Should Mortein kill Louie off forever?

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 5.19.32 PM.jpgMortein, via Euro RSCG, Sydney, is asking the Australian public whether it should keep its 50+ year icon 'Louie The Fly' or let it die.

Says Euro RSCG, Sydney ECD Steve Coll: "It's a real privilege to be involved in the iconic, 50 year-old Louie the Fly campaign. But creative ideas often come from challenging existing pre-conceptions. And the challenge was whether, after 50 years, Louie the Fly should continue as the face of Mortein. I think it's a fair question for the brand to ask. And it's equally fair the Australian public is given the chance to make that call. The campaign has generated over 20,000 likes on facebook in an incredibly short space of time. Personally I'll be voting for Louie to stick around."

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 5.27.38 PM.jpgExecutive Creative Director: Steve Coll
Creative Team: John Gault, Paul Tilley, Adrian McNamara, Paul Suters
Social Media Creative: Ryan Clark, Jack Nunn, Josh Faragher
Planning Director: Phil Johnston
Digital Strategy: Anthony Dever
Account Management: Holly Ripper, Luke McElvey, Josh Sanford
PR: The Red Agency 


Val Tylor said:

I would not like to see Louie killed forever. He should still be the face of Mortein. I speak for myself and a few others and say we love Louie and always know he represents Mortein. I have grown up with him so has my children and now my grandchildren. Its fun to see what mess he gets caught in.

sam said:

Does anyone here actually, genuinely think this is any good? Ironically, keeping the little fucker alive is precisely why the ads are shit.

Jo Eli said:

You can't get rid of Louie, he is a national icon.

Tired of this said:

This is really pathetic, please go away.

Trev said:

Louie the fly should not be killed off. He is a NOTIONAL ICON. We all know the jingle, it is a succesful jingle and conbined with Louie is a highly recognised brand icon for the organisation

pb said:

Please Euro. Please.

Don't try to 'start the debate' by posting annoying pro/against comments.

It's a little sad.

p said:

Please pb. Please.

You're an oxygen thief.

Ella said:

I think they should not kill louie off, because he has been the face of mortien for years aand there is no reson to kill him off

pb said:

I rest my case.

Tom M's Pillow said:

Should we sponsor the whitehouse?
Should we kill Louis the fly?
Should we pay the creative dept. or the consumer?

Pea Bo said:

Stop fishing for a strategy and do some thinking yourself.

Chiccco Whamm Bammm (this name sucks) said:

Don't kill him off !!! How will you keep advertising the products without him?
Just think about it, if you were to make another product how would you advertise it without louie it won't be the same without hm !!!

NotreallyatEuro said:

Please don't kill the fly. Please. I've signed my name on your Facebook page, even though it's a complete waste of time as this is a purely cynical marketing exercise that gives consumers the impression of choice, but in fact there is absolutely no way you'll be doing anything other than a follow up ad that says 'Australia has spoken' or something like that.

Sprung said:

Bit embarrassing that Euros have posted comments from their focus groups on here.

nob said:

I don't think I've ever seen a more obvious case of a desperate agency posting demonstrative 'proof' from consumers 'that just so happen to be reading an advertising blog' to try and show that people give a fuck about their 'idea.'

goodrust said:

one of the reasons I don't buy Mortein is that it doesn't work! No matter how many times that fly is sprayed, he doesn't die! Louie probably lived to 50 BECAUSE of mortein. I remember his first appearance, and he's just as germ ridden in colour as in black + white. Let's see after 50 years, can you tempt me to buy mortein? If you can convince me it kills ALL bugs ~ maybe!!

Realisation said:

Looks to me like some pranksters are leaving comments to make it look like the agency is desperate? Even Euro wouldn't be so obvious.

Timz said:

I wouldn't put it past Euro.

Der! said:

This is such an irrelevant worthless issue in the times that we live. How do these people reconcile their own stupidity. In times like this why are they wasting valuable media putting this trivial meaningless garbage into our dialogue. To boast that 20,000 people out of the 800 Million active users on facebook like this is not an achievement ... it's appalling!

kristie said:

If you kill off louie, you loose my custom, i hate watching adds at the best of times, louie makes tv adds interesting....

jaX said:


meg said:

You can't kill him off! People will NOT buy your product anymore because they won't know who it is because most people look for louie's face to know which brand it is! I'm sorry but it's really a stupid idea!

What's the big idea? said:

For those of us who are a little slow, can someone please explain what the message is here? Mortein's now too advanced for Louie? It doesn't come across.

Anonymous said:

We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Reality check said:

Der! I think you'll find 99% of what out industry does is pretty meaningless in the times we live in. Always has been. We aint saving lives here.

Reality check said:

Der! I think you'll find 99% of what out industry does is pretty meaningless in the times we live in. Always has been. We aint saving lives here.

Megamess said:

don't ever kill Louie off no one would forgive u Louie is a disgusting and perfect for the job so pleas do not ever kill Louie off

Izzy said:

No I love him but maybe make him a a wife or something people would love it

bridget said:


Ryan said:

Kill him now please heys a f**king idiot

Leah said:

If you get rid of him, your adds will be lame and consumers won't take much notice of the product, true fact.
His been the face of the company for years so why bother getting rid of him and obviously it's "ironic" his still alive but the product does work he is the face of the product full stop! I am sick of these attention seeking campaign. JUST LEAVE IT AS IT IS!

Maureen C said:

We have already lost too many Australian icons. Keep Louie. He is a
bit of fun.

Maureen C

chloe oakman said:

dont kill louie off because over the years we have got use to him being the mortiene fly.
when we see louie we all think of moritne
he has become an australian icion so dont kill him off for austrailas sake.

Mary Gale said:

Please do not kill Louie off we love him. Mortein would be stupid to end such a great, successful and well known campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!. How many other products have an icon as the leading man???????We all know Mortein because of Louie and he should be given a reprieve.

grace101 said:

why kill louie off who else can they sereously create thats better than louie are the going to find maybe a vegetarian mosquito or a cockoroach with commitment issues.They will never be able to create a character as australian or iconic as louie he will never be replaced.

Tracey said:

Please don't kill off Loui the Fly. I have grown up watching Loui the fly and I think Mortein comercials just wouldn't be the same with this Aussie Icon. Please keep him on.

neilypoo said:


katelyn said:

i think they should because he is putrid

anonamis said:

if you kill louie off thousands of parents in the world that have named there children after him will think that they named there child after a speck of dust and if you kill louie the buyers of your product will just got for the second best thing they can find but if you keep louie you can still go on your life without being sude by the thousands of people in the world that like louie

someone said:


Izzy said:

Don't kill him off he is amazing. He is a babe

kane cross said:

i agree with the other person i think they should not kill louise off becasue he is the star of this prodect why kill him off

<3 Louie <3 said:

Leave Louie on mortein is known for Louie and we all love him very I very well speak for my self and many others swell but I think That he should stay with mortein FOREVER! Never let him go! We all love you Louie!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Rasta woman said:

OMG what is the matter with Mortein, the original slogan said "when you're on a good thing, stick to it", so I would say that's a given. Don't lets lose another Oz icon.

Jacob <3 louie said:

Dont!!!!!!!!!!! ive always known him, im 16 years old and always said louis the fly!!!!! ever since i could speak, and it would make me sick if you got rid of a national icon. Shame on you for thinking this!!!

Pensioner said:

Leave poor old Louie alone ! I am 76 years old and Louie has been around most of my life. If you kill Louie of (permanently) does that mean I am next to go?

ily louie said:

Dude louie is amazing kill him off and ill kill you

Mary said:

Don't kill Louie off my BFFs was nick named after him. What I'd the point of this it's stupid. You don't need To vote figure out if people won't to veep Louie or not just look at the comments 99/100 of them wont to keep Louie. Louie is an icon and too many icons have disappeared over the years so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't kill pore pore Louie.

fish said:

Kill him yeh yeh

Hooker99 said:

Don't kill Louie off

Tim K said:

To The Louie The Fly (Mortein) Team: My name is Tim & l have a NEW concept for our dear Louie. Obviously Louie is an Australian ICON & it would be shameless to say the least to have Louie EXTERMINATED once & for all. As l mentioned, l have a Great New Concept that would ENSURE,GUARANTEE & IMPROVE not only the Sales of the (Mortein) product Domestically but Internationally also, which in escence wi...ll not just prolong Louie's lifespan but actually SAVE LOUIE's LIFE once & for all. I'm contactable & l welcome correspondence. (Please forward any correspondence to the following e-mail address: or Thank you for your time & attention to this matter, kind regards Tim K. :)

matt said:

keep louie

rebecca said:

dont kill him off, you will loose customers

kiah said:

kill him off

Shannon said:


Rails said:

Don't kill Loui, he is as Australian as vegimite' meat pie's, holden cars and BBQ's, let him breed, he should be a great grandaddy of thousands by now, I bet most Australian kids can sing Loui's song without even giving it a thought. Please we lose everything Australian let us keep our FLY.

awg said:

Don't kill louie the fly hes been around for years. If your bringing another idea you could still keep him on. Keep the fly he's not like those pesky flys you find in your food.

Heather said:

Im louie the fly Im louie the fly staight from rubbish bin to you. Dont let them kill me off kids comeon.

Esmeralda said:

Let Louis live

Phil said:

I grew up with Louie The Fly and I say he is an Australian Icon.
Kill Louie off then you may as well throw away the aussie flag

lorraine melbourne said:

I grew up with lewie and sang along with the song ,Im sure the younger ones also sing with him. What harm is it ! Theres adds on T.V. like tongues that crawl along the floor Or stupid pola bears drinking alchol, get rid of them . not the fly . LET LEWIE LIVE ON

Ash said:

I love him don't get rid of him plzzzzz dont he's soooo cool

Alicia said:

you can NOT kill off Louie his an aussie icon kill Louie and you will lose customers.......................................

do not kill louie said:

Do not kill Louie or I will be so sad

i pet fly said:

please do not kill louie he sells mortein and he is and icon to the world you kill him we will not buy mortein no more so plese do not kill him hes ssssoooo cool as ice please do not kill him i love him and all of the world do so do not kill him pppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee do not thx ps do not kill him please thanks he is so cool

mad mum said:

Louie is a legend! You have to keep him...... Long live Louie the legend, he's the best.

Anonymous said:

yes get some thing new young

Dylan said:

He's a fucking cartoon fly, who cares. Mortein must be shit anyway if it's taken it 50 years to kill one fuckin fly

MS said:

Mortein killing Louie off would be like QANTAS getting rid of the White Kangaroo or Mcdonalds getting rid of the Golden Arches. They shouldn't do it, he's an icon.

N Hynd said:

No way he is an icon

anonlol said:

dont kill louie, hes awesome and makes mortein sell, plus hes great for kids as he makes the ad fun, and kiddy friendly......................SAVE HIM PLEASE!!! DONT KILL HIM

lianne said:


Bri said:

Louie the fly is awesome and the mortein company would be making a big mistake to kill him off!!! Please don't do it!! Too many peoplewill stop buying your that what you want???

Skittles said:

No-way!! If you killed him off there'd be nothing fun about your adds! not that there're very interesting anyway but you'd just totally destroy them even more if you killed louie! I SAY NO!!!!!!!

mIUSB said:


K.B said:

Don't kill Louie off

Dani said:

You can't kill off Louie the fly!
What are you thinking!
He's been the face of mortein for 50 years!
Your adds will be boring without Louie!
You'll loose customers!

flick said:

Dont kill louie my kids think his funny

You can't kill off Louie the fly! said:

He made your product memorable. Do you want to be remembered for killing flies and insects or the company that got rid of a brilliant Marketing tool.
Keep the Fly.

sophielea said:

Please do not under any circumstances kill off Louie. There wouldn't be an Australian who doesn't know Louie, killing him would be like killing off a family member.

no one said:

I reckon we should keep the lil sucker i think hes mad to have survived many years of steeling crums and hanging round dumps and then landing on ur food so why kill him off wen hes the main entertainer of the add no one will watch it then it will just be another crap tv commercial on tv.

Josh said:

You can not kill Louie!!!

Jj said:

Please don't kill Louie off as he's an Australian icon

Hobobo said:

YHU CANNOT KILL LOUIE LIKE EVAAAAAAA I MEAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

daniel said:

keep loui the fly, we are losing a lot of our icons why should we lose another 1.

willy said:

I vote no. Don't get rid of Louie

Sophie Cartwright said:

Don't kill Louie off


Anonymous said:


Lynne said:


Louie said:

Do Not kill of LOUIE the Fly he has been with Mortein from thye start and not just that he is also an Australian Icon!!!

Anonymous said:

how could you kill off louie the fly hes what keeps mortein alive

liz said:

dont kill louie

Mez said:

Louie the fly was a creative stroke of sheer genius. He's become synonymous with the Mortein brand and someone like me takes comfort in the fact that a piece of my childhood is still around. Trying to replace him (with what, exactly?) would be like changing the label on Vegemite -- just wouldn't work. Coca Cola tried 'modernising' with the plain script 'coke' and it didn't work. The iconic, cursive Coca Cola script is one of the most recognised logos in the world, along with the yellow arches of Mc Donald's and Henry Ford's signature. So Mortein has had Louie for 50 years, so what? (Is there some creative team in an ad agency busting to have a go at designing a new campaign rather than working on a new Louie ad? I rather think so. If that's the case, they better be pretty damn good.) When I was in advertising, it was all about instant brand recognition, and Mortein has that with LTF.

If you kill him off, the only alternative will be to run ads featuring his tombstone and the floral tributes that will pour in.

As they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Anonymous said:

Dont kill louie the fly off, he has was the reason why I got my mum to buy all of those products, him and his friends. What would you replace him with anyway? 54 years has got to be a recored for keeping such a brilliant fly on an add, so why take him off. So I say DONT kill off louie the fly, KEEP him on!

mill said:

Keep louie alive, we love him ! Noone I've spoken too wants him dead either. We all grew up with louie and want him passed down ...

oldy said:

when I think of mortein I think of louie the fly. he is the face of mortien and for more gens louie should still be the impact mortein has on the public. killing of louie will be killing the reputaion mortien has on the public.

apple pie lover said:

If you kill louie off your product and add will be just like all the other tv adds. get rid of louie and television commercials won't be entaining. louie is one of the main reasons we buy mortein. My mum and dad grew up with louie the fly I want to grow up with him to.

J B said:

Don't get rid of Louie the Fly.

low said:

Louie the fly was a creative stroke of sheer genius. He's become synonymous with the Mortein brand and someone like me takes comfort in the fact that a piece of my childhood is still around. Trying to replace him (with what, exactly?) would be like changing the label on Vegemite -- just wouldn't work. Coca Cola tried 'modernising' with the plain script 'coke' and it didn't work. The iconic, cursive Coca Cola script is one of the most recognised logos in the world, along with the yellow arches of Mc Donald's and Henry Ford's signature. So Mortein has had Louie for 50 years, so what? (Is there some creative team in an ad agency busting to have a go at designing a new campaign rather than working on a new Louie ad? I rather think so. If that's the case, they better be pretty damn good.) When I was in advertising, it was all about instant brand recognition, and Mortein has that with LTF.

If you kill him off, the only alternative will be to run ads featuring his tombstone and the floral tributes that will pour in.

As they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

low said:

Don't get rid of Louie the Fly killing of louie will be killing the reputaion mortien has on the public. i love louie
go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go Louie Louie Louie Louie do not kill him
do not you mortein

emily said:

dont kill louie he's the reason i watch the adds

We love Louie! said:

It's not that we think Louie is immune to Mortien or any thing,we know it works, he's just one of us Assies. It's like Skippy and Weetbix, Hills Hoists and Rover Mowers. We're proud of him and every real Aussie knows his anthem off by heart. I VOTE KEEP LOUIE FOREVER!!!

timthetoolman said:

Keep the fly. Nothing could replace the little beggar; besides the theme song wouldn.t make any sence.

tim said:

don;t kill off the little beggar. Louie is an institution; anyway the theme song would make any sence!!!

Anonymous said:


Butterfly Lady 1 said:

NO! NO! NO! I say, do not kill Louie, he means so much to me, when growing up and after leaving home my younger sister nicknamed me Louie, so when I ever received a letter and it started with Hi Louie, I knew everything was ok, f it said Hi Lynn, I then knew alls not well. So u see Louie is my mate, and we here in OZ don't kill our mates. I was born in 1956.

Jamie Grundy said:

KILL HIM OFF!!! yous can do much better than a smello 50+ year old fly..

tyron said:


DM said:

Don't kill him off... Just update him!!

Something 21st century....

Erika said:

Well now that you have put this question up, I just had to sing the song that I remember from my childhood to my kids, now they are reciting it to their friends at school and they all think it's such a cool song. We all say Let Louie LIve, Let him spread his disease with the greatest of ease............just lovin it.....STILL!!!!!

Louie64 said:

Don't kill off Louie..He is an Aussie icon..

bangerj said:

why not get rid of the american sounding fly,and bring in a real aussi bush fly, there real mongrels to kill off.

rick said:

Kill him off. Mortein can't be any good if he is still around.

rick said:

Please kill Louie off. Mortien can't be any good if it he is still alive.....

Shannon said:

I grew up with louie he has been the face of mortein forever dont kill him off

What would happen if we did though? what would be the new face of mortein ??

Cedesings said:

Louie the fly, I’m Louie the fly, straight from rubbish tip to you. Spreading disease with the greatest of ease, straight from rubbish tip to you. I’m bad and mean and mighty unclean…Afraid of no one. Except the man with the can of Mortein. Hate that word Mortein. Brrrrrrrr shzeeeee! One spray and Louie the fly, apple of his old mother’s eye was Louie. B boom. Poor dead Louie, Louie the fly, a victim of Mortein. Moooooorteeeeeeein. Lol.

no way said:

neariy 50 yrs off service to mortien and you want him dead SHAME no severance pay either a bit unfair imagine what his maggots would say?

taylor said:

louie makes ads fun why cut him off who ever thought of this there dumb as a pig

wht the f said:

why the f#(k would you kill louie. He gives the commercials something to talk about. Cut off louie, and they won't be famous for anything, anymore. It is the same situation with that vegimite song being taken off t.v. , now the ads are stupid.

unknown nwonknu said:

No! Dont kill Louie! We love him! Please!!

bonny said:

You have to keep Louie! >:( I'm angry you even comsited it.

louie lover said:

Why does everything we know and love have to be got rid of? Long live good old louie, he's part of my childhood and my children's - you mean to say my grandchildren will never know Louie - shame on you. He's an aussie icon along with vegemite and weetbix. He's familiar, comfortable, dependable - RECOGNIZABLE!!

If it ain't broke - DON'T FIX IT (please).

He's just been there forever - besides killing Louie isn't going to improve the product.

I was born in 1951 - granny power - LEAVE THE KID ALONE

helen said:

Why kill Loui the Fly..........let future generations know him, as we have LEAVE THE KID ALONE.

holly said:

NOO! dont kill louie off hes a cool guy, mortein adds would be lame without louie

Matt said:

Never kill louie he's an icon leve him alone don't kill louie ,never.

Gerry said:

Please do not remove Louie ... he is as Australian as beach, sand, flies, mozzies, camping, the great outdoors, Sunday roasts without Tom Cruise (thank God). He is an icon for early illistrators and most likely stirrred interest in our current day illistrators and game designers! We Love you Louie even if you are a victim of mortein! Mortein

Hannah said:

Please Please please dont kill louie because he's bad and mean and mighty un clean, but we still love him!

taylah said:

i think that you should kill louie off forever because he is getting realy boring to me and i wonder when h dies in an add he comes on in the nex mortien add he is getting very annoying

Joanne said:

Leave Louie ALIVE or you will KILL this classic ad.....

Joanne said:

Leave Louie ALIVE or you will KILL this classic ad.....

merryn said:

Please don't 5 decades have grown up with him and i think deep down we have all grown to love him. I love louie but I hate flys so please mortien don't kill Louie off forever. Everyone please back me up!

Denise said:

Ithink there are alot of genuine people that want louie to stay INCLUDING MY SELF we all agree hes a australian icon. like many others igrew up with louie and so have my kids. And my kids range from 4 right up to 23 yrs old im 42 please dont get rid of louie. No matter where you come from he makes you feel safe and reminds us of atime back when people would look out for each other . Also when family did things together. And when people wanted to talk they write aletter . Theres been to many changes in life. Also there not much left that we can show to our kids about what our child hood was like . Dont let this be another thing that slips through the cracks. iknow hes not technaclly real. But to alot of us he is just as good.And my kids like him too.thank you for your time.

Daisymae1 said:

Hey little Louie,
You are a nasty little bothersome pest; however I've become used to you..I am going out to buy a very big fly swat, one that I use to use on my kids when they were naughty. Stings a lot, but it will squash your little guts out. ha ha...........Just to let you know that my kids are all very successful in their respective fields; in fact your new CEO is my be afraid, be very afraid, not of me Louie but , the girl. I've now got MORTIEN.. MORTEIN IS A LOT LESS PAINFUL THAN MY SWAT.......... bye baby ..XXX.

miguel said:

please do not kill louie hes the best

Cath said:

I have grown up with Louie and if Mortien kill him off I will never buy another product of theirs, my 10 year old son now knows the theme song, how could they even consider this. LOUIE RULES

hannah said:

i think that louie should'nt be just for the sake of cute little guy! GO LOUIE!

I love louie!!!!!!! said:

'cmon we all love louie

jordie said:

you cant possibley kill louie off forever me and lots of my friend say that louie is an icon that is so brilliant that we made a protest on facebook to keep louie so please dont kill him ive known his face for ever since i can remember so give the people what they and KEEP LOUIE I SAY KEEP LOUIE!!!

Premantis said:

This is such a lame PR stunt. They will not kill him. What gets me is that Mortein ads claim technology but all thier products are inferior to Raid and others out there. Louie is cool but Mortein sux

mary said:

i reken he should go

Brandon said:

i dont think they should kill louie off he is the only reson mortien is still in buisnes i think if they get rid of louie then mortien will go out of buisnes so do not F****** kill louie GO LOUIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :): =>

Ciccio said:

There have been cynical comments about the makers of Mortein doing a "hoax" in announcing to kill off Louie. I say those cynics are over the top, they're trying too hard to prove a point, and it doesn't matter what they think.

What does matter is that the public was asked- do you want to kill or save Louie? Yeah it's a publicity stunt but if it wasn't for people power you can bet that they really would have killed off Louie, so, look at the bright side folks, you have spoken, and on balance, an Aussie icon wins; and let's face it, how many survive the test of time? It's a fickle country we live in, as many fads fizzle out pretty quick here. And it's good to see a referendum go our way, even if it's a silly sentimental one.

HDT said:

Louie should stick around for another 50 Years.

louie lover said:

if kill him of i will never buy yer product

becy354 said:

Don't kill loiue because he's a great icon and he grew on people if you don't kill
loiue your product sales would boost through the roof but if you do your sales will plumet down!!! Do you really want that!!! so save loiue the fly I CAN'T BELIVE YOU WOULD THINK ABOUT KILLING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skully556 said:

don't kill him hes a good sale if you kill him your bargain will go down in the dumps why would you ever want to kill him you are such an idiot louie don't let them kill you your a star even if they try to kill don't let theme fight back louie

Smac :) said:

Noooo !!!!!!!!!! you cant kill louie off he has been around since my parents were born, we have grown up with louie. U CANT CUT HIM OFF!!!!

fred said:

i think louie should go free because he has exactly the same value in life as us humans so save louie and let him free if we can do what ever we want whats any different rules to bugs and louie!

Katy said:

No way we should kill Louie of!!! If they do kill him of I'm never ever buying it ever again!!! I hope the people of Australia that you will agree with me!!! So please help support Louie the fly! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Effie said:

Are you serious?
We all grew up with Louie.
Maybe, give him a make over.
Show him with the wife and kids, flying around a wheelie bin.
Please don't kill him off.
It will be another Aussie icon gone.

Narrelle said:

no way he is apart of Australian history we grew up with him and what would be next the business would go down so much he is one more step forward

diedy said:

NO. please don`t kill off Louie he`s almost a part of many families.
But it would be nice for Louie to get hitched and have a lot of little Louies.

Katelyn said:

NO!!! Dont kill Louie! I love Louie!!!!!

Ernie said:

I hate TV adds, but you gotta keep Louie.

jessica said:

Every body knows that its a scam they would of done it already because there trying to get sponsors to get your email address.But yes, I do think they should kill what's his face off, because HE IS A UGLY MOTHER FUCKER the adds are right he is too old to be the face of such defective piece of shit

georgia said:

i love louie
so let him live
for ever and ever

casey said:

never kill loui off untill he is very old

casey said:


shelly said:

dont kill louie the fly he's the best!

Yellow bug said:

Louie cant be killed he is my best friend and we have been getting killed by mortein for 54 years and we have created a giant frienship

Barbara said:

Kill Louie and Mortein becomes just another fly spray. There are hundreds of them. Louie is what makes Mortein unique. Sooooo. DON'T KILL LOUIE.

travis said:

I think Louie the fly sould be killed off, because he is no mach for the spray.

Loui The Lifesaver said:


mena said:


john said:

keep the fly

K said:

Don't kill Louie off he's a national icon!!!

Den said:

Please Do not kill Louie, Pleaseeeeeeee. He is cool.

Jessica said:

who cares honestly, OK everyone should know that its just to get sponsors, anyway i personely say KILL THE LITTLE FUCKER OFF he is NOT a national icon he is just another way to get people to see that mortzein doesnt work because HE KEEPS COMING BACK KILL HIM OFF HES JUST GONNA COME BACK

?????????{JESSICA} said:


Anonymous said:


sarah said:

I say louie shoud be saved he does not harm us as much as we harm them so keep the fly please!

robin said:

no way don't kill him and if you do i will die with him <3

Not interested said:

What is wrong with you people?! Who bloody cares?! Kill the crap adverts or I'll kill myself!

Dear said:

I can't believe they want to kill Louie off. He IS Mortein. This little guy has at least 3 generations in my family hooked. What do you mean he's not modern... the creative forces behind ads have the power to it modern, you don't need to kill off an icon to be modern - so get creative, why are you being paid big bucks for?

hotel 626 said:

please don`t kill louie. he makes Mortein ads more cooler. i only watch them over and over because of him. please please pplease please pleaseeeee don`t kill louie. im begging you. he is the icon of mortine, he shouldn`t die. everyone in my house, even the pets, don`t want louie to get killed. please keep him on tv so the world can seee him. if someone else takes louies place like a spider i am going to never EVER watch it again. just please don`t kill louie. he is the best. please. please don`t.

Anonymous said:

when you are on a good thing stick to it . idiots do not kill him off , you will be the looser

Jan Pearce and family said:

Please Please keep Louie going I like my kids and grandkids love Louie and to kill him off would be like killing one of the family, which we would never do.

Save louie PLEASE

Jamie said:

Louie the fly is an Australian icon. We all grew up watching Louie and if you kill him off you will lose many Australian consumers.

ray said:

Please dont get rid of louie the fly ---he is a icon been around a long time --- if Louie goes i will not use or buy mortine products again

Cat Mandoo said:

I had a BRILLIANT idea for this "Louie or not thing". I wrote to Mortein and told them, I had an idea that would keep them a household name for eternity.

I got a "curt and cold" response from some "girl" called Kylie (NO LAST NAME). I SHOULD cut and paste the letter. Don't like the way they do business "these days". Let them figure it out I say. Not OUR problem LOL : /

gog said:

you should save louie the fly he is the best actor

dog said:

do NOTkill Louie, never ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taylor ovens said:

louie makes adds so much better i used to wish that we could vote about adds but now i love adds lol! right!!!!
<3 Tay Tay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fly killer said:

kill the bugger he is a pest

Ziggy said:

Louie the fly is a victim of modernisation. It is a shame to see him discarded after 54 years. His name is synonomous with Mortein. Don't kill him off, he is an Icon and in some weird way, a symbol of Australia.

kmtouhill said:

do not kill louie the fly

Neil said:

Let Louie live, he is an icon that everyone associates with your product

Kat said:

Don't kill off Louie the Fly. He's part of Australian history and a big part of Mortein.

Anonymous said:

hes mother nature like all routdents he just wants food should all be a shamed of ur self

Roesmary said:

Loui should goooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I am 8 years old.

say that Loui should go.
If he stays i will pretend to be Pauline Hanson and say" PLEASE EXPLAIN"
From Abby
piano rocks gymnastics rocks

Connor Pryce said:


tara c said:

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! you cant get rid of louie hes so well,gross but cute at the same time please dont kill off louie foreva

love tara xx
p.sdont worry louie i'll save you un like other people!!! >8-[

John Perry said:

Leave the poor little prick alone you murdering bastards!!!

Toni Jasmine said:

Leave louie alone I have grown up seeing him on adds dont kill louie you arceholes

Damian Marks said:

No don't kill Louie, he's a legend

louie ah said:


amber louie h said:

no dont u darwe

Peter Hughes said:

No, don't kill off poor old Louie. We've lost the trams, the FJ Holdens, drive-in theatres and Cracker Night. Leave us poor sad baby-boomers something to remember in our declining years. You'll be old one day!

Kaleb said:

Save Louie the fly because the adds would be very lame without him and I wouldn't know what the product is.

lainy@victoria said:

Don't kill loui!!!!! Just give him a makeover. If it's good enough for all the other celebs, it's good enough for OUR Loui.

Vanessa said:

Save Louie the Fly!

Bob said:

WHAT THE F....FLY nahhhhhhhhhhhh brahhh dots killz ta flyz

Dj said:

Yes kill off louie the fly. It's an outdated, silly cartoon that's irritating and has a stupid jingle.

Louise said:

I don't think they should kill off louie.
In this day and age in this throwaway society where absolutely everything has changed and is ever changing and its all about the iPhones and YouTube and all the cyber bull crap!
I think it's pretty cool that I remember Louie the fly from when I was a kid, and that so does my dad, and that potentially one day my kids could grow up and say the same thing.
I'm sure you've all been in a shop at one point in your lives trying on glasses had a chuckle to whomever your with and stated that you look like Louie the fly..... am I right???
It's not that Louie is anything special.... Strangely he sounds like he grew up in the Bronx and smoked one too many Winnie reds, but hey it works!!!!
I believe killing Louie the fly off would be detrimental to mortine. And for some strange reason people I have discussed this with to seem to feel just as passionately????

anomiunis said:

please please keep louie he's my idol!

Ron said:

I say no to killing off Louie. Killing Louie would be killing the face of Mortine as he has been there for 50 years so let him live for another 50 years.

The Bentley's said:

Please please please dont get rid of Louie, he has been around since before I was born and he is like a family member to us all. As bad and mean and mighty unclean as he thinks he is, he is just a lovable character that we all love. This comes from a Family of eight, our kids are between the ages of 30 and 14 and every single one of them wants Louie to survive.

David said:

Save Louie because he is an Australian icon, killing him would make no sense and I think saving him would be a tribute to his voicer who died a few years ago.

kim said:

Save Louie .Have we not lost enough of Aust to overseas keep some thing for Aussie to remember in later years a icon of aust some thing for ever one to see

louise said:

please save Louie....please...your ads would NOT be the same without him! please I agree with Kim...we have lost so much of Australia to overseas....please keep Louie...we need something....please

amelia said:

save louie

heith said:

if you ask anyone who is the face of insect kiling it would have to be louie the fly. you might change his role so that he actually doesnt get killed but all his troops do

fly despiser said:

As much as I hate flies, Louie is probably one of the very few Aussie icons we have left in this country. 1st the Louie....what next? Will it be you?....or me?
Honestly!...If they can't sell it, then why not kill it? That seems to be the order of the day in this country. Why would you want to kill Louie? He would be the only user friendly fly on the planet....Give him a break....Let him live on into the next generation and let them deal with his mortality. You gotta LOVE Louie

lauren said:

don;t even think about it
my kid are sad because they love him please keep my friend keep everyones friend
Thank you

save louie he is waesome
love from yr 6 student lulu

Anonymous said:


Tracy said:

Why would you even consider killing an Australian national icon of like Louie the Fly australia has lost enough famouse Australian lcons that we have all grown up with and none are replaced we used to be proud to be australian and our Australian lcons prove this what are we going to be left with nothing and then what will we be thinking so much for being an Aussie.

rawrie said:

dont kill Louie are you crazy hes the only reason why i like the add

Yeh buddy said:

Instead if killing off louie, I think we should definitely put him on the Australian emblem instead of the emu :)

Callie xox said:


Thx xox

mdo said:

Does anybody actually care about this poorly thoughtout marketing stunt?

bee said:

you shoudnt kill louie the fly its isane

frypan said:

Kill an aussie icon???????????? i say heck NOOOOOOO. I grew up with louie the fly lets keep him around for at least another 100 years

Gee said:

Keep our Aussie icon.

Tara said:

Keep him he is iconic without him your product is just another spray, he brings life and humor... Give him a wife a kid or a friend :P

Phil Like Talkin said:

its a good jingle and its iconic.To the people behind the campaign you had your reasons.To the people commenting,either way you felt like giving your opinion.To those who say we should be debating about more serious issues,we can do both.

tobbit.123 said:

save louie, he is the face of mortien. you can't kill a natural icon......

ahhhhhhh said:

keep him alive i love louie the fly his been around forever

ellie said:

keep him alive.poor little bugger his been fighting mortene for YEARS!

Awesome Master said:

DO NOT KILL OFF LOUIE THE FLY. if the company want to mondernise it than add new characters like some cochroaches and grasshoppers etc etc. i agree with the comments that louie is a national icon don't kill him please dont

Awesome Master also said:

If this is just a publicity stunt than its working and cause all of the low lives on here complaing about louie that proves it if you hate him so much and his products dont work and hes filthy blah blah blah than why are you on a campaign site comenting ill tell you why because you are all boils on the butt of humanity so leave this page alone leave louie alone and stop swearing. to all of those people who voted yes to keep louie than i applaued you he is great even if the products dont work which they do. so Keep LOUIE THE FLY.

George said:


Swirly5013 said:

:- ( Please DON'T kill off Louie because with Louie I beg my mum to buy Mortein and it's my favorite add because of him !!!!!!

? said:

don't kill him you monsters his a historical icon

honey said:

kill him off i really hate him.though it will just stop the product.

smbrod said:

Keep loui alive!

Save Louie .! said:

Louie the fly has been The face of mortein for a while now an ill be upset and so many other people will be too if yous kill him off so save Louie or I'm not going to even think about buyin any Morton products Louie must be saved .!

Christina McDonald said:

Definitely save Louie because a fly like that should be kept alive and not be killed off.

Jebb said:

Save Loui!!! He has been around for EVER!!! & I love him!!!

MADDIE said:

Please do not kill off Louie I have grown up with him on TV and do not wish
to see him killed off, he is a part of Australia.

samatha said:

don't kill louie i love him i grown up with him

G.R said:

It seams that everyone wants Louie to stick around. The clever thing here is that this campaign taps into Louis iconic status power by awakening the nostalgic connections to the brand mascot which would have definitely been disregarded.

By the viewing public pausing to think 'am i sick of Louie? No, he is great, he is a part of the fabric of Australian pop culture and affirms my role within it because-I get him'. If this would have been left to the Ad people without the input if the public, I wonder if anyone would have noticed that they in fact missed him?
Sometimes it takes the threat of losing something to really see its worth.
Nice concept.

leeanne said:

plzz save louie the fly ,hes been in our family too long ,kill his friends NOT LOUIE SAVE LOUIE PLZZZZZ

james said:

save the fly hes the best fags

Mitch the Midge said:

If the marketing dopes in Mortein get rid of Louie the Fly, it would be like Coca Cola ditching it's trademark.

Who was the idiot who came up with the idea anyway?

Some pommie bastard from the English parent company?

Cpt Swizzington said:

Just hurry up and end this damn campaign!!! I am sick of Mortein pleading with me to go to their website to "save Louie"! If you don't want him as the face of your product anymore, just rebrand your product!!

jarrod said:

dont kill him,he's cute

girl person said:

He's just a cartoon all they will do is use a different character or REAL bugs but if he were real don't kill him he is the face of Mortein.

P.S they are probably doing this for publicity.

James said:

I have to say this is a stupid decision. We have about a month to rack up 50,000 votes, And... Considering how many ads and cans he's been on, It'd be stupid for Mortein to kill him off forever. I mean i love the song "Louie The Fly" and its iconic!
I say keep him.

Taylor said:

save him you only idiots wouldnt it's totaly lame not to save him right? so im saving him so all the people who dont save louie are stupid

Taylor loves u said:

i dont really care i just saw the add on tv so i'll just say yes

Katy said:

Save lewy he is so cute and he has been around forever don' kill him

doddy said:

Let the little bugger live I say!!!!!!!!!

chloe said:

dont kill him he s so great and h e has beenaround for a veaary long time

chloe kittty girl said:

dont kill him he is the best

mass dragon boy said:

Save Louie, because he is a very cool fly. He is not mean to people and has a good temper.

mass dragon boy said:

Save Louie, because he is a very cool fly. He is not mean to people and has a good temper.

mcnan said:

I grew up with Louie. It is one of the old classic that never ages. Let the can of Mortein continue to finish him off BUT NOT Louie. After all these years I STILL LOVE LOUIE. This is the only commercial that I believe can last for ever.

Nicole said:

Either Kill him off or get a New Add!!!!!!

Anita said:

Keep him

Kim said:

I am so so sick of your ad that you have literally turned me right off Louie the lou fly.
If you are asking well you musnt have any or right idea. I will never buy mortein again being the most annoying ad(ever). Your price for this product is a rip off. Go the raid !!!!!! At least they don't under sell there product.

Graeme said:

Save the fly spray gillard one Flick and its gone.

Silver pools said:

I HATE! fly and bug spray. Bugs are living things and I wouldn't dream of squashing, spraying or killing any bug. I hate mortein and raid and all other fly sprays so that is why I wanna save Louie. He is the only thing good about mortein.
Mortein musn't be very good if Louie keeps living.

kerry said:

keep louie the fly as hes part of the Australian culture.

Caseyleez said:

Save Louie!!!

bruce said:

If you kill off Louie summer will be boring we would not have anything to swat let the bug zappers do it instead save Louie but not his friends

Louie fan said:

Growing up into a young adult my party trick was Louie. The song, the actions. Always got a laugh, tossing myself on the floor in the throws of a shuddering death. Great fun and some terrific memories. Reality can be painful. Keep Light-hearted harmless ads. Especially Louie.

pub said:

i say we kill him off foever

me said:

youve been trying to kill the little fucker for over 50 years. stop fucking around and get the job done.

Anonymous said:

i like cheese and so does he i think

jan said:

loui is an icon. surely we can keep some things from the past

Corey said:

I say we should save that bug

sharon said:

We shouldnt kill Louie off. What did he ever do? And if hes so dirty to you then kill him off, but i say dont because he never did anything. Why kill Louie off, youve still got a choice! A chpice of saving him! So dont you dare kill him!

Deb said:

Please don't kill Louie, he has been around ever since I can remember... I say NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

Lilly said:

Don't kill Louie!!! Change is not always a good thing and I think it would be a bad change for Mortein! It would be like changing the name of Vegemite........need I say more. Louie is Mortein!

WPC said:

Keep Louie the Little Louse and put him to some good. Get a radioactive spider to bite him so he can become Spiderfly who will in turn get rid of Mortein and all those other petrochemical companies execs (read baddies) who have been poisoning us for years, giving us and our kids bullshit spin (like these "keep Louie" adverts), skin disorders, sinus problems, asthma and Jesus/Allah/Buddha knows what else! Hooray for Spiderfly (aka Louie)

Tara said:

save Louie he is the face of mortein!! please save Louie I love him

Anonymous said:

Don't kill him off!

pete said:

what if ..he has a son just before he dies & names him bluey...more ozzy eh

But seriously said:

This is merely a marketing campaign. Mortein have no intention of getting rid the fly. So relax folks. Your beloved corporate "Aussie" icon will continue to lay its maggots on our beloved Aussie food way after you've gone.

Angela said:

Now I am wondering if the ad company behind this campaign knew that the company was only using it as a distraction to cover up the fact that they planned on axing Australian production. I suppose the other thing it has done is really drive home the 'Australian' identity of a brand which is about to go offshore...

Really tricky distracting advertising. Every single Australian needs to know about the deceptive campaign run by Euro RSCG and paid for by Reckitt Benckiser.

Jim said:

So you are killing off all the Australian workers to take manufacturing overseas.
But the Exec jobs are safe.
What a bunch of ass holes you are.
How many millions did you make last year using Australian workers?
I will not buy Mortein again.
Thanks for supporting Australians who have supported you for the last 50 years
Piss of overseas and we will keep Louie here
Thanks for nothing.

Amuzie said:

Plz don't get rid of Louie the fly I like him so
much that it would break my heart and I
would never use mortein again!!!!

ayush said:

save louie

keeley said:

don't kill him hes not old.

Molly said:

Give him 2 more years

brad said:

Hands of Louie the fly if he gos then I will no longer buy ur products
Thank you

brad said:

Hands of Louie the fly if he gos then I will no longer buy ur products
Thank you

Yasmin Spring said:

save louie cause he is kool and i love him so much but we could get a nother flie called blo fly.

skye said:

dont kill louie

kath said:

save louie dont kill him off what did he ever do to you? keep him for ever! why does he have to go he is the face of mortine and without it i domnt see what your company gains!?

Maria Wright said:

Your Natureguard product doesn't seem to work - It is noisy and I have had flies in my lounge-room for several days without your product even disturbing them. NB: Your spray device is in my lounge-room

Join The Buzz wrote: "Hi Maria, Sorry to hear about your experience with Nature Guard. Your feedback is important to us. Please DM your contact details and we’ll be in touch. SB"
These are my details as requested from Join the Buzz.

My Contact details are:
Maria Wright
Home: 02 4308-2812

tigger said:

I love louie the fly and know who has done his voice but won't say don't kill him off.
My friends spoke about him the other year at a dinner and people will speak about for years to come

Kristian said:

Why would you kill off a modern day cultural icon! Why not just turn him into a bearded hipster with neck tatts! that would work :)

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