launches the greatest invention since betting in new campaign via Droga5

Screen shot 2011-09-16 at 5.57.32 PM.jpgCB Exclusive: Tonight, the tip of the spear punches through blokes' TV sets as Droga5, Sydney's new campaign for launches.
The first work in's new brand positioning - The Greatest Invention Since Betting - centres around its mobile betting platforms.


Says brand manager David Galbally: "Mobile is the most exciting growth area for most e-commerce sectors and betting is no different.  The user experience is so good we needed to tell people about it - not least because it makes Sportsbet's wider product range and superior value ubiquitously available."
But it's not just the content that will help the advertising stand out. Sportsbet believes that it should be at the forefront of entertaining its customers through advertising. The new commercials, which were shot in LA by Mike Maguire from Directors' Bureau, set out to push the boundaries of humour and reward blokes who are smashed in the face daily with PC nonsense.

"Any time you have a client that's encouraging you to poke a bikini or a groin harder, you shed tears of joy knowing that it will never get better than this." Said Droga5 Creative Director, Cam Blackley. "The brief from David was 'make us laugh - a lot'. But 'The Fingering' TV and radio spots are just the start of 'The Greatest Invention Since Betting' brand work. We're also developing some cool digital products among other things with the guys at SB."
Galbally added: "The Greatest Invention Since Betting brings with it an exciting stage for our brand, as we plan to be at the forefront of mobile betting. Along with Droga5, an intelligent agency that shows a great understanding of our brand and target audience, we look forward to launching another series of entertaining ads that we hope blokes will love."
The first two ads of the campaign, which also includes a series of radio commercials, are timed to coincide with the AFL Preliminary Finals this weekend.
Creative Chairman: David Nobay
Executive Creative Director: Duncan Marshall
Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Creatives: Roy Torres, Marcus Johnston
Agency Producers: Paul Johnston, Mandy Payne
Business Director: Ant Warne
Business Manager : Mike Richardson
Director : Mike Maguire
Production Company : Directors Bureau
Producers : Melissa Culligan, Greg Schultz
Editor : Peter Whitmore
Post Production : The Editors
Music and Sound : Simon and Tone at Nylon Studios


I like tits said:

Talk about borrowed interest...

Jdog said:

Wow, "zany".

qwerty said:

Jesus fucking Christ.

Absolutely appalling.


If this were Clems or Euro, we'd be giving you shit, but Droga5?

Oh dear.

Singo said:

Where do you get it?

I likey said:

Yep, fantastic. Well done. Good to see an improvement on the last campaign too.

Bk said:

Not funny. Very basic.

The boobs are too small. I expect more from droga5.

Jonny FC said:


Singo said:

Where do you get it?

Concerned friend said:

The VB campaign was a huge disappointment but this is just awful. Truly embarrassing for Droga5.

OMG said:


Can this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Mr Miyagi said:

Oh dear!

Mills said:

Naysayers - you are clearly retarded.

Well done Droga 5. Finally, a decent campaign. Even if it's 50% Leo's.


the finger said:

and number 5 is NOT alive
droga australia leaves me underwhelmed yet again and again and I think I'll point into my groin now...

Beyonce Knowles said:

So glad this will only be aired during sports programs and on sport channels.

dannyboi said:

must have involved "boob casting"

Regulars said:

Surely more than one voice over artist appeals to the team at Droga...

ralph said:

dudes there's a guy poking boobs in the ad

what's not to like

Kent Johnson said:

And to think I was just reading an illustrated article on Ads you could never publish now!

Are they really going to show this on TV; bit of a gamble there surely... Life is fine here in the colonies isn't it.

I can't knock an ad with knockers said:

I agree with ralph.

This is so bad its good. No, it's just plain good. Everyone will notice it, and know what the product is and does. The tone is as lad-like as you can get and the end line is great. Seriously, great. You don't see many lines that good. Good on them.

Ron Jeremy said:

Takes the other agency's campaign nowhere.

Boob ad is palatable, the box ad must be all the reject concepts.

(Full marks for the boob poking though.)

Wicked! said:

If you guys don't think this will get more people using this product, then you're all idiots.

Get your heads out of your arses and remember that you're part of a commercial enterprise which seeks to add value to clients. You're not artists. This will get great results for the client, so just sit back and enjoy.

And also, I liked it. Could have been very boring, this will capture interest!

Also, love the line.

Wake Up said:

What is going on at Droga???

These are all borrowed interest.

50% old campaign from Leo's
40% old VB campaign from Patts
10% new VB campaign from Droga, which is a poor copy of old VB campaign from Patts.

Clients, stop going to Droga thinking you will get something you existing agency can't do, they are no different or better, just got a shiny logo, that's all.

John Hegarty said:

You know what else would get more people using the product? Repeating over and over and over again.

This is a creative blog. Ads should be critiqued accordingly.

NambyPamby said:

Pretty good. You're all wankers. I do like the Leo stuff a little better though.

macca said:

Can anyone remind me of some good Droga Australia work? all I seem to remember are naff beer ads oh and this.

I understand that all companies think every Australian male is obsessed with beer, boobs and rugby and is powerless to control his urges towards any of them, but please. Isn't time that XXXX/ Paul Hogan style outdated bollocks was put to bed?

Droga5 is a one tone shop now who will continue to churn out this 80's guff unless there's a big shake up in personel.

boobs said:

You lost me after the boobs

Not impressed said:

It's easy to do an ad that shocks and stands out. Much harder to do it in a way that is relevant, different, doesn't try too hard and is clever . This stuff ain't clever. Very first thought and corny. No award winning thinking here.

Tommy said:

And you had to get an american director to do this? Are you telling me no Aussie director could make a spot this bad????

Irene said:

this is f. awful

Jimbo said:

Oh dear.... good luck

pseudonym said:

mike mcguire is poor mans tom kuntz.

Curious said:

I think it'd be helpful to know whether the agency did, or didn't submit this to CB.

CB Author Profile Page said:


They did submit it.

Director's cut said:

Saw the real version on tv over the weekend. It's tamer, but not better.

Winston Smith said:

This is a good ad that will work well for the brand. Spot on for the target audience. An example of how an agency pursues the client's business agenda instead of their own. Well done Droga 5 and your suits that made this happen.

All in the family said:

49 year-old dad laughs. 16 year-old son laughs. 45 year-old mother smirks. Needless to say we loved them.

Bazza said:

How come when you see the spot on 'best ads on tv', it's not the actual spot that airs on tv? Ironic?

Brent said:

What's wrong with you people?

These are funny.

nup said:

Embarrassing for everyone involved.

In the know said:

These are truly embarrassing for any agency never mind Droga.

What crawled up yall asses? said:

Theses are relatively funny.

Reality TV said:

In the on-air version there's no boob poking.

Lars said:

'I said Punt" - really??

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