Paul G Roberts' Branding Establishment releases new digital App publishing software system

kylie.jpgPaul G Roberts' Branding Establishment has released a revolutionary new digital App publishing software system that enables publishers to transform their old print style books or magazines 
into fully interactive video enhanced new media Apps for use on mobile devices,
demonstrated here on an Apple iPad.
Two ex Apple iPhone software programmers created much hype on a similar innovation and new company called PUSH POP PRESS. Branding Establishment's software enables all the features that PPP had developed and has added even a few more, and it is now open for business. You may have seen the TED presentation with PPP showing their acclaimed Al Gore App "OUR CHOICE". PPP was recently bought by Facebook.

Branding Establishment Group have not only created the publishing software, but are also in the process of using it to publish an extensive list of their own titles, one of which is previewed in this software demonstration.
Branding Establishment Group is also marketing it for other authors and publishers to use.

The demonstration video features one of their new App titles; MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY, itself a landmark publishing endeavour on fashion photography.

They are also in the process of launching a long list of our titles through this publishing medium as well as printed books and e-books.
In this edition there are also 3, 260 page coffee table books, and 3 e-books being launched globally in Sept 2011, along with the App.
The Masters of Photography Book Trilogy may well be the most extensive and prestigious publishing initiative ever released on fashion photography. A percentage of every Book, e-book and App sold goes to the highly regarded Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Foundation to fund research on breast cancer in your women.
All 3 titles will be available as printed books, as e-books on Amazon and all other reader platforms, and as film rich new media Apps for Apple and Android devices through their App stores.

There are soon to be some glam industry launches and if Campaign Brief readers would like to be invited, you can join the Facebook Group "FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST 2011" and you will get alerts on the events and invites.


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