Coopers chalks one up for Pale Ale in street furniture and magazine campaign via KWP!

GreenPolicy.jpgCapitalizing on the front bar popularity of its Original Pale Ale, Coopers ad agency KWP! Adelaide worked with chalkboard artist Monique Cannon to create a suite of ads.

The street furniture and magazine executions, combine chalkboard illustration reminiscent of 'specials boards' in pubs and street art typography to deliver a number of messages including 'Beware of pale imitations' in response to a number of copycat brews.

Creative Director: James Rickard
Creative Team: David Ormston, Amrit Jandu
Media Team: Christine Phillips
Account Team: John Baker, Tristan Glover, Jock Auld
Production Team: Ann Romeo, Nic How
Art: Jodie Kunze
Photography: Richard Lyons
Illustration: Monique Cannon
Retoucher: Darrel Merritt
Client Team: Glenn Cooper, Claire Filsell, Rachel Cooper-Casserly



John V said:


Gary Cooper said:

These are woeful. Can't read them. Don't want to read them. Coopers deserves better. Great beer. Crap ads.

Jamie said:

Whoa... Those headlines just gave me a flashback to the 80's.
It took a while to figure out what they said with all that awful typography too.
Great beer. Pity about the ads.

coopers deserves better said:


coopers deserves better 2 said:


James said:

Is that seriously the best they can come up with? Surely KWP can't be proud of this

Famko said:

Not for the partially sighted I guess. Look pretty funky and refreshing.

macca said:

The copywriter on the second one needs to be shot, it's reaching and is far from polished, more taste in your glass than your mates wardrobe, nah doesn't work for me.

I actually think the artist is quite skilled but these are POS ads not a bigger campaign.

Matty said:

Way to trash my favourite brand guys, cheers. This is sacrilege.

Captain Nasty said:

The headlines are quite unreadable, but on he positive side at least they took a leap away from the 70's typefaces so favoured by the agency for just about every client.

Those in glass houses... said:


"The copywriter on the second one needs to be shot, it's reaching and is far from polished, more taste in your glass than your mates wardrobe, nah doesn't work for me."

- I reckon you should take a hard look at your own writing skills.

Coopers lover said:

Just appalling. Lucky for the agency they don't seem to have any competition down in Adelaide.

John said:

I can't read any of it. Can someone translate? How can this possibly work as outdoor or even print?

Shame said:

The comments on this site truly sadden me - at least be somewhat constructive.
I can only assume your last ads got so badly lambasted here you are now out to seek revenge?
Get over yourselves.

Sad said:

Not good at all. Where were the three creative directors?..probably having lunch at Rigonis.

Keep the old look. Least it had the Coopers wit and easy to read headlines.

hah! said:

just not their turn to get a good ad out

Bep said:

If every other beer is trying to copy you, SURELY you could have done a bigger idea than this.

Coopers is proof, along with Apple that great products will sell regardless of how basic their ads are.

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