Leo Burnett creates 'The Adventures of Harry Ficus' for WWF Love Your Forests campaign

harry 5.jpgWWF-Australia and Leo Burnett present 'The Adventures of Harry Ficus', campaign supported by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

WWF's Love Your Forests campaign aims to create awareness, educate, and inspire people to actively seek out and ask for FSC certified products.

The mission of FSC is to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.

harry 2.jpgWith the full support of WWF, the insight came through a need to educate people, firstly on what FSC actually is, and the very reasons behind what FSC does, which is so much more than just looking after the forests.

By telling a story with the hero being a responsible, ecologically friendly, growing forest tree - "The Adventures of Harry Ficus" was born.

The campaign asks people to be more aware when buying everyday items such as furniture, tissues, and paper, to look for FSC certification so that they can make a positive impact on the environment and the way it is managed. It's a very simple act that has a real impact.

Says Lawrence Hennessy, director of marketing and communications for WWF-Australia: "We
know that people want to make the right environmental choices, but often don't know how. As
soon as Leo Burnett presented Harry Ficus we fell in love with him and what he stood for. The
Adventures of Harry Ficus is a simple, engaging idea that will educate and encourage people to think about their everyday purchases'.

'The Adventures of Harry Ficus' is a fully integrated campaign that consists of TV and print,
along with a soon to be released 'The Adventures of Harry Ficus' children's book (printed on
FSC paper) and much more as the campaigns rolls on.


james formally of leos said:

nice work Jim, Brad and Johnny.

Harry Ficus said:

Nice spot. No mention of the retrenchments last week at Leo's?

Roy said:

Well done chaps! Love the spot. Brings a tear to my eye, now where's those damn tissues?

macca said:

Harry Ficus seriously?

JB said:

Nicely done. Good stuff jim lad.

Matt said:

Well done to Mighty Nice for producing some amazing animation.

Dodderer said:

I thought Ficus were fig trees - harry looks distinctly like a Fir tree to me!

captain legend said:

is fictus thanking brad and jim?
Host is shit - mainly the gay blonde guy. gay but cute.

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