After nine years and massive awards Asia-Pacific creative-at-large John Merrifield departs TBWA\

John Merrifield.jpgAfter nine years, TBWA\ Asia-Pacific creative-at-large, John Merrifield is leaving the network.
"Over the past decade, John has created some iconic work and has helped raise TBWA's creative profile across the region," says Keith Smith, TBWA\ President - International. "On behalf of all of us at TBWA, I want to thank John for his contribution and wish him best in the future."
Says Merrifield: "TBWA is a fantastic place to hang one's hat and what an honour it has been to work with the likes of Lee Clow, John Hunt and all the brilliant creatives we have in Asia Pacific.
"But you know what? It may just be the perfect time to get wet for a while. I have a feeling the surf's going to be epic in 2012."
Merrifield began his career at TBWA\ Japan in 2003, where he was chief creative officer and joined TBWA\ Asia Pacific in 2006 as Creative-at-Large, based in Singapore.

Merrifield will not be replaced in the role creative-at-large at TBWA\.


TBWA Asia observer said:

I realise the role of a regional CD is not to be hands on, but Mr Merrifield gives the impression he bucks that trend. Exactly what did he 'create'?

Ditto said:

I am sure he left big shoes to fill.
Wait... They aren't replacing him.
Does that mean he's literally ' irreplaceable.'?

Hey bottom feeders said:

The guy's obviously been retrenched and been nice enough to do a nice press release about it, and all you guys can do is bag him out.

Go fuck a pencil sharpener.

Dancing Rabbi said:

Good luck in your next adventure. Surf that wave!

Ted said:

I remember John handing me his business card and on the back was a pic of him on a huge wave.

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