bottle,

can you please put it on?

Anonymous said:

what about an EDAN a KAYLA a NARELLE AND A COLIN!!! I Cant find those names anywhere!!!

Jazzy said:

arre there any, any at all with Jasmine on them or Brooke--- bit devo if theres not ayye . anyway. u coke cunts are smart well u think u are--- your getting every one to buy your gluggly black shit with putting names on the bottles. smart arses. :) hahah

Cokileaks3 said:

HAHAHA!! FUnny if all the questions were about who did this in Ogilvy... Ford? Turn out to be bollocks then if BBH did it all along!!!

tom said:

last nite i got a coke with share a coke with TOM and my name is tom REALLY COOL

Anonymous said:


razz said:

a jacks n with jack wud b funny or johhny n john

hazza said:

should defiantly put one 'share a coke with georgia'

i love coke said:

You awesome guys can you please name a coke bottle for my daughters haylee, shauna, and tanisha

kevin said:

kev or .sie,sie or ,rae rae.

Kadeisha said:

I have had every name under the sun but mine

Anastasia said:

I have had a coke were is my name

Honest Opinoin..... said:

You say that you used 150 of Australias most popular names, but as i look in the local shops, you seem to have missed a couple common names, E.G: Kayla, Daniel, Julie, Nikita, Gui ect.. These people just want a Coke with there name on it.... Not to be rude, but I don't think Aarav or Fadi are even Australian names. You should have a website where people can say which names they would like or even the list of names..... Thaaanx.....

abi said:

can you make one that says abi spelt exacly like that and send it to russell islad iga QLD PLEASE

Sarah Myee said:

I'd like to see "have a coke with"...... MYEE

Katrina said:

There is one with "Fadi" on it.. Um Since when was this in the top 150 names?

I think Fadi who works at coke Decided to change it up a bit :-P

Giulia!! said:

Most common names??? WTF?? Not likely! Found my name- Giulia- for those less educated it's Julia spelt the Italian way, but I can assure you it's not amongst the top 150, not in this country! Still, thank coke! First time ever I have found my name on anything. My friends, family and I have been buying them up! And I don't even drink coke! Clever!

The Girl Above Me said:

Most common names??? WTF?? Not likely! Found my name- Giulia- for those less educated it's Julia spelt the Italian way, but I can assure you it's not amongst the top 150, not in this country! Still, thank coke! First time ever I have found my name on anything. My friends, family and I have been buying them up! And I don't even drink coke! Clever!

Tilly said:

Matilda & Chase aren't on them so could u please do it.:( :)

Fadi (yes Fadi and not Fatty or Fardi) said:

I personally love the fact that Coca Cola and Ogilvy have finally gotten around to seeing the light and admitting that Australia is a multicultural country.

My name is Fadi and I'm an Aussie, just as much as Kayla, Daniel, Julie, Nikita are Aussies too! Why do people like Katrina have a problem with my name being a product for a change??? I also like that Coke's chosen Aarav as well! Woohoo!

Anyway, I think Coke's done a great job and more power to them!

Don't you understand? said:

Dude, this is the best marketing idea. People are going out of their way to buy cokes just because they have their friends name on them, then posting pictures of them to facebook and tagging their friend. This isn't just selling more coke, but also advertising the product more.
I'd like to imagine that coke didn't think of it at the time, and they're now all excited because it turned out so well. But I doubt that. Coke is just pure genius when it comes to marketing...

lisa said:

y isnt there a lisa???

Amy said:

Amys a popular name!!!

Jazz said:

Lisa,Amy,fardia,, is that you I am the other jazzy one . love u lissssaaaaaa

Young said:

I wanna share my cola with Young, Whitney and Shino. That fantastic campagin.

amanda said:

nor a hannah ? and why the hell would anyone want to pick a name like TONYA. wtf ?

Cooper said:

Cooper is really popular

kristy said:

would be good to find a KRISTY :)

brianna said:

would be good to find a brianna or breeza or bree :) would make my day

whitney said:

Still haven' found my name (whitney) on a coke can/bottle anywhere :(

bobster said:

I just wish they would have added a few extra nanes such as "legend" , "d!ckh34d", and "mate". Then I'd actually buy it.

tracey said:

is there tracey on any of the labels??

Ama said:

Funny how many people are complaining about their "generic" names not being on a bottle when they actually are.

FYI - from above you WILL find these names on bottles already...


My only gripe is that people stand at the fridges in the shop where i work trying to going through 100+ bottles on the shelves to find their own name. It frustrating for those who don't care what name they buy and for my staff who have to clean up after them.

Teesh said:

Teesh is an Ama ZING name

maddy said:

i wish there was gaylene
(sye) none yet
and maddy

Pruteema said:

How do you determine the 150 most common names!?

Sam said:

I'd like to know why names like "Fadi" and "Aarav" are on the bottles when it's supposed to be AUSTRALIAN names??? And "Sam" is apparently on the bottles and after weeks and weeks of looking I can't find a single one! Did all the "Sam" botttles go to another state or something???

Anonymous said:

can you please put a coke with the name Abeny and Chloe and Nina on it please thanks xx

Amber && Mates said:

This is a great idea wiht names on coke bottles!!! :)
But I think you should have these names on coke bottles:
- Amber
- Tomie
- Jaydn
- Tristin
- Jaden
- Tyrone
- TJ

It would be very much appricated!! thanks :)

stef said:

Does anyoe know if there is:



I assume not.... where can I find the list?

I assume there is a Scott already?

crystal (: said:

they should get ones with crystal on it (:

Lyn-Anne said:

Hey i don't think you have put my name on a bottel its Lyn-Anne. can you please

Jordan schimizzi said:

think you have put my name on a bottel its fazley

chloe said:

has anyone seen my name on a coke bottle??? I've been looking everywhere

Baz said:

Baz ??

Shaelyn said:


Saliya and Lidia said:

Hi can we have Saliya and Lidia on bottles pleaseeeeeeeee!!! :)

Jamir said:

Wtf I don't understand all the ppl who are up in arms about their idiotic, bogen misspelt names not being on any bottles. Ofcourse they aren't, taillah, zakai,jaydn and iesha are Not common names, thus they aren't going to be on the bottle. You can determine popular baby names, by looking at the births registry- thought this much was kinda obvious, but it's clear now that there are a lot more idiots out there then I originally thought.
Just wondering- has anyone seen a JAMIE? Thx:)

Whats in a name? said:

People are bitchin their hillbilly or ethnic or even common names aren't on a bottle. This is because your name with your name's spelling wasn't high enough on the list of popular names in Australia at the moment. Aarav is an Indian name, Fadi is an Arabic name, these are on the list purely coz theres lots of people called that in Australia at the moment. My name isn't on a bottle as it's spelt differently from the norm and isn't that common anyway. My parents say it's the old Irish way of spelling (by that I pressume pre-literacy in Ireland). PS can anyone tell me where to get custom print labels from? Someone said in Sydney City and Bondi I think they said, can anyone be more specific?

i have an idea said:

its funny how people ask this website to put their names on coke bottles >.

Confused said:

My boyfriend works in a big supermarket, and one of the loads of these he got had the name 'Ahkmed' but not 'David'. He said there were loads of unusual names but it was near impossible to get 'David'.

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuudeee; can we please have a karla in new south wales taree? thanks bro.

shannon said:

i think that this coke thing is a really good idea but i would prefure it if there was one with my name on it .because my brother and sister have each got one and they shared it with eachother and i haven't got one yet

Loly said:

Google says go to westfeild and they will put your name on a cole bottle for real

Penelope said:

Put the name Penelope or Penny on a coke bottle

mercedes said:

umm wish i could get my name on a can :D

ePiC uNiCoRn said:

I have a suggestion; could you lease put the name Ardit on your coke bottles please he is my boyfriend and i want to get him a present and i thought it would be really cool! oh and can you please put the name Ebony on your tv shows because i am always waiting to see my name but i never do! :'(

Caroline said:

I really like the idea of the names on the cokes, even though i might look like a freak searching the supermarket for one with my name on it! But i would also appreciate it if you put MY name on a bottle. Caroline x

Ksena said:

Hey can you pleaasee put my name ksena on the coke bottles in melbourne cuz it would make my day thanks :D

Breanna Author Profile Page said:

can u please make 1 saying Breanna that would make ny day 2 if ya can thanx BTW in Qld

Kirstie said:

I look through the fridges to find my name but it is one of those names that is not on the list
could you please put the following names on coke bottles:
Anna Maria

Mia said:

This is annoying i have looked through 10 different shops trying to find my names and still have not found on :( .... pleasee put my name " MIA-ROSE" on one

Lara said:

Can you PLEASE make a 'Lara' one! I can never find anything with my name!

Kira said:

could you please make one saying "share a coke with kira" i want one with my name on it :(

Jace said:

Hilarious. They wont have my name. I want my name....they need to make a ME ME ME by the looks of it. Brilliant marketing campaign, look at all the suckers sucked in by it. And of course it wouldnt be Australia without someone whinging about only having WASP names YAWN (maybe they could make that for the whinger and the parents with the bogan kids names. Your kid isnt one of many and there is a reason for that but i'll leave it to float over your head). BTW I have a WASP non made up bogan name and it wont be on the list but Im not going out of my way to look :)

maida said:

I still haven’t found my name
it is maida

MINI said:

A coke can or bottle that has MINI on it would be great suckers!!!:)

nalini said:

nalini please

nepean said:

please put this name on a coke bottle!! :)

Kiarra said:


Jocelyn said:

Can you please put Jocelyn or Pokey on a can?? pleaseeee

siobhan said:

Just like to say I don't think my name is like weird or unheard of compared to some names I've seen and from the comments I've also read I think that some of you people are very rude and discriminative towards the actual names that people would like on coke bottles and the name of people's children. I think thaao is a very unique name and anyone that has a problem should shove it up their hole because they obviously are too plain and boring to see the beauty in a name.

Ps anyone seen a siobhan, von or vonnie bottle or amelia

stupid said:


Bigyan Bohara said:

do you guys have this name at all...

Cassie said:

please put my name on please i beg ya

Anika said:

OMMMMMMMMG can you put Anika on a coke please! :D

Shannon said:

I am try to buy all the coke bottles on it with my familys names on it. So far we have Shane, Ash & Brooke now all I need is Shannon, Cooper and Bryson. Can u help me?

TahneeAlexis said:

What wrong with my name ? WISH i could found Tahnee or Alexis :C But if you can't find your name some shops have booths were you design your own coke can :D

Chelsey said:

i recon they suck because they don't have they name chelsey with a y

Please do it! said:

Please make one with Teagan on it please i dont care if it is spelt Teagen or anthing just please!

Keira said:

Id LOVED to see Keira on a can haven't seen one yet been searching ever sinse names came out on cokes

June said:

Maybe you should print one that has Grand Prix on it.

Anonymous said:

i want one tht says shanika on it

!####ELEMENT####! said:

Please make on for my best m8 (mitchell)

maddi said:

i want too see wolfgang on the can (:

Gabby said:

Gabby would be nice

isabella said:

i want to see my name i have almost look trough all the stores in the gap but i have only found my friends names i know my name is there but i CANT FIND IT !!! it sucks

Aqua said:

What about a Dana a Sarnia a Calum a Sophia a Jadzia Id like to see those names

Dee said:

Was wondering if I could share a coke with Dee.

Jess said:

I want one that says 'wesley' on it !

Kendall said:

Hi, as you can see that everyone wants their names on the coke bottles! So people with different names don't get a chance, so please don't put just the 'usual' names on the bottles. BE DIFFERENT AND YOU'LL MAKE SOMEONES DAY! :D

Anonymous said:

put my name on one CRISTINA

come on!!! said:

can u put isaac on them

Anonymous said:

i want to see tamara on a can

JJ said:

Hello I would love to see a "share a coke with JJ" My grandson's name is jacob John but REFUSES to go by that name, my name is JJ

Chelsey said:

Please please put the name 'chelsey' on a coke bottle because I can never find anything with 'Chelsey it's always 'Chelsea' .so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put my name on a coke bottle. :)

hannah said:

is there a hannah???

caitlin said:

i would love to get one for my boyfriend with his name on it "anthony" and my sisters name "leelou" it would be a great help thanks

Destiny said:

i reackon that the best name to be on a bottle of coke would be destiny i have never seen my name on anything befor!!!!!! plz

Julie said:

Looking for Scott - my kids names are Aaron, Scott and Chelsea -
Can't find Scott ......................

sheree said:

would like to see my name sheree

Nina said:

Is there a NINA bottle

APH said:

Mine has (Share a Coke with your) Boss on it! :D
So everytime I see it, I feel 'like a boss'... The Lonely Island anyone?

Louise said:

please make a Louise, havent seeen any, any where :D

S-Dog said:

Plz do Share a coke with Sasha. also do a share a coke with Brodie (my boyfriend)
Don't do Rachel or Troy. Thanks


I would like to know how to get names on a coke can or bottle
the names I am after are: DONNA TRACEY CASSY BEAU

mukka said:


daniel. said:

how shit theres not even a DANIEL on a coke bottle. only DAN, gay as coke bad job on that one seeing as though DANIEL is pretty common.

Kate said:

This is awesome :D Love this idea, its sooo cool. I never bought coke ever until this started and have bought them just because they have mine or my friends name on them. Except maybe they should bring some more names out cause there are some really strange ones and they miss the really obviously popular ones. I have found that its easier to find my friends names (15 years olds) than older people as well, but I suppose this is cause their target is young people.

Tom said:

Please make a Taylor. There is a Tayla, but there is not a Taylor, which is the way my friend's name is spelt. She really wants one.

pissed said:

how did xania get on the coke bottel and not jacob? fucks sake

cindy said:

Cindy has not been on coke yeat

sheridan said:

my hole family has them

kerryn said:

What about Allan, Shae & Kellie need these to complete the family

lego boy said:

i have looked every where and cant find a coke that has bailey on it

lego boy said:

does anyone know where you can a bailey coke bottle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toniann said:

I just wish I did had a name that everyone has cos I never see it o anything I so sad just want to see Toniann on something

Hey Hey Hey said:

hey Giulia!!
my name is Giulia too, and i thought it was really weird that there was one with my name on it too. all of my friends have been taking photos of them but i have never actually seen one myself, and i have been looking everywhere!!
i know that Giulia is in the italian 150 most popular names, but i didnt know it was in the Australian 150??

yasmin said:

can u put this on a coke plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jimmy said:

I went to Doncaster and they had one of those free custom ones. I was waiting in line and the guy infront of me was trying to get 'share a coke with pepsi'.

Tahlia said:

heyy i cant find my name anywhere around where i live can you pleasee but my namee on a bottle
Tahlia :)

Sarah said:

I have never seen a coke bootle with the name Sarah on it. And all my friends say they have seen it.

trey said:

how do i get my name on a bottle because my name is not on the list

trey said:

how do i get my name on a bottle because my name is not on the list

chloe said:

can u put my name my name is chloe

Pepsi said:

Don't suppose anyone will be able to share a coke with me?

Jack said:

I personally think this is a great campaign for Coke.

Tyson said:

Can you please put up the names,Tyson,Murray and Tanya for me on the share a coke bottles thank you very much.

Hollie said:

Please can you make a can with: UYC its my dance crew or please put one with Hollie, Kacey, Kennedy, AND Nelle !!!! thanks

Janette said:

Please make bottle with the name Rav on it. It's my sister's name.
Thx :-)

Courtnie said:

i cant wait until they have - Share a coke with Courtnie and - Share a coke with MitchY

Bruce said:

How about having a coke with Bruce ,that would be special.

Rebecca said:

Noah would nice.

nate said:

I can't wait to see bottles of coke with a name Julie Mae.

"Share a coke with Julie Mae"
"Share a coke with Julie"
"Share a coke with Mae"

Mary said:

Yea buddy

me said:

could u guys make a coke saying 'share a coke with Regina'.. :)

eragonmerlin said:

i hate coke it is feral, but i like the idea, and have seen my friend's name and also my REAL name quite a lot. But yea, there ARE some very strange names out there...

HM said:

Please make one that says 'share a coke with Heather-Meg'

Aine said:

Hi is there my name

i dont know said:

i would love one with austin [ my name] on it ,please

Skye said:

My name has never be seen :(

MARIO said:

Can u put mario

kdogg Author Profile Page said:

Does anyone know who the production Company was on this commercial

brigitte said:

could you please make a share a coke with brigitte spelt BRIGITTE . because i have been looking everywhere for one and there isnt even one on the website, i would really love one !!

Reneee said:

i think you should "share a coke" with Leah cause she's awesome like that.. make the bottles come to NZ too :D

Coke Cane said:

If you want to know how good a campaign is - can it still pull in comments from non-ad people on an ad blog, a year and a day later.

shaunessy said:

hello. well i was just wondering if you could put my name on one of the coke bottles?

lia said:

can there be a Lia ? there's like so many names that have Lia for short - Malia , Natalia , etc nd that's better than putting half the shit names lol but mine's JUST Lia . come on dude

Mia said:

Is there a bottle of coke that says Mia on it if not please could u put Mia on a bottles of coke thank you

Mormon said:

Where's the name Ellie

Jaz said:

Can there be a Jaz because there is a jasmine but not a jazmin

saif said:

were do you go to see were the names are?

chelseaharrison said:

i want one which says sharing a coke with CHELSEA !!!!!!

Dook said:

Ellie Ellie where the f is Ellie



Jasmine said:

Have you made any with Jasmine on?? I've found every other member of the family but can't buy them without the youngest child :(

Dominique! said:

I haven't seen one with Dominique! Make one pleaaaaase!

Jess said:

Really want to find JESS on a coke bottle or JESSICA cause I can't find one any were

Xolani said:

Dnt forget to get one that is written name XOLANI guys love all!!!

Latanya said:

Can you guys please have a Coke that says Share with Latanya Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

Rochelle said:

Please make on that says 'share a coke with Rochelle' please I will even pay extra just to get it for me because I tried to get my families name I've got Chloe,Eugene,Simone,Chanelle,Jade now all I need is a Rochelle guys please name your price

becky said:

Pls put the name becca on it for me

saijal said:

Just amazing there nothing better than a coke

Sam said:

I think this is a great idea Coke has came out with. First off its great advertisement for the younger population not only with consumers purchasing more of the brand for a name but also social media will take to its likings. Its just a matter fof time before you see pictures of friends, family, and relationships posting pictures of each others name on a bottle drinking a Coke. For the middle aged, its definitely something different and can be greatly appreciated. As for the older generation, from another half its guaranteed to put a smile on there faces whether its their grandkids name, an old friend, or a better half. This could also be a beginning to something great, competitors will end up stealing this new idea soon. Reading back through a few posts of "I just want to drink a damn coke" granted if that's the reason u bought it dont we all? But when its meaningful when someone got you a ice cold Coke, you will think differently. Instead of being attached to technology at the hip, its a start by buying someone a coke with there name on it and taking it to them, technology is getting to the general population, and this is, as I stated earlier, a start to something new. I hope within time Coke will develop slogans to put on there bottles. Thanxs for coming up with an awesome idea!

angel...emaan....ayaat.......zaheer.......saeedi said:

plzzz write them alll

IhaventfoundmynameonacocacolabottlyetitsBecky said:

I haven't ever found one with my name on it........

nessa said:

I want to see a coke with "collin" written on it. We look everywhere and can't find one. Thanks

Nyesha said:

Would u please out my name on a come bottle . Nyesha

Jaden said:


rosiei said:

im happy to drink coke, i want to see my family names at coke bottles please name it, rosie,nancy,.arque,eda,rudy,tisoy,thez,andrea,robbie,rommel,nelia,reymond,chester, thank you very much coca cola company,

Courtnie said:

My whole life nothing spelled my named right. I want "share a coke with Courtnie". :)

jaiden said:

I have been looking for my name and I can't find it so can you put Jaiden and Kenadie on. Please and thank you

Kristy said:

Kristy would be Awesomeness!! !

Joshua said:

How about some for Kimberly my wife

John said:

I'm looking for a Tracy on a coke . Has anyone seen one or am I wasting my time.

Sydney said:

You should make more Sydney's

Eugene said:

Dont forget "Eugene" pleaseee

Bridget said:

I have never found "Share a Coke With Bridget.". I may not be a big Coke fan, but I would like my name on the bottle! Today I found one with Daniel and another with Lauren on it and those are the names of my dad and niece.

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