Unilever Australia appoints Whybin\TBWA\Tequila Sydney to Magnum, Cornetto and Splice brands

Paul Bradbury.jpegUnilever has appointed Whybin\TBWA\Tequila to work across its ice cream portfolio of brands. The appointment was made without a pitch.

The scope of work will include ATL, activations and shopper marketing. The agency will commence work immediately on the Magnum, Cornetto and Splice brands.

Says Paul Bradbury, CEO Whybin\TBWA Group Sydney (pictured): "We have enormous respect for Unilever and their portfolio of Australia's best loved brands. We look forward to achieving great things working with their marketing and agency teams. Thanks to Peter Boone and Andrea Martens for this amazing opportunity."


Unilever said said:

Last Cornetto TVC was such a nasty piece of work...

Craig said:

Agencies generally get the clients they deserve, good luck to them.

Frank said:

They really are fuckers to work for, they hold all the cards and they know it. A bunch of 23 year old marketing grads with a god complex, good luck whybins.

Jenny Craig said:

I'll be keeping an eye on those little bellies, boys!

Realist said:

The blind leading the blind, excellent.

Hats off said:

Well done people. A huge bit of business.

Whybin's seem to be one of the few agencies (if not the only) in the region producing consistently good and game changing work at the moment.

I look forward to seeing what Paul, Matty, Dave and the team conjure for the brand.

John said:

Game changing work? Like what ?

hats back on said:

@Hats off what have they done that's game changing???

DK said:

Well done Gav legs. Must be weird having Gav and his legs working with you again.

Spice said:

Hats off...what work are you referring to?

I see no evidence whatsoever.

And where is the good work.


Please inform us all.

Hats back off again said:

Well children, they own insurance for starters, and they've pretty much taken control of the tough savings category.

Matt said:

Game changing work, don't you just love it when agencies start to believe their own bullshit. Yeah, they've put on business and hired some good creatives, but what have they done? Whybins and gaming changing don't belong in the same sentence.

Greg said:

The Effie, Adma and Caxton winning Rabo work, was done before those guys joined. Thats's not to say the new stuff isn't good, just putting the facts out there.

Golden Gaztime said:

Either way, looks like the creative department have already got stuck into a few boxes of Magnums. Just putting it out there.

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