Crown Lager launches new 'Time.The 5th Ingredient' TVC tonight via Droga5, Sydney

Screen shot 2011-09-02 at 2.09.17 PM.jpgCrown Lager's new television commercial will air for the first time around the country tonight, revealing the dedication involved in ensuring Crown Lager's distinctly smooth taste.
The new campaign, via agency Droga5, Sydney, will feature in a 30 second TV and a 60 second cinema format and depicts the importance of time in the Crown Lager brewing journey. The TVC contrasts the frantic, fast-paced outside world with the serene atmosphere inside the brewery where the brewers are dedicating care and attention to creating the finest Crown Lager.

Set in the historic Abbotsford Brewery in Melbourne, where Crown Lager is still brewed today, the campaign highlights how time is dedicated to the creation of Crown Lager - the brew spends twice as long in the maturation tank than most regular beers.
Screen shot 2011-09-02 at 2.19.51 PM.jpgThe creative was developed by Droga5 Sydney and directing the TVC was the hugely talented Australian Michael Spiccia who's previous TVC credits include Expedia's 'Housekeeping', Ford's 'Fingers' and Vegemite's 'Fuel'. Production was managed by GoodOil Films.

This TVC campaign is the biggest investment in the Crown Lager brand in over six years and signals the start of an exciting shift and significant investment to further cement Crown Lager as Australia's finest premium beer brand.
Screen shot 2011-09-02 at 2.09.28 PM.jpgVincent Ruiu, Crown Lager Group Marketing Manager, says this campaign highlights the premium, sophisticated style that the Crown Lager brand stands for.
"Since first brewed in 1919, Crown Lager's reputation has been built on the attention and specialist care of the master brewers and we wanted to bring this into the living rooms of Australians around the country," Ruiu explains.
David Nobay, Creative Chairman of Droga5 Sydney says of the campaign, "Crown is a powerful Australian brand with a wonderful, rich story behind it. The challenge has always been to keep that story relevant, whilst doing justice to its heritage. I think this latest work does both".
The new campaign will kick start a huge year for Crown Lager's new masterbrand 'The Crown Company' which was launched in August to allow for further expansion of the Crown portfolio.
Crown Lager, Carlton United Brewers' flagship premium beer brand, recently announced it will be the 'Official beer of the 2011 Presidents Cup' to be held at Royal Melbourne in Victoria from 15-20 November. This prestigious and hugely significant partnership is a step in the brand's new direction towards cementing itself as Australia's finest premium beer brand.
Creative: Droga 5 Sydney
Creative Chairman - David Nobay
Executive Creative Director - Duncan Marshall
Creative Director - Cam Blackley
Executive Planning Director - Sudeep Gohil
Art Director - Kirsty Galmes
Copywriter - Chris Berents
Art Director - Simon Cox
Art Director - Rosita Rawnsley-Mason
Head of Client Business - Jamie Clift
Business Director - Esther Knox
Business Manager - Angus Ingham
Planner - Toby Harrison
Producer - Paul Johnston

Production: GoodOil Films
Director - Michael Spiccia
Producer - Juliet Bishop/Matt Long
Editing: The Butchery
Jack Hutchings
Post: Fin Design
Media: MediaCom
Group Director - Shaun Briggs
Client Communications Manager - Michael Bradley

The Crown Company Brand Team
Marketing Director - Paul Donaldson
Brand Manager - Jane Slattery
Assistant Brand Manager - Scott Tabe-Lewis


R2 said:

i want to like it but meh, very average.
but considering the firepower in the credits, i'm going to assume client handcuffed them more than anything else.

Was expecting awesome said:


R2 said:

although, pretty big departure considering the usual work done for Work.
so kudos.

wee said:

Well, that's what happens when Fosters decide to go old school.

VoteForPedro said:

I think it's a really interesting strategy.
My guess is this campaign will get time.
See what I did there?

80085 said:

Nice work for tough brand to sell.

sweede said:


The Reveal said:

its only a matter of time until......

Let's be honest... said:

...we all expect more from D5.
If a less trendy agency had done this then they'd be getting crucified right now.

Question for Pedro said:

What exactly is the strategy? The time idea is the hero here and not the beer.
But I voted for Pedro, so what would I know?

Mel B said:

Crown Lager explains time. AFL explains greatness. Excellent!
Can someone please explain Introvert Extrovert?

itsa said:

its just a bit shit really

Pseudonym Echo said:

Carlton Draught slows down time. Crown speeds it up.
CUB ends up where it started.

Milky Boy said:

as much as i disliked it, the Milky Bar kid ad was at least more interesting than this presso mood real.

Saint Augustine said:

Doesn't true mastery of time come from accepting it and no longer fighting against it? And even then it only becomes a partner in the process rather than an enemy.

We feel as though we can transcend time when we are in the midst of doing something we love. And through being totally at one with the moment sporting greats make it appear that they have all the time in the world.

The only people who can have claimed to mastered time are the various Dr's Who and Marty Mcfly via Dr. Emmett Brown.

Doesn't fit.

... said:

The Milky Bar kid's body was found dumped and mutilated. Police are looking to question the JWT creatives responsible.

Ron Jeremy said:

Nicely shot.
Crap voiceover.
Crap copywriting.
Crap idea.

ANDY said:

Proof it's tough to do a stand out ad in this market.

two points said:

One) gold clap for pseudonym echo
Two) Same client as a bunch of great Carlton Draught ads - so pretty hard to argue the client handcuffed them really

Not from Droga5 said:

With so many credits there should be a lot more positive comments.

8675 309 said:


I thought Droga was meant to be a "change it all" agency...this is average work, at best poorly executed.


Rolled up skinny jeans said:

Let's get one thing straight.
Droga5 is not a cool agency.
Very few agencies are cool.
The NYC office 'had' done one or too cool things but this one hasn't.
This ad is very boring.
This ad is very uninteresting.
This ad uncool.

Luke O'Dell said:

@Mel B:

Doesn't matter

Wish I was Ant Keogh said:

Was Nobby on holiday when this thing went through?
So incredibly boring.
Wake me when they get a new agency.
Just so incredibly borinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am Ant Keogh said:

Rubbish. I could have done much better.

Gee said:

What a waste of... Please report back with sales results.

things bogans love said:

crownies maaaaaaaaaate

Honest John said:

God, that is awful! So fucking ernest...

'Time.' Pfft...

Ant Keogh's gay lover said said:

Bogans drink Crown

Too much time says said:

"Crown is a powerful Australian brand with a wonderful, rich story behind it. The challenge has always been to keep that story relevant, whilst doing justice to its heritage. I think this latest work does both".

Ha ha ha ha ha ha !....who comes up with this moronic, a servile flattery? Does anyone really speak or think like that?

David broga said:

What's with the David Attenborough v/o...... Super lame

David Crawford said:






Person said:

Pseudonym Echo, best comment in ages. Laugh out loud.
The idea is fine. Sound. Bullet proof, simple and above average.
The problem here is our expectations of D5 Sydney. I think Droga5 NY is seriously the best agency in the world and easily my favorite shop anywhere. But that's NY and not Sydney. Their Sydney office is only similar in name and nothing else. D5 Sydney, your work isn't terrible or bad. It's pretty nice with patches of good. But it's not brilliant. and if you are going to trade off the reputation of others and what they are doing in NY, you will be judged accordingly. You cannot have it both ways. Stop talking big and deliver big. As bitchy as we are, we actually need you and a few of the other places who have the freedom to lead the way.

Tick Tock said:

This is utter crap. Soz D5...Bring back the badgers...

REALLY said:


Nobby's nuts. said:

Crown Lager is a dead dog. Such an old school beer and it tastes crap. Always has.
It's time alright. Time to come up with a better tasting beer.

yawn said:

a planner ad

hit or miss said:


The Truth said:

Poor idea with even poorer execution. Who is meant to respond to this utter self-indulgence?

Karma said:

Shit, dying beer brand gets what it deserves, not needs.

Why does this agency keep winning new business? They've done nothing great.

frank said:

There's D5 NY and D5 Syd,

just like there's Clems Melb and Clems Syd.

You can't compare.

I feel for the ones who wasted their time on this...

Beer lover says: said:

Let's face it. Droga5 have done some of the oddest, lamest, most self congratulating, smug beer advertising you've ever seen.

If they were a beer they'd one of those perfumey, micro brewery, gay beers that clueless try-hards drink.

Droga5, you are just not a beer agency.

No time said:

Seen it once, don't want to watch it again.

droga 5 out of 10 said:

i have no time for this

Red neck multiculturalist said:

I'm not going to slag this. But what does time have to do with Crown as a proposition?

I hate showing 'the proof' in an ad, but I didn't get that Crown is brewed twice as long (until it tastes stale probably) from the ad.

qwerty said:

Fosters have the same problem they had years back.

Crown lager was their 'premium' beer brand.

Now, it sits alongside Peroni, Heineken, Becks, Asahi and Grolsch in the fridges.

And nobody, nobody gives a toss about Crown any more, not when they can get an imported, better, European beer for about the same price.

That should have been their strategy, instead, they did this,

And so dies Crown.

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