Ogilvy & Mather Sydney targets consumers of chips and tomato sauce with third tvc in 'Today's the Day' campaign for Blackmores NutriMulti

nutri multi.jpgIn the third TVC of its 'Today's the Day' campaign, Blackmores targets those of us that hope chips and tomato sauce count for two serves of vegetables.
The TVC, from Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney, goes live this week and explains how Blackmores new NutriMulti is half multivitamin, and half wholefood nutrient; for those who need a bit extra in their diet. 
Previous TVCs launched last month have focussed on Blackmores' Fish Oil range and a new topical pain relief cream. All three aim to encourage people to see each day as a fresh opportunity to take charge of their health using 'Today's the Day' as the tagline.



MeEEE said:

Great work Boris!! Stuart must be very happy with that one.

High fives all round

pole said:

Yeah. It's an absolute balltearer of an ad.

I desperately wish I'd been in the room when this was done.

Incredible. Simply incredible.

It go as far as saying 'cutting edge.'

Mark Grimace said:

Am I the only person to find this excuse for a multivitamin commercial completely misleading? A series of smiley vignettes shows us a range of unhealthy eating. But that’s okay because Blackmores informs us that they have created NutriMulti. What isn’t so clear because it is in 3-point type onscreen, is the oxymoron ‘multivitamins should not replace a balanced diet.’
Australia’s most trusted brand? - Maybe, but not long with confusing claims like this.

A keen eye said:

Looks like that sauce is "balanced" on that chip!.

Gladys said:

"Consumers of chips"! Is that like.............chip eaters?

Boring said:

Thats a heap of fun for such a boring brand normally.. Good work Boris.!!

A keen eye said:

Nice direction Mark.

sincerely said:

and the whistling Jingle completes the genius.

I have a head ache.

Sirob said:

Don't care what anyone says - I love it

Pseudonymous said:

What a load of wallpaper. No idea. Old irrelevant technique. Why oh why would you ever blog this??
BTW It's good for you Boris and Stuart.

someone... said:

never thought I'd hear the expression 'follow through' in an ad.

Vanilla Icecream said:

Crap boring ad from a crap boring agency. Depressing when you see this crap on a creative blog.

macca said:

I actually grew up seeing Ogilvy as a pioneer and a real icon, I wanted to work for no-one else other than Ogilvy's.

But there was a point when I thought actually they churn out such boring shit I wouldn't work for them if my left testicle depended on it, after watching this awful poorly edited guff that feeling has perpetuated to both testicles.

Bad bad bad whistle whistle whistle.

Julia's hairdresser said:

Better than most vitamin ads. Although agree it could have been a lot better than this, nice insight gone wrong.

Huffy McGhee said:

"A piece of work is only as good as a client will let it be."

Remember that people. And if you've never experienced it then all the people posting on here must be Ant Keogh.

Jack Sparrow said:

What a well shot infomercial. Better than doing Brand Power, but only just.

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