The Campaign Palace launches leasing campaign for Highpoint's $300 million 'Jewel of the West'

Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 2.33.50 PM.jpgHighpoint has officially unveiled an integrated collection of traditional and digital leasing materials for its current development, including a leasing magazine, microsite and iPad technology, created by The Campaign Palace, Melbourne.

The materials invite prospective retailers to be a part of Highpoint's $300 million development which includes the West's first David Jones, Woolworths and an expansive fashion and fresh food offering, all scheduled for completion in early 2013.
Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 2.32.57 PM.jpgSays chairman of The Campaign Palace, Mark Mackay: "It was clear that Highpoint's development is uniquely connected with the aspirational nature of its new fashion mall. Reflecting this was of significant importance and was therefore key in shaping our communications approach. Creatively, the challenge was to produce something that was stylish and unique that simultaneously works as a physical magazine, online microsite and iPad application."

Drawing visual inspiration from high-end publications such as Vogue and Marie Claire, the materials stand apart creatively from other leasing materials in their use of imagery to bring to life Highpoint's expanded fashion and fresh food offering.

The GPT Group's Project Director, Development Leasing, Bruce Sedgwick, said the materials capture the essence of the development and the Centre's plans for the future: "The Highpoint development represents a new level of fashion for Melbourne's western suburbs and the work The Campaign Palace has done beautifully captures the character of the new fashion mall. In addition the iPad application and microsite reflect Highpoint's relationship with technology and vision for the future."

Retailers can visit the leasing microsite at, where the leasing magazine can be viewed along with architectural perspectives, plans and an architectural fly through.

Agency: The Campaign Palace, Melbourne
Mark Mackay: Executive Chairman
Keith Melder: Photography, Design & Art Direction
Jacqui Rechtman: Account Service
Troy Moloney: Production Director
Jeremy Krause: Digital Design and Development

Client: Highpoint Shopping Centre/The GPT Group
Bruce Sedgwick: Project Director, Development Leasing
Mark Pheely: Highpoint Development Manager


Sub Editor said:

Palace reaches new low point in campaign for Highpoint?

Anonymous said:

For the executive chairman to have the first credit ......yawn. Rather a big yawn at that.

Rich. said:

Don't the locals call it knifepoint?

What's your hourly rate Mark? said:

The Executive Chairman is on the credits!

Shows how few people are left at the Palace if he has to get involved with this shite.

Freelancer said:

And the credits With the help of gee multimedia

Thats not the campaign palace advertising agency is it? said:

Who's plagarising the name of ome of Australias best advertising agencies... It should be stopped immediately and the real Palace show us what theyve been doing!

Make it stop said:

Wow..when Sable said he would back the Palace and they would come back stronger then ever - he was not joking. Great work for such a high profile and sort after client. It must be important if the Chairman is listed on the credits first up or is there no one left. Please make it stop....watching a former heavyweight agency being run into the ground is just not fun. I know that TCP are desperate, but it just shows the lack of judgement to let this sad, pathetic PR see the light of does nothing but confirm that TCP has sunk to new lows and is clutching at straws.

yechaiugh jones said:

Crappy art direction

macca said:

Awful first shot, and the fan doesn't even help.

It makes me sad seeing the palace dying like this, I grew up with them being the pinnacle of the industry.

It reminds me of how a once great boxer keeps coming back and ends up just humiliating himself, please liquidators end this torture.

LiZ G said:

I had to laugh when I read all the hate comments - you losers. No one cares what you think - the client is really happy and that's all that counts. Pay attention here - you might learn something.

west side is the best said:


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