Encyclomedia Networks launches in Australia as one-stop-shop for 'out of home' creative

Encyclomedia advertising for Coke's Brr campaign.jpgGlobal creative agency, Encyclomedia Networks, today launched in Australia as a specialist one-stop-shop for all creative 'out of home' advertising solutions.
Encyclomedia Australia's W-I-C, Charlotte Gorham, says that Encyclomedia specialises in cutting edge, high impact 3D-like creative design and non traditional media solutions including guerrilla advertising and experiential marketing: "Encyclomedia's high impact 3D-like designs grab attention and result in brilliant "life-like" simulation that achieve greater cut through and offer a cost effective advertising option for brands to leave a real and lasting consumer impression," Ms Gorham said.
Encyclomedia advertising for Reckitt Benkiser Finish Floor.jpgEncyclomedia building wrap advertising for McDonalds.jpg"Encyclomedia's designs and campaigns have a successful track record with clients including Coke, McDonalds, Samsung, Reckitt Benkiser and Tatts Group and we're excited to continue to build on our expertise directly in the Australian market.
"With buzz around 'shopper marketing' and focus on 'shopper' mindset, the challenge for brands is to reach people with on-the-go lifestyles. While TV, press and radio advertising has a place, its non-traditional and ambient media, such as mobile billboards, walking boards, eco water street stenciling and bike ads that are becoming mainstream. Street level engagement is a powerful way for brands to be seen, felt and experienced. 
"For the last two years, MediaTag acted as Encyclomedia's local agent. Now Australian brands will deal directly with Encyclomedia and directly access our global experience in the creative out of home space," Ms Gorham said.
Encyclomedia Australia is also partnered with Melbourne based venture capital firm, Deasil Group, headed by renowned entrepreneur, Philip Weinman, also appointed chairman of Encyclomedia Global.
"The launch of Encyclomedia brings a breath of fresh air to the Australian advertising market. With original, high-impact 3D-like campaigns, brands know they are working with global experts to achieve recognition and spark conversations," Weinman said.


macca said:

Wow so many marketing graduate terms I'm struggling for air, cutting edge? really? A floor sticker in a supermarket and printed on buses, oh and lets not forget the Oh so creative mcmuffin.

In all honesty I'm sick of marketing types talking up average stuff with terms outside the box, cutting edge, innovative, etc this is just another outdoor company that needs to know they may have had something useful in NZ 1988, seen it all before.

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